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Originally Posted by ohgolly View Post
Hey, even Jews can be righteous sometime.
What a stupid, very Jew-like thing to say. No, Jews are not "righteous" ever; that's because they're Jews. Hope that clears it up for you.

Kennedy, a lifelong puppet (how do you think he got anywhere in US politics?),
ROTFL! What a stupid, very Jew-like thing to say. Do you know some prominent politicians who aren't beholden to somebody, somewhere, to some degree?

deserved everything he got. And yes, it was with little doubt, at the hand of international Jewry. Sob, sob.
What a stupid, very Jew-like thing to say. Did the U.S. (and the rest of the world) deserve to get nuclear-armed Jews? Did the U.S. deserve the Jew lobby (not having to register as agents of a foreign government)? Did the crew of the USS Liberty deserve what they got?

(BTW, if it was anybody else besides JFK in the Whitehouse during the Cuban missile crisis, you probably wouldn't be here demonstrating your ignorance and your moral incompetence, as there probably would have been a catastrophic nuclear war).

If any of you morons would bother going back and reading his stated policy positions, you might be less impressed with the man. And if you dig into the circumstances at the time of his death you might find that, rather than having the balls to interfere with the fed, or even having that occur to him, he lead an administration that was very unpopular and needed a martyr.
Well, look who's talkin'! Obviously, you're the moron here, chump.

Nobody's perfect, not even JFK, but if he'd lived, this country likely would not be the fully Jew-controlled, catastrophically self-destructing hell-hole it is today.

JFK's policy was to keep the Jews from having nukes; his policy was to designate the Jew lobby as an agent of a foreign government; put simply, his policy was to put American interests before Jewish interests. He was Jew-wise, and he was murdered because if it.

Having LBJ as runner-up insured that the same policies would continue, but also have the added affect of sympathy, which is the Jews' stock and trade.
What a stupid, very Jew-like thing to say. If LBJ's policies were the same as JFK's, the Jews wouldn't have have needed to murder him.

Piper is an idiot. He sure as hell didn't live in the South at the time.l
Well coming from a consummate asshole such as yourself, that's a compliment for Piper.


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