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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Jewish Soap Opera

B’nai Brith to probe claim of Holocaust victim soap

March 26, 2010


MONTREAL—Abraham Botines will be the first to tell you he has no idea if a bar of swastika-engraved soap he owns from the Nazi era is really made of human remains.

But the owner of an eclectic curiosity shop in a trendy Montreal neighbourhood makes no apologies about wanting to sell the item — a rarity that has caused a mini-storm in the Jewish community.

Botines, a Spanish-born Jew who has operated the quirky boutique since I967, said Friday that no one in his family wants the soap or other controversial war-era items.

So the feisty store owner has decided, given his advanced age and weakening health, that it is time to sell the soap that he bought at top dollar from a retired Canadian soldier.

“I’m 73 and I was collecting things from the Holocaust and from World War 2 because I belong to that period,” Botines said in an interview Friday in the cluttered shop.

“In my lifetime I got a lot of curiosity items — that is, things that are hard to find ... and my things, my children, they don’t have any interest.”

But Botines is adamant he’s selling a collectible item and not hateful ideology.

After reporters began descending on the store Friday morning, the controversial bar of soap was put aside.

Botines said it can now be seen only by serious collectors or those willing to pony up the starting asking price of $300.

“It’s my soap and I’m free to do anything I want with it,” he said.

CBC initially reported the existence of the beige bar of soap alleged to be from Poland from about I940.

Different Jewish groups have raised concerns about the sale of the Nazi-era soap purportedly made from Holocaust victims. They agree that selling the object is offensive.

B’nai Brith Canada sent a representative to the shop on Friday and said it would like police to investigate.

At best, Jewish community groups said the soap and other Nazi-era objects belong in a museum to be used as educational tools.

“The only appropriate place for such items is a museum where they’re serving a public education purpose,” said Anita Bromberg, B’nai Brith’s legal counsel, from Toronto.

Botines said the items are historical and prove the Holocaust actually happened.

His son Ivan, who-co-owns the store, doesn’t like having the soap around but respects his father’s wishes.

“We’re not doing this to promote ideology,” said Ivan Botines. “We want people to be conscious of this period, not to forget it.”

Both father and son have been careful and have refused to sell items to neo-Nazis in the past.

In 2009, B’nai Brith had five complaints across Canada about the sale of controversial items on the Internet and in flea markets, No charges were laid.

It is not illegal to sell items bearing a swastika in Canada.

Reports that soap was produced from human remains during the Second World War have been dismissed by most historians as false and as Nazi propaganda.

“It’s an urban myth,” said Frank Chalk, a Concordia University professor and a recognized authority on genocide.

There is documented proof that the Nazis made agricultural fertilizer from ashes and used human fat as fuel, Chalk said. But never to make soap.

It’s not uncommon to see Nazi memorabilia for sale.

“I think what’s important to us is the symbol of hatred and violence against human beings that it represents,” Alice Herscovitch, director of Montreal’s Holocaust Centre.

“The fact that it would be for sale is what is most disturbing.”


Eric’s comment on the article above:

Hey, Goyim, wake up. Snap out of your Hebraic hypnosis and use your minds to think, for a moment. The human soap myth dates back to the World War I “cadaver factories” of anti-German propaganda, which former British Prime Minister David Lloyd-George confessed to be amongst the wartime lies of the Allies, for which he apologized to the postwar German government. No such apologies were forthcoming for similar lies told about the Germans in World War II, even after the official Allied switch in 1960, that all former “deathcamps” in Germany and Austria were not “extermination centers,” but ‘only’ the six camps in Poland: Auschwitz, Belzec, Maidanek, Sobibor, Chelmno and Treblinka.

This Allied flip-flop was given as little publicity as possible, so all German camps used Zyklon B for delousing clothing, but only 6 of them used Zyklon B for “gassing” inmates, which was a pretty good trick, since the only lethal gas chambers for people existed in USA!

Jews are not fond of soap, it seems, for in their edited “War Crimes” transcripts, the Germans are accused of making “soap” from the flesh and bones of prisoners. My mom made soap from lye and bacon grease in World War II USA, because soap was rationed. No fats = No soap. Meat + bones = SOUP. Fats are scarce in wartime since they are used to make explosives. I challenge Mr. Chalk to cite factual sources for making “fuel” from “human fat,” and I wonder who deems him to be an “authority on genocide,” after making such statements. Historian David Irving offers an award in cash, I’ve heard him say, for any document in the form of a Hitler order for the extermination of jews, so Mr. Chalk and his ilk should get cracking to produce such a paper, before the Holohoax racket goes the way of other Ponzi schemes for bilking the Gentiles.

Yours, as always, for Truth, Freedom & Justice.

Eric Thomson


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