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Old December 14th, 2008 #1
Dale VanderMeer
Your Pro-White Neighbor...
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Dale VanderMeer
Woodpecker TNB Caught On Tape: Trying To Tear Off An ATM From A Wall...

Niggers trying to tear off an ATM off of a wall:

Last edited by Dale VanderMeer; December 14th, 2008 at 07:22 PM.
Old December 14th, 2008 #2
Blood Snob
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LOL. Good stuff.

This is par for the course. The only time the average nigger puts forth any effort is when he's trying to get laid or when he's committing a crime. In the case of rape, he's doing both.

Granted, many nigger athletes do train hard. But half of them are felons and all of them are womanizers, so the generalization stands.
Anthony Weiner: the epitome of the Jew.


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