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News Article.

"Race-hate" duo flee to us

Two men, including one from Selby, convicted of publishing race-hate articles on the internet have skipped bail and fled to the United States, police have confirmed.
Simon Sheppard, 51, and Stephen Whittle, 41, were found guilty of a series of race-related offences at Leeds Crown Court.

The pair were due to return to court on Monday while a jury continued deliberating over further charges, but they failed to show up.

It is believed that the pair travelled from the UK to Ireland by ferry before taking a direct flight to Los Angeles.

Police were unable to confirm reports the pair were claiming political asylum in the US.

A spokeswoman by Humberside Police said: "The two defendants failed to appear at court and a bench warrant was issued by the court judge and Humberside Police circulated an all ports warning.

"Information has been received to suggest the pair are now in the USA and are being detained at Los Angeles Airport. Humberside Police is now in liaison with the US embassy to confirm where exactly they are and what will now happen to them."

Sheppard, of Brook Street, Selby, was found guilty after a seven-week trial of 11 counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material.

Whittle, of Avenham Lane, Preston, was convicted of five counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material.

The jury was unable to reach verdicts on seven further race-related charges which Sheppard faced. The case is due to be considered further at a hearing at Leeds Crown Court on July 28.

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