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Jim Anderson

According to some reports they trusted Mark Weber. Weber is a Jewish name.

I respect Sheppard and Whittle, it's tragic they didn't trust their gut and Jewdar about the name Weber. Carto long ago fingered Weber as a Jew.

I guess that's how they live and learn.

There are a million ways to go into exile, but you don't get famous. Legendary perhaps, but not famous.

The Judge Rose Peters in thier case has a Jewish name, also the DHS prosecutor Ms. Myers has a a Jewish name.

Then we still have Jews in our White areas saying Myers, Weber, Peters, are not Jew names. The Yggdrasil types they can be called.

Weber left them out to dry. It was a setup.

Sheppard and Whittle were the bait in the net Weber set to draw out all the WN from the Los Angeles area, so the Jews could life comfortably in their sunny warm hive, without fear of people around them knowing the truth.

Weber set the net at the behest of the ADL. It didn't work.