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Default Help Matt Hale’s Mother

Friends and Supporters: I was contacted by Justin Blount from People Magazine Investigates about doing a TV episode on Matt's case. Justin is no longer working for them and he has given me 2 people to contact. I am asking you to send them an email persuading them to do an episode on Matt and what has happened to him. I am sending them information, the "Facts and Circumstances of the Case" and Matt's Opening Brief. The two email address:

<[email protected]> and <[email protected]>
Please send them an email to help Matt!! Thank you, Ms. H
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Man of the road
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Man of the road

The only way they will showcase this is in the typical anti-White way. I say to never ever do any interviews with the System's media.
Degeneracy is disguised as freedom.

Tyranny is disguised as compassion.

injustice, matt hale, wrongful incarcerations


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