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Originally Posted by Dan Hadaway View Post
I think many in the US like Putin, for the same reason many in Europe like Trump. It's not so much his exact policy's, but that he's a sort of adversary to the powers they/we don't like in our own government.
Stormfront Russia is in attack again
What you just said is basically same bullshit that zionist Poison writes. We love Putin not only because he's at odds with American leaders, but we admire his fight for the interests of White race in Russia and worldwide both. He supports anti-zionists in Syria, Iran and Venezuela.
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Olaf Menes
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Olaf Menes

Originally Posted by erel25 View Post
And just like that, you have not refuted anything of what I said. Only launched ad hominem attacks & showed me a couple of old state propaganda kaka. I think I have won at this point...Where are your other Pootin worshipping butt buddies? Busy sucking Berel Lazar's balls? Come on, someone besides the guy with the so-called "world bank" pictures.

The only point that matters is Putin may have allot of internal relations to Jews, but the fact remains, Russia in its present state is currently destined to be the last majority White nation to exist unless a traumatic and astronomical change comes to the current trends. Putin has initiated the only effective restriction on 3rd World Immigration.

If you can't realize that simple fact you are just an imbecile.


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