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If you want to learn how the Knights of Mary Phagan stormed into the Prison in Milledgeville Georgia, and abducted Leo Frank in the most audacious military style prison abduction in Southern History, read all about it on: http://www.leofrank.org/lynchers/

The Leo Frank Research Library http://www.LeoFrank.org as of 2012 is two years of intense research gathering and study into the 'Leo Frank Jewish Intellectual Movement', revealing a grotesque Jewish conspiracy of waging a popular culture warfront of agitation, deracination and subversion against Gentiles. The traditional genetic enemies of Western Civilization working insidiously and relentlessly inside the gates, were able to get a posthumous pardon (without exoneration) for a pedophile who mutilated the face of his victim.

The Leo Frank Case began at 12:02 pm on Confederate, Memorial Day, April 26, 1913, when Leo Frank lured Mary Phagan from his second floor business office, down the hall into the metal room, on the false pretext of seeing whether or not the sheets of brass had arrived yet, and thus to determine whether or not Mary Phagan would have her job back on Monday morning, April 28, 1913, at 6:30am, but Leo Frank secretly knew the brass had not yet come, and was due in a few days.

Inside the large metal room where the only set of bathrooms existed on the entire second floor, Leo Frank used Mary Phagan's temporarily laid off job status as a species of sexual coercion, but she refused her creepy bug eye'd boss for the last time.

Leo Frank, a frustrated Jewish serial pedophile and powerful B'nai B'rith President of the gate city lodge, did not like taking no for an answer. He pounded in thirteen year old Mary Phagan's face in with his left fist (Leo Frank was a lefty), and then slammed her head against the steel handle of a bench lathe. Phagan fell to the floor unconscious. Leo Frank Dragged her into the metal room's bathroom as a precaution in case she woke up, then he ripped off a piece of her petty coat to soak up the blood slowly leaking from the back of her head, lifted up her dress, ripped open her underwear and then raped her with his STD infected Jewish shmeckle.

Read the Mary Phagan Autopsy Report.

If you live outside of the USA, and don't want your Jewish Occupied Government harassing you for learning about the Jewish Supremacist Intellectual Movement of the Leo Frank Case, use a proxy server.

If you are under adult age, Parental Discretion is advised, must be over 18 years old to view the web site http://www.LeoFrank.org

In the Georgia Supreme Court Case File on Leo Frank, a girl came forward after his conviction and during his appeals. The teenage girl revealed Leo Frank defiled her and when he was finished he bit the inner most thy of the girl, scarifying her.

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is like the HIV Virus that causes AIDS, because they work to destroy the Immune Systems of the individual countries they and their coreligionists infect.