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Sean Martin

About 9mmís bouncing off the heads of Negroes I would have to see several stories to back that up. Sure there is probably an urban legend floating around, contact Ripleyís for all sorts of strange survival shots.

I do know from experience that a 22lr will drop a 700-pound hog with one shot. That is through the skull. I also know that it will drop a calf with one shot and this is a calf that can smash a car door with itís skull. I donít think some darkie is going to deflect a 9mm.

About taking a lung shot and still fighting, adrenaline wonít do that. They taser people who are on adrenaline rushes and knock them down.

The tales you are telling can only be found in superhero comic books.

Originally Posted by Derrick MacThomas View Post
A well trained and disciplined soldier will still do a fair job of it.
So if you are going to be calm and take the right shot then it doesnít matter what caliber you have. Either a person is going to be calm or not. Under actual fire no one is calm except in the movies.

I was referring specifically to a civilian on a street pulling out a pistol to save their life.
Shoot for centre of mass. Anything else is suicidal folly.
Then why bring up an M-14? A gut shot, or even a shot in the leg can swiftly kill. If you are calm then you only need one shot. If you have to aim for center mass and hope for the best then carry a gun that has several rounds.

I have spent a lot of time in the bush with an FN rifle and I have never, ever, got mud or dirt in it.
Perish the thought!
That is a sign of a poorly trained soldier.
Carrying a rifle and actually being in battle crawling through mud in the rain and whatever are two completely different things. I have gotten dust and mud in a rifle while it hung in a gun rack in my truck. Unless you carry a rifle over your head it will get dirty in actual combat.

A revolver will not jam and .38 or .357 will kill. If you need the 17 shots (or whatever it is) in the magazine of one of those dreadful 9mm Glocks you are dead meat anyway.
Revolvers have several things to go wrong and yes they do jam. The cylinder has to cycle and anything that prevents that can be considered a jam. The firing pin can snap as I have seen on S&Wís.

Dave Sveginy (SP?) who just won several world championships did it with an out of the box Glock with a few modifications. He didnít even have $800 in his gun and he beat people using $3,000 guns. If you tune them up a Glock is just as accurate as any high dollar gun.

The number of police here in Australia who have shot themselves in the feet with Glocks is pitiful.:krofl
There is a vid on VNNF of a Negro fed who shot himself in the foot in front of school children. I never give Kwaps much credit, one of the things is to keep your finger off the trigger of a Glock when it is chambered. Aside from that you can throw a Glock off a building and it wonít fire unless you actually pull the trigger.

Here is something else, a Glock has less moving parts than an average revolver and a lot less to go wrong. They are also more durable to mud, dust, weather and just about anything else you can throw at it.

In my life I have had $800 revolvers malfunction and I have only had 2 automatics malfunction and one of them was a $20 Lorcin.

Your arguments are classic Guns and Ammo arguments.

The anti-Glock argument.

The revolver is more reliable argument.

The high caliber Fal over the 223 argument.

The under power of the 9mm.

People taking shots to the lungs and still fighting.

Letís not forget the classic 45 acp argument.

All of these things could have been lifted off the pages of Guns and Ammo magazine (I know I have a subscription) by writers paid to promote substandard guns. I have literally read everything you have said in guns and ammo magazine.

If you canít hit anything with a Glock, an FAL isnít going to help matters any.

I am not questioning where your heart is in terms of racism but I believe your firearms knowledge is limited to someone who got a subscription to Guns and Ammo and you are just quoting what they say. The arguments you make are so clichť and old.
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