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[jews attempt to censor a website in France]

AlterInfo in trouble: another struggle for the freedom of speech on the Internet

The French alternative website is threatened with closing down as they face legal complaints and accusations of "antisemitism" by the Zionist lobby.

The French associative AlterInfo news agency is facing what it qualifies as a "new attempt of intimidation and destabilization". In January, UEJF [1] and AIPJ [2], two Jewish militant associations, lodged and summoned AlterInfo to appear in court for a summary judgment. The judgment returned on January 18th ruled in the Jewish lobbies' favour, which prompted the news agency to lodge an appeal, in which they will be able to better explain and justify their position. [Note: AlterInfo cannot reveal too many details about the case, to prevent the justice from interpreting the news release as an interference in the judicial procedure.]

These legal proceedings, as reported on the alternative news site, follow repeated death threats as well as several attempts at bribery in order to influence the editors and their editorial line. The editorial line is defined as "the transmission of another version of what the dominant thought imposes, an alternative interpretation of the information conveyed by the commercial media".

This procedure is coupled with a media campaign, in the front line of which we find UEJF and AIPJ.

Alterinfo's editor reports in an article:

" [...] I will mention two articles which the militant UEJF and AIPJ associations published against me and against the Alter Info website in their community press. 'L'Actualité Juive' ('The Jewish News') and its very 'objective' scribe are not attempting this for the first time: over the last year, at least three insulting articles have been published by the same right-thinking author. See :

Jean-Yves Camus' last article in 'Actualité Juive' in pdf format

The CRIF[3], recently joined this assault by publishing a statement entitled: "Writ issued against an anti-Semitic and conspiracy focused website."

Alterinfo states:

"Those who, since our beginnings, have been denigrating us, have suddenly been more fearless after the complaint filed against us - which is easily seen by googling (always visible on some sites against which we do not exclude the possibility of raising a complaint). After the CRIF website which published: 'Writ issued against an anti-semitic and conspiratorial website', the website joins the list of the sectarian storytellers, where we can read in a resentful and very subjective rag published on (Caroline Fourest's site): ' [...] The text, extracted from 'Les Indigènes de la République' website, has already been republished by Bellaciao, Indymedia / Paris Ile-de-France, or the anti-Semitic and conspiracy focused website ' [Link to the article]

Alterinfo declares: "That we are being blamed, for lack of other lies, to be conspiracy focused doesn't bother us, and we claim our "conspira-Zionism", but the anti-Semitism, in addition to being an offence, we strongly deny; we shall see at the appropriate moment (when we have the financial means) if the justice will pronounce fairly on this issue."

The AlterInfo editors denounce the UEJF and AIPJ method which, according to them, follow the same logic: "Failing to silence us, they want to ruin us financially and psychologically in order to hinder our association's proper functioning".

The site appealed for donations on January 11th, to deal with expenses induced by the procedure. On February 18th, the association paid 9200 Euros for lawyer's fees, which covers "hardly half the expenses generated by this case". The pleading hearing for the appeal is scheduled on April 16th, 2008 at 2 pm; to send your donation please click here.

AlterInfo is in good standing among the French alternative media. "In January, the site had 312,749 visits and 1,686,434 readings for 171,503 different IP addresses. The number of readers of our site irritates, and perhaps even frightens, certain groups ", declares Alterinfo.

Among these site visitors are several renowned readers and institutions, all identified by their connection IP. "The diversity and relevance of the published texts seem to interest many more people than our opponents would like us to believe. If, as our detractors assume, our guests were only nut-cases or vulgar anti-Semites, how do you explain our readers' diversity?

To illustrate their deviancy and demonstrate that their charges are only fantasy, we retain listings of the connection IPs of the governmental institutions - governments and parliaments as well as various ministries (national and foreign), even the Elysée (French Presidency) occasionally (by the way, what could the president advisors look for on our site?) What is indicated by these numerous financial institutions - central banks of various countries, even the World Bank An-Interview-With-Alan-Patricof coming to glean information from our site, and the various national trade media which regularly also visit our pages?", reports Alterinfo.

These legal proceedings are all the more surprising as Alterinfo deals with the problems of Zionism (a xenophobic political ideology which is among others promulgated by Christians and condemned by numerous Jews) and emphasizes frequently the distinction, which it makes, between Zionism and Judaism.

Is it factual to call a person anti-American who criticizes Dick Cheney's neoliberal political ideology?

Don't be mistaken, in this case, it is the freedom of speech on the Internet that is targeted. AlterInfo needs you... NOW!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

"It is not our detractors who will close our site and associative news agency, but the passivity and/or the laxness of our most diligent readers and our supposed supporters and their reaction to our current financial difficulties."

"Those who filed this lawsuit thought indeed that even if we won in the summary judgment or in appeal, we would be financially 'weakened'. If they partially 'succeeded', it becomes clear how many supporters we have, and to a certain extent, they only strengthened our determination to continue, and brought more attention to our purpose and cause. Furthermore, they gave us the occasion to see who were our true friends, and it is priceless.", declared Alterinfo editors.

Here are the four news releases published by the AlterInfo website to

- Alter Info communiqué (UEJF and AIPJ vs. Alter Info case) January 11th, 2008.

- Report: UEJF and J'ACCUSE vs. Alter Info -January 20th, 2008.

- Results of our call to donation and projects for the continuation [Alter Info editorial staff] - February 18th, 2008.

-Bis repetita UEJF/J'ACCUSE contre Alter Info: L'assignation en référé, nouveau procédé de censure ? - Zeynel CEKICI, Alterinfo's chief editor - 18 mars 2008

[1] The Union of the Jewish students of France ( UEJF) is a student association created in 1944, which represents the Jewish students in France (Wikipedia).

[2] J'Accuse (I accuse) - International Association for Justice (AIPJ), was founded in 2001, notably by people in charge of UEJF and LICRA. Marc KNOBEL,
researcher at the CRIF and at the Simon Wiesenthal Center is the president. About this matter, it is interesting to have a look at the text "The thought Police: CRIF at the National Magistracy School" on

[3] The French Jewish Organizations Council (known also under the CRIF acronym) federates, within a single representative organization, various
political, social or religious leanings in the French Jewry. To date, the CRIF federates more than sixty associations, among which the Unified Jewish Social Fund and the Universal Jewish Alliance (Wikipedia).

[reader comments]

3. Posté par Frank Fredenburg le 22/03/2008 21:32

When will the people of the West wake up and realize it is Jewish Groups that are behind the movement to destroy our freedoms. They are behind Mass Immigration and MultiCulturalism. Zionism controls the Jewish State and the Jewish groups in the West. Here is a sample, of what Zionism believes in.

" Our race is the Master Race. We are divine Gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. in fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

Menachem Begin - Israeli Prime Minister Zionist Terrorist

4. Posté par Cola le 23/03/2008 06:28

Please excuse me, for I don`t speak a word of French but I feel the need to post a comment.

I only hope that the people of France and Germany and all European countries (and many other countries like where I live) retake your countries from your traitorous, jew terrorist rodent scum puppet governments so that your cultures etc. stay intact.

I cannot believe you have an ex-mossad terrorist as your president.

5. Posté par almohades le 23/03/2008 12:56

Et ben dites-donc ! pour des defenseurs de la liberté de l'expression , ces attaques du crif ou je ne sais quoi, ne traduisent ni plus ni moins le monde totalitaire et dictatorial d'aujourd'hui !

On va voir la suite et on s'exprimera comme dans un monde democratique et "civilisé" ?!
Messieurs les censeurs du crif et compagnie: à bon entendeur salut !

6. Posté par al akl le 23/03/2008 14:24

C'est clair que les articles devraient être en plusieurs langues, car la traduction automatique dénature les propos. Le monde entier est en train d'émerger de son sommeil, et tous voient le sionisme comme le principal ennemi de l'humanité. Enfin ceux qui ne mettent pas tout de suit des lunettes en bois pour éviter les migraines... Merci a SOTT.
Il manque maintenant de sites qui lient tous ces résistants à ZOG. Mais ça arrive.

8. Posté par Frank Friedenberg le 23/03/2008 19:33

More Zionist bragging.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that..I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Zionism is Jewish Supremacism! Clear and simple. These people are snakes. I take that back. I apologize to the Snake Kingdom. Snakes have there place to play in our world and the order of nature. These monsters, serve no useful purpose, to our planet.
I'm afraid I'm not up on my French either and I'm dying to know what the people of France think of this issue. Millions of people around the world speak English, but don't speak French, if any of the French people that make statements on here, speak English, could you write a sentence or two in English, so we can get an idea what your feelings are, on this issue.

France is a beautiful country with a rich culture. Please don't allow these BLOODSUCKERS to destroy it. France is certainly worth saving. What do they keep doing? They keep telling the world, that the French people are very anti semitic. I hear that remark often. All they are, is VAMPIRES. They will keep drawing the blood out of your country and mine, until there isn't any left, to draw. Then they will move, to their next victim. A more evil bunch, has never existed. Look at that statement by Menachem Begin, that I listed above. Now who was it, that made statements like that????????????? I'll think of it in a second. MASTER RACE?????????????? INFERIOR RACES ?????????????? I know now, it was non other than Adolph Hitler.

Wait a minute, I just noticed something, AshkeNAZI and German NAZI. Isn't there some kind of a similarity there? Maybe t is just me.

10. Posté par Trinidad le 24/03/2008 10:27

Hi, you ask what the French think of the issue of antisemitism and zionism : I'll say French people are no better than the rest of the sleeping masses all over the world. The fact that we have, here in France, a large Arabic population, doesn't change the fact that the Zionist lobbies rule, and the Arabs are looked down on, and are the scapegoats of today -- potential evil terrorists.

The Jewish lobby's very strong in France, like everywhere else in the West -- politicians are their puppets. And people don't have a clue (generally speaking).

11. Posté par Frank Friedenberg le 24/03/2008 18:52

I'm sorry to hear that! I was hoping to hear that they are getting angry. The Sun Newspaper, has an Internet site where people can give their views about different subjects. The Sun is a British tabloid Britney-Spears-Career-Analysis Feb-08 type paper. I went on their recently to see what the English people think, of what is going on in the world. I've try to mention Zionism and the threat it posses to the West. I've gotten a pretty bland response. They continually complain about the state of their country and the crime and Mass Immigration. But as soon as you mention the word Jew, then you either get one response or the other. One is to just ignore you and the other is to start calling you names. I can see that the British people are totally asleep. I have some French, from my mothers side of the family, so I have an interest in France. As I said before, France is worth saving! What is it with the European people, that they have so little regard for their countries? At least there is some signs, that Americans are waking up. I hope it continues!

Thank you for responding to my request. I'll be watching to see if any others, show an interest. Good luck with your country and lets pray that your people and mine surprise the Zionists.