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Default Judo Strategy: Let It Burn For Now

In Judo fighting, one technique is to use your opponent's weight, strength, or momentum against him. He comes at you, you reach out and pull him toward you and then step out of his way and watch him fall on his face.

The Kwa is disintegrating ever more rapidly, and in a growing number of directions. So part of our strategy should be to goad it until it falls/watch it while it falls, just like the Judo fighter does sometimes.

This strategic attitude is like accelerationism but not quite the same. It's more passive. That's why it should only be part of our strategy.

By passive I mean a Zen-like stillness. A moment of gathering strength. A moment of drawing a breath. An instant in time when we step back and let the stumbling giant fall.

I see three forces that are already set in motion. These forces are pulling the Kwa down. We can watch these forces and help them operate, as a way of resting up for the big event: the devolution of power upon us. Leaving aside specific strategies of how to seize and secure power after the Kwa bites the dust, let me list the three forces. These three are pulling the Kwa down no matter what.

1. Demographic change. The GOP is done, or almost done. Its death is a foregone conclusion. Texas is bluing, Florida is bluing--and once you go blue, you belong to boo. Muds will not vote for Republicans in any significant numbers. Blue=brown.

This means Trump or his GOP successor will be the last GOP president. And that will be the end of civic nationalism. Period. At that point, the tribal warfare that has been going on for a long time will be official nationwide. It is almost official now. And when that happens, the masks will be off, the pretenses and the lies of the post-WW2 liberal order will be junked. It will be "go" time.

2. At the same time as number 1., the death of the Boomer generation. This fits in with number 1. It's a force pulling the Kwa down in tandem with the other forces. Please remember all these forces are operating together and accelerating each other.

The Boomer die-off means the loss of the stubbornest and most numerous acolytes and embodiments of the brainwashing of the post-WW2 liberal order.

All that will be left after that is millennials and zoomers and some Gen-Xers. No one but jews will be buying books about Anne Ballpoint. Grandma will no longer be there to wag her finger and say, "I marched with Kang." The term "white racism" will have lost its sting. No one will give a shit about that shit.

To repeat, all these forces are working together and supporting each other. We are watching the building implode after detonating the explosives, figuratively speaking. We should stand out of the way and try to avoid the oncoming debris cloud...before swinging into action.

And the fall is not going to take 30 years to happen. Think 3 years.

Oh yes. It's later than you think.

It's possibly later than even I think. We're way down the road, gang.

3) The last force on the list is economic collapse. Everybody cries wolf about the economy, but its collapse is certain. We just don't know when it will collapse. What we do know is that every day brings it one day closer.

In the story about the boy who cried wolf, the wolf did show up in the end. Don't forget that. He showed up and ate everyone without a shred of remorse.

I don't have to explain how a failing economy destabilizes social order. That subject has been covered for years in many books. Everybody knows about that already.

But just combine an economic collapse with number 1) and number 2). You can see how all three forces happening at the same time, or in the same small time period, can act as force-multipliers of each other.

Tl;dr. This bitch is going down.

Bottom line, watching the world burn is not as much a strategy as it is a tactic. A tactic forced on us by events.

We should avoid the try-hard mentality. A lot of work has been done already.

We won the battle of ideas.

We won the battle for our souls.

We are acquiring the finishing touches on our communication and outreach skills.

Popular sentiment is moving our way.

But we are still not there yet when it comes to taking power. And we can't take power at this moment. We have to wait for the moment when the implosion kicks out the support beams. Until then, all we can do is plan.

That's the Judo Strategy. I described it as clearly as I could. I don't fully like it, but it is a strategy or tactic or attitude that is operating given the nature of events.

What form should the planning take? For example, how does one form a White Liberation Army? I'm no expert on this. And anonymous chatterers should probably not discuss such matters publicly.

What we might discuss in this thread is how to make judo moves against the system, ways of getting through the coming storm, etc.
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