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Originally Posted by Cranmer
"...It is an important day for Europe (not just the EU?) because it is now evident and established that the agenda of the political Úlite overrides the expressed will of a sovereign people. It is indeed a ‘great victory for France’ which rides roughshod over the French. Germany plans to ratify in June, ignoring the voice of the Germans, and Spain will follow later in the year, oblivious to the opinion of the Spanish. Only Ireland it seems is willing to listen to its people, though a ‘no’ vote here would doubtless be dismissed as an aberration which would only cause a further ‘pause for reflection’ with a subsequent vote (and another) until the Irish give the ‘correct’ answer.

President Barroso is adamant that a referendum vote holds as much legitimacy as a parliamentary one, and asserts: ‘We have never opposed ratification by referendum in countries that wish to do it’.

This, of course, is a lie, for wherever a referendum is held and the vote is ‘no’, the perpetual ignoring of the expressed will of the people effectively constitutes opposition to ratification by referendum..."