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Default Re: Simon Sheppard (England)

Nazi hate site boss is raided

Sunday Mirror, May 1, 2005 by JAMES HARPER

A BRITISH Nazi who set up an online hit list of anti-racist campaigners has been raided.

Simon Sheppard's Redwatch website publishes photos and personal details of leading left-wingers inluding singer Billy Bragg and comedian Mark Thomas to encourage attacks on them.

He was thought to be untouchable because the site was registered in the US. But police have swooped on the ex-BNP member's home in Hull and seized computers and books under legislation which outlaws incitement to racial hatred.

Addresses and phone numbers for Bragg, Thomas plus scores of journalists, trade unionists and teachers are listed.

Special Branch officers seized three computer hard drives and hate literature written by sinister Sheppard, a women-hater who is obsessed with cannibalism.