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Default From Töben's new book ARBEIT MACHT FREI- out soon, perhaps

From Töben's new book ARBEIT MACHT FREI- out soon, perhaps

................Wherever we turn in our daily comings and goings there is some issue demanding our attention – this way or that way, this thing or that thing, or become directionless and flow with the stream, or opt out and shut up and remain silent while your inner life explodes with anger and self-destructive impulses that urge you to end your pain and confusion and desperation and exhaustion NOW!

In Australia’s voluntary society it is a virtue to volunteer rather than to agitate for reform, better to go shopping than to attack the banking system that enables our dreams to be fulfilled at a price – financial enslavement to international predatory capitalism.

Self-destruction is sanctioned and encouraged because Common Law principles deem it a personal responsibility to save oneself from harm. A citizen does not have the legal duty to save, for example, a drowning person, but the moral duty would activate altruistic impulses in a person who thinks saving someone’s life is a moral virtue.

It is my moral, social, and legal duty to proclaim that the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah is built on lies of such huge proportions that one finds it difficult to understand how this massive lie has survived for over six decades.

And now let’s enter the world of South Australia’s penal system..........