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White Will
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Default Youtube tip from Ron Paul guerrilla "gamer"

Technicians can advise on the viability of these methods. VNNers should know this information, nevertheless. A concerted effort by a few who have time for this, focused on a particular WN Youtube video can move it into view by thousands. It just takes a little organization. Everybody here can do this, except bjb w/his niggerberry.

Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 22:20:38 -0000
Subject: [RonPaulGraphics] The gaming Youtube event to support the November 5th event

This is a shout out to organizers of ron paul groups nationwide.
Please pass this on to all your members and volunteers.
I have noticed various discussions about the possiblity of "guerilla
marketing" campaigns involving dropping info or money from airplanes,
getting airplanes to pull banners, buying billboard space,
advertising on buses or park benches and other schemes and publicity
stunts. We all seem to be aware that time is SHORT and the need for
publicity is HUGE.
With the primaries quickly approaching, a plot to contribute over
ten million dollars in a single day has gained some interest. If you
visit the website
you can see that thousands have already committed to taking part in
this historic even on November 5th.
As of today 5000 people have signed up to participate. But we need
abut 95000 more Ron Paul supporters to sign up.
I have created a
video on youtube to rally more support for the November 5th plan. If
only a few hundred people watch it however it will not have much of
an impact.
So this letter is to offer you and your volunteers an opportunity to
help get this message heard by hundreds of thousands of people who
may support Ron Paul but have not yet joined any meetups or online
networks, and who therefore may not know about the November the 5th
campaign. It will work and it is FREE. ABSOLUTELY FREE. The cost is
Here's how it works.
Many people decide what videos they will watch on youtube by looking
at what other people have watched today. When you click on
the "videos" tab on Youtube it shows you the "most viewed videos" of
the day. Just being on the front page of that list is enough to
generate around 100,000 views in a single day.
Did you know that the "view count" on any video does not take the IP
addresses into account. That means that if you at your home computers
watch the same video 5 times, it adds 5 views to the view count. What
Youtube did to prevent exploitiation of this by
people like to make it so it doesn't change the view count if
you don't watch the whole video. So people who have tried to "game
youtube" by refreshing the same video over and over have found that
it doesn't work, but this is only because they didn't allow the
entire video to play through and complete. Others, who realized that
this was how it works, have posted 4 second long clips so that they
could let the whole video play and refresh it enough times in a
single day to get to the top of the most viewed list. Youtube doesn't
take long to notice that such a short video has 80,000 view from just
one or two IP adresses and they pull the video.
What if you had thousands of different IP adresses replaying a video
which had a running time so long nobody would ever imagine it was
being "gamed?" It would be possible to "prime the pump" and generate
a hundred thousand actual views to your gamed video.
Is "gaming youtube" illegal? No, it is not hacking. You aren't
manipulating any code or anything remotely like that. All you would
be doing is excercising your right to watch your favorite video over
and over, the same way a child watches his favorite dvd over and
over. That's it. It just so happens that if a large group of people
conspired to do this on the same video they would weild enormous free
publicity power because it would put their favorite video on the
first "most viewed" page on Youtube.
Will this give Ron Paul supporters a bad reputation if we get caught?
I would certainly give publicity to whatever we are trying to get
noticed, which is a good thing. Call me crazy but aren't corporate
media reporters far and wide claiming that we are using bots and
hacking every poll anyway? Really, what do we have to lose? It's not
like the NWO played fair when they established the 16th amendment by
fraud or when they established the 17th amendment to make sure we
can't recall senators who sell out to monied interests. [or the 13th and
14th Amendments that made farm implements equal to humans. -Ed]We
have been under unfair attack for a long long time.
If you go a step further and install the "auto-refresh" plug-in for
internet explorer 7 available at:
then you don't have to keep manually starting your favorite video
over and over to watch it again and again. I would just keep playing
over and over automatically. This is how those "gaming youtube" in
the past got 80000 views on their 4 second video from just one or two
So if we Ron Paul supporters do this, what video should we make
our "favorite?" copy and paste this address
into your browser addres bar.
I am asking you to start with the one I just made to promote the
November 5th event. What is most needed at this point just before the
primaries is that we endow the Ron Paul campaign with the ability to
purchase millions of dollars in mainstream advertising in early
primary states. This is how the average joe becomes familiar with
whichever candidate he chooses on primary day.
So if you want to help please play this video over and over ALL THE
WAY THROUGH to get it on the most viewed list.
IMPORTANT: when you start doing this it will not appear to be having
any effect. This is because Youtube does not UPDATE the number of
views on a video for several hours. Rest assured though, as long as
you are not playing only part of the video and you DO let it finish,
it will count as a view and will show up in the view count within
Here is the first video I suggest we focus on in the "gaming Youtube"
event. Let's make November 5th a BIG BIG day for the Ron Paul
campaign. this is a grass roots event and is in no way associated with
the official campaign of Ron Paul.

Here, again, to pledge for the Nov. 5th spike:
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I went thru the rigamaro and subscribed. Wouldn't it be something if it succeeds and 100,000 people really do follow thru. $100 is a small price to pay though, when one considers the possible results.

Will, you might move this thread to General Discussion to increase views. Either now or later. And re-write the step by step instructions to make it much shorter.

Interested VNN'ers should click on the last link in the above posting to get started.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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Default Youtube tip from Ron Paul guerrilla "gamer" Reply to Thread

Plz do re-write the step by step instructions to make it much shorter.


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