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jewsign US Elections: Jewish AIPAC Lobby Celebrates “Solidly “Pro-Israel Congress”

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Jewish lobby has announced to is supporters in a privately circulated newsletter that “Americans [have] elected a solidly pro-Israel Congress” in the mid-term elections, and that despite being “polarized on many issues, the 116th Congress remains committed to the U.S.-Israel relationship on a bipartisan basis.”

In the latest issue of the AIPAC Near East Report newsletter,
the Jewish lobby boasted that “Virtually all of the new members elected this month have issued position papers and statements reflecting their strong support for Israel’s security and her efforts to reach peace with all her neighbors.

“This is an impressive achievement and a remarkable statement about Israel, and it could not have been done without the political activism of pro-Israel Americans around the country,” the report added.

The newsletter went on to boast that there are “also eight new Jewish members of Congress—increasing the total net number in the House from 23 to 28 and from seven to eight in the Senate.”

“While there were many firsts this election, one notable consistency remains: The overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans express strong support for the U.S.- Israel relationship.”

The report went on to reveal how active the Jewish lobby is in congress: “AIPAC’s lay leaders and staff held more than 400 candidate meetings, resulting in more than 300 position papers on the U.S.-Israel relationship in this election cycle. And four of the new members have already attended an educational seminar in Israel hosted by AIPAC’s educational foundation, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF).”

“We must now work to expand the knowledge of each new member of Congress. Each must gain a deeper understanding of the moral and strategic importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship and the complexities of the region.

“Visiting Israel, seeing firsthand her borders and meeting with her people and leaders, from across the political spectrum, is the best way for members of Congress to become familiar with the issues affecting the partnership between the United States and our closest ally in the Middle East. AIPAC’s AIEF looks forward to taking many of these newly elected members of Congress on an educational seminar to Israel next August.”


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