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Old April 14th, 2017 #21
Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Disney was a Mason in the Order of DeMolay

"..These are the four pillars that*govern our modern society. You simply will not reach the pinnacle heights of business and society if you are not a member of the highest degrees in these secret societies. In fact, the founder of*the USA branch and the first*Imperator*of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis*(AMORC), from 1915 until 1939,*Harvey Spencer Lewis was known as a "special friend of Big Business.."


A nice pic of Walt and pals in their robes and whatnot, doing their secret society thang.

Anything wholesome need not be a big ol' secret.

They even made Mickey Mouse an honorary 'DeMolay', lol:

I took a personal interest in all things Mason when I knew Hitler was anti-Mason, that I had racialist leanings, and that I had Masons in my family.
In fact, Claire Chenault was in the Order of the Phoenix, and Sam Houston the Scottish Rite. Same as Walt, though not DeMolay.

There is one for niggers called the Boule.

Homosexuality is par for the course in the Boule-a rite of passage, allegedly.

Brian Wilson Key is important reading, everyone ought to read 'Subliminal Seduction'. You learn how to 'see' what you were only supposed to pick up subliminally. It's why advertisers focus primarily on the subliminal rather than the overt.

Or did you know?

Knowledge is power-if you aren't 'skeered' to face reality.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

Last edited by Emily Henderson; April 14th, 2017 at 03:04 PM.

famous anti semite, walt disney


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