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F.W. Braun
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Default Atrocities Committed Against Germans _After_ World War II

“Germans” (i.e., BRD lemmings) have been painstakingly indoctrinated to think that they were “liberated” in 1945 by the noble Allies…

hahaha…”liberated” what a fucking joke!

It’s like saying that the people who broke into your family’s home, raped your mother and sisters in front of you, tortured you, your father and brothers and then killed everyone present…stole or broke everything that was in your home…and then set what was left on fire…were in reality YOUR LIBERATORS! You see? And, to add insult to injury, you’re being indoctrinated in your schools and by the media (the perpetrators set up after their criminal deeds!) that you must be grateful for what these criminals did to you, your entire family, and home! Should you not grovel in front of your masters or sufficiently show your appreciation, you’ll be persecuted, prosecuted, fined, and incarcerated. ["The beatings will stop when morale improves!"]

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Buffalo Bayou
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I'm pretty sure you had some loose fucking scumbags among the allied forces(IE; US, Britain, Canada), but its not like they mass murdered the Germans. I know the most atrocities were commited by the russians. Above all it's a fact to mention that Germans, even though they just used the Americans were far better off with them then with the communists. But it's not like the germans were nice against the russians either. You have to realize millions of slavs or russians were murdered in that blitzkrieg campaign that was unleashed by the nazis, but they were stupid the nazi high command, because the soldiers duty is to fight the enemy militairy wise and not go wiping out entire villages. It created those pain in the ass partisans in the first place. Thats why the germans couldnt keep it up either in the ostfront because their logistics were constantly disrupted by millions of these young partisans who probably lost entire generations of family members in the hands of German soldiers. I sincerely think the Germans could have defeated the Soviet armies faster and easier if it wasnt for people who thought they could play general. The Germans could've won the heart and minds of the people who suffered from Stalin and whatnot. I'm not saying the rapes and murders of millions of German people were of the result of German massmurdering of russians but it shouldn't have happened if there werent poor decision making by the nazis, im thinking in the militairy broader side.
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F.W. Braun
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 1,463

Note that asshole lazer uses the Jew cuss word "nazis." Shouldn't he be posting on the Jew-fronted The New Republic or Little Green Footballs?

You have things ass backward and you obviously haven't done your homework (and I won't do it for you here). Anglo-Americans weren't any better in their treatment of Germans than were Russians, often they were worse. At least the Russians weren't in the habit of making souvenirs out of the bones of their enemies.

The following is part of Chapter V: “In Yahweh We Trust: A Divine Foreign Policy” from Dr. Tom Sunic’s book: Homo americanus; Child of the Postmodern Age (2007) .

Similar discriminatory acts against ideological opponents were reserved for Germany during and after World War II. Whereas everybody in American and European postmodern political establishment are obliged to know by heart the body count of Fascist and National Socialist victims, nobody still knows the exact number of Germans killed by American forces during and after World War II. Worse, as noted earlier, a different perspective in describing the US post-war foreign policy toward Europe and Germany is not considered politically correct. After the ill-fated American military excursion into Iraq in 2003 and the subsequent media coverage of American crimes committed there, the question in retrospect needs to be raised as to the behavior of the American military in Germany in 1945 and after. The American mistreatment of German POWs and civilians during World War II must have been far worse than that in Iraq after 2003.

Just as communism, following the Second World War, used large scale terror in the implementation of its foreign policy goals in Eastern Europe, so did America use its own type of repression to silence heretics in the occupied parts of postwar-Europe. Purges carried out by the American military authorities in postwar Germany remain an uneasy topic for many official American historians who mostly study the Allied version of war events. Many European conservative scholars have also been unable to comprehend sudden shifts in American political behavior, because many have traditionally assumed that America is a cultural and spiritual extension of Europe. American political behavior in war ravaged Europe could only be understood and judged within America’s own judgmental parameters. Using classical European value judgments regarding the notion of limited vs. unlimited warfare, yields different results that are often rejected by American elites.

The American crusade to extirpate evil was felt by Germans in full force in the aftermath of World War II. Freda Utley, an English-American writer depicts graphically in her books the barbaric methods applied by American military authorities against German civilians and prisoners in war ravaged Germany. Although Utley enjoyed popularity among American conservatives, her name and her works fell quickly into oblivion. Nonetheless, it is worth reminding that when an American author of her stature writes about American war crimes in Europe, she or he will naturally elicit more credibility than when a German or a French historian writes about the same topic. Utley’s book throws additional light on the other side of America’s much vaunted humaneness. In hindsight one wonders whether there was any substantive difference between warmongering Americanism and Communism? If one takes into account the behavior of American military authorities in Germany after World War II, it becomes clear why American elites, half a century later, were unwilling to initiate the process of decommunisation in Eastern Europe, as well as the process of demarxisation in American and European higher education. After all, were not Roosevelt and Stalin war time allies? Were not American and Soviet soldiers fighting the same “Nazi evil”?

It was the inhumane behavior of the American military interrogators that left deep scars on the German psyche and which explains why Germans, and by extension all Europeans, act today in foreign affairs like scared lackeys of American geopolitical interests.

A thoughtful American professor, whom I met in Heidelberg, expressed the opinion that the United States military authorities on entering Germany and seeing the ghastly destruction wrought by our obliteration bombing were fearful that knowledge of it would cause a revulsion of opinion in America and might prevent the carrying out of Washington’s policy for Germany by awakening sympathy for the defeated and realization of our war crimes. This, he believes, is the reason why a whole fleet of aircraft was used by General Eisenhower to bring journalists, Congressmen, and churchmen to see the concentration camps; the idea being that the sight of Hitler’s starved victims would obliterate consciousness of our own guilt. Certainly it worked out that way. No American newspaper of large circulation in those days wrote up the horror of our bombing or described the ghastly conditions in which the survivors were living in the corpse-filled ruins. American readers sipped their fill only of German atrocities.

Utley’s work is today unknown in American higher education although her prose constitutes a valuable document in studying the crusading and inquisitorial character of Americanism in Europe. There are legions of similar revisionist books on the topic describing the plight of Germans and Europeans after the Second World War, but due to academic silence and self-censorship of many scholars, these books do not reach mainstream professional and academic circles. Moreover, both American and European historians still seem to be light years away from historicizing contemporary history and its aftermath. This is understandable, in view of the fact that acting and writing otherwise would throw an ugly light on crimes committed by the Americans in Germany during and after the Second World War and would substantially ruin anti-fascist victimology, including the Holocaust narrative.

American crimes in Europe, committed in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, included extra-legal killings of countless German civilians and disarmed soldiers, while tacitly approving serial Soviet genocides and mass expulsions of the German civilian population in Eastern Europe. As Utley notes, the sheer sight of the horror and destruction which American warplanes had inflicted on German towns and cities, from the psychological point of view, must have prompted the American military authorities and subsequent American administrations, academics, journalists, historians, and opinion makers to cover up America’s own misdeeds. Consequently, a whole new industry of story telling regarding real or alleged National Socialist crimes was established in the West. As years and decades went by, crimes committed by the Americans against Germans were either whitewashed or ascribed to the defeated Germans. Utley describes in detail how thousands of German captives, before being dispatched to the gallows, were molested by the American interrogators. Charges filed against them were based on flimsy evidence, with no chance for a suspect of standing a fair trial.

The exact number of German casualties during and after the Second World War remains unknown. The number of German dead varies wildly, ranging from 6 to 16 million Germans, including civilians and soldiers. The official American hesitancy to establish the precise number of German war losses is understandable, as this is a topic that American court historians do not find compatible with the spirit of Americanism. It is only the fascist criminology of World War II, along with the rhetorical projection of the evil side of the Holocaust that modern historiographers like to repeat, with Jewish American historians and commentators being at the helm of this narrative. Other victimhoods and other victimologies, notably those of people who suffered under communism, are rarely mentioned. Although Germany was the direct party involved in the war, the entire European continent was affected by the American military victory. The American supreme military headquarters, under the general Dwight Eisenhower, withdrew after May 8, 1945, the POW status to German soldiers who had earlier been taken prisoners. According to some German historians over a million and a half German soldiers died after the end of hostilities in American and Soviet-run prison camps.

Political events in America and Europe since 1945 bear a strong mark of the Manichean approach in American foreign policy and hark back to the struggle which pitted the nations of European ancestry against other European nations, albeit with three radically different world views. There is a large and impressive “un-American” revisionist legacy in America depicting various aspects of American foreign policy during and after the Second World War. These revisionist scholars do not shy away from describing the plight of Germans and other Europeans at the hand of their American victors. However, their prose, although having legally a right of entry in America, has not had to date much of an impact on public consciousness and political decision making. The answer is not difficult to guess. The masters of discourse in postmodern America have powerful means to decide the meaning of the historical truth and provide the meaning with their own historical context. Mentioning extensively Germany’s war losses runs the risk of eclipsing the scope of Jewish war looses, which makes many Jewish intellectuals exceedingly nervous. Every nation likes to see its own sacred victimhood on the top of the list of global suffering. Moreover, if critical revisionist literature were ever to gain a mainstream foothold in America and Europe, it would render a serious blow to the ideology of Americanism and would dramatically change the course of history in the coming decades. Having this in mind, America’s former foes, Japan and Germany, as well as other European countries, must continue to toe the line of American “cognitive warfare” in postmodernity.

How three million Germans died after VE Day

Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh

Giles MacDonogh is a bon viveur and a historian of wine and gastronomy, but in this book, pursuing his other consuming interest - German history - he serves a dish to turn the strongest of stomachs. It makes particularly uncomfortable reading for those who compare the disastrous occupation of Iraq unfavourably to the post-war settlement of Germany and Austria.

MacDonogh argues that the months that followed May 1945 brought no peace to the shattered skeleton of Hitler’s Reich, but suffering even worse than the destruction wrought by the war. After the atrocities that the Nazis had visited on Europe, some degree of justified vengeance by their victims was inevitable, but the appalling bestialities that MacDonogh documents so soberly went far beyond that. The first 200 pages of his brave book are an almost unbearable chronicle of human suffering.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers vanished before they could creep back to the holes that had been their homes. The majority of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who surrendered at Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but, shamingly, many thousands perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans. Herded into cages along the Rhine, with no shelter and very little food, they dropped like flies. Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour in a score of Allied countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held in Russia as late as 1979.

The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women and children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide - and mass murder.

Apart from the well-known repeated rape of virtually every girl and woman unlucky enough to be in the Soviet occupation zones, perhaps the most shocking outrage recorded by MacDonogh - for the first time in English - is the slaughter of a quarter of a million Sudeten Germans by their vengeful Czech compatriots. The survivors of this ethnic cleansing, naked and shivering, were pitched across the border, never to return to their homes. Similar scenes were seen across Poland, Silesia and East Prussia as age-old German communities were brutally expunged.

Given that what amounted to a lesser Holocaust was unfolding under their noses, it may be asked why the western Allies did not stop this venting of long-dammed-up rage on the (mainly) innocent. MacDonogh’s answer is that it could all have been even worse. The US Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, favoured turning Germany into a gigantic farm, and there were genocidal Nazi-like schemes afoot to starve, sterilise or deport the population of what was left of the bombed-out cities.

The discovery of the Nazi death camps stoked Allied fury [i.e., Allied propaganda as an excuse to commit a real genocide against the German population], with General George Patton asking an aide amid the horrors of Buchenwald: ‘Do you still find it hard to hate them?’ But the surviving inmates were soon replaced by German captives - Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and even Auschwitz stayed in business after the war, only now with the Germans behind the wire.

It was Realpolitik, not humanitarian concern, that caused a swift shift in western attitudes towards their former foes. Fear of Communism spreading into the heart of Europe, and the barbarities of the Russians - who kidnapped and killed hundreds of their perceived enemies from the western zones of Berlin and Vienna - belatedly made the West realise that they had beaten one totalitarian power only to be threatened by another.

Even that hardline Kraut-hater Patton was sacked for advocating a pre-emptive strike against Russia. Building up West Germany and saving Berlin from Soviet strangulation with the 1948 airlift became the first battles of the Cold War - even if that meant overlooking Nazi crimes and enlisting Nazi criminals in the ‘economic miracle’ of reconstruction.

Although MacDonogh roundly condemns all the occupying powers, the British emerge with some credit. Apart from one Air Marshal who looted art treasures; and an MI5 interrogator nicknamed ‘Tin Eye’ Stephens who ran a private torture chamber, British hands may have been grubby, but were not deeply blood-stained. British squaddies preferred to purchase their sex privately with a packet of fags or a pair of nylons, rather than in the Soviet style.

MacDonogh has written a gruelling but important book. This unhappy story has long been cloaked in silence since telling it suited no one. Not the Allies, because it placed them near the moral nadir of the Nazis; nor the Germans, because they did not wish to be accused of whitewashing Hitler by highlighting what was, by any standard, a war crime. Giles MacDonogh has told a very inconvenient truth.

As to Germans in Soviet Russia, it was precisely the ruthless methods employed by Judaised partisans that forced Germans to retaliate against them and the people who were aiding and abetting their actions. There was nothing in international law that proscribed such measures and they were the norm in European warfare for centuries (the Soviets didn't sign the Geneva Convention either).

Asshole lazer obviously hasn't bothered reading:

Joachim Hoffmann, Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941-1945. Planning, Realization, Documentation.

Franz W. Seidler, Crimes Against the Wehrmacht (2. vols.)

Walter Post, The Defamed Wehrmacht.

Originally Posted by lazer View Post
I'm pretty sure you had some loose fucking scumbags among the allied forces(IE; US, Britain, Canada), but its not like they mass murdered the Germans. I know the most atrocities were commited by the russians. Above all it's a fact to mention that Germans, even though they just used the Americans were far better off with them then with the communists. But it's not like the germans were nice against the russians either. You have to realize millions of slavs or russians were murdered in that blitzkrieg campaign that was unleashed by the nazis, but they were stupid the nazi high command, because the soldiers duty is to fight the enemy militairy wise and not go wiping out entire villages. It created those pain in the ass partisans in the first place. Thats why the germans couldnt keep it up either in the ostfront because their logistics were constantly disrupted by millions of these young partisans who probably lost entire generations of family members in the hands of German soldiers. I sincerely think the Germans could have defeated the Soviet armies faster and easier if it wasnt for people who thought they could play general. The Germans could've won the heart and minds of the people who suffered from Stalin and whatnot. I'm not saying the rapes and murders of millions of German people were of the result of German massmurdering of russians but it shouldn't have happened if there werent poor decision making by the nazis, im thinking in the militairy broader side.
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F.W. Braun
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"War crime trials for allied soldiers overdue." Says analyst

"British and allied troops appearing as defendants in war crimes trials with brutal Serbs and former Red Army thugs is well overdue", says 20th Century analyst, Michael Walsh. His research exposes allied genocide, enslavement and institutionalized ill treatment of axis prisoners-of-war both during and after World War 11.

He says, "the scale of abuse of prisoners-of-war was contrary to the Geneva and other conventions to which Britain and its allies were signatories. As late as 1948, three years after the war’s end, the British Government’s treatment of its foreign prisoners was subject to International Red Cross scrutiny and international condemnation. The IRC threatened to bring the British government before international tribunals for abuse and illegal enslavement. Typically, British administered prisoner-of-war camps were worse than Belsen long after the war had ended and war disruption ceased. Tragically even civilians were illegally held, deported and murdered in the tens of thousands whilst the evil killers responsible have so far evaded justice.
The respected Associated Press Photographer, Henry Griffin who had taken the pictures of corpses in Buchenwald and Dachau when visiting Allied POW camps agreed: "The only difference I can see between these men and those corpses is that here they are still breathing." (1)

"According to revelations by members of the House of Commons, about 130,000 former German officers and men were held during the winter of 1945-46 in British camps in Belgium under conditions which British officers have described as 'not much better than Belsen." (2)


Adding to international outrage, Cyril Connolly, one of England’s most acclaimed writers reported: "British guards imprisoned German troops and tortured them." He described how "they were so possessed by propaganda about German 'Huns' that they obviously enjoyed demonstrating their atrocities to visiting journalists. A British reporter named Moorehead who was present at these ‘torture fests’ observed that 'a young British medical officer and a captain of engineers managed the Bergen-Belsen camp. "The captain was in the best of moods," he said. "When we approached the cells of gaoled guards, the sergeant lost his temper." The captain explained. 'This morning we had an interrogation. I'm afraid the prisoners don't look exactly nice.'

The cells were opened for the visiting journalists. "The German prisoners lay there, crumpled, moaning, covered with gore. The man next to me made vain attempts to get to his feet and finally managed to stand up. He stood there trembling, and tried to stretch out his arms as if fending off blows. "Up!" yelled the sergeant. "Come off the wall."

"They pushed themselves off from the wall and stood there, swaying. In another cell the medical officer had just finished an interrogation. "Up." yelled the officer. "Get up." The man lay in his blood on the floor. He propped two arms on a chair and tried to pull himself up. A second demand and he succeeded in getting to his feet. He stretched his arms towards us. "Why don't you kill me off?" he moaned.

"The dirty bastard is jabbering this all morning." the sergeant stated. (3)


Former British Army veteran A.W Perkins of Holland-on-Sea described conditions in the ‘Sennelager’ British concentration camp, which shockingly held, not captured troops but civilians. He recounts; "During the latter half of 1945 I was with British troops guarding suspected Nazi civilians living on starvation rations in a camp called Sennelager.

They were frequently beaten and grew as thin as concentration camp victims, scooping handfuls of swill from our waste bins."

This ex-guard described how other guards amused themselves by baiting starving prisoners. "They could be shot on sight if they ventured close to the perimeter fence. It was a common trick to throw a cigarette just inside the fence and shoot any prisoner who tried to reach it." (4).

"When Press representatives ask to examine the prison camps, the British loudly refuse with the excuse that the Geneva Convention bars such visits to prisoner-of-war camps." complained press correspondent Arthur Veysey from London on May 28th 1946.


Typically "The prisoners lived through the winter in tents and slept on the bare ground under one blanket each. They say they are underfed and beaten and kicked by guards. Many have no underclothes or boots." reported the Chicago Tribune Press Service on 19 May 1946 one year after the war’s end.

"In the summer of 1946 an increasing number of prisoners of-war were escaping from British slave camps often with British civilian aid. "Accounts of the chases by military police are reminiscent of pre-Civil War pursuits by fleeing Negro fugitives."statedan Associated Press dispatch (London, August 27th, 1946) more than sixteen months after the war ended.


Tens of thousands of middle-European peoples, displaced by the war who fell into British hands were treated even worse in British controlled Austria and Yugoslavia. There, Britain and the NKVD ran the concentration camps jointly. The latter, forerunners to the evil KGB, were invited to assist the British in the capture and corralling, deportation and slaughter of their captives.

One British officer described how "The prisoners (civilians) were treated coarsely but not brutally. They were pushed and shoved but there was no resistance, no fighting or trying to get back or get away. They were all completely docile, resigned to their fate. The soldiers collected them all quickly into groups and marched them away to be machine-gunned in groups.'

The British officer added, 'some of them didn't get very far I'm afraid. At the back of the station there was a wood, a copse, and they seemed to be marched behind this copse. Shortly afterwards there were quite a number of sustained bursts of machine-gun fire. I can't say for certain what happened, because I couldn't see the shooting. But I am pretty sure that a lot of them were shot there and then, not on the siding itself but just around the corner of the wood."

This is typical of many accounts when units of the British Army working with Red Army NKVD officers, hunted down and butchered tens of thousands of Cossack civilian refugees including children in Austria, in summer, 1945 after the war had ended.


Tens of thousands of people of many nationalities were hunted down and rounded up like cattle to be taken to the Red Army’s killing fields. One account described how ‘the whole train was bespattered with blood. They were open-plan carriages, and I remember the bloodstains where bodies had been dragged right down the corridor between the seats and down three of four steps. The lavatories were absolutely covered in blood...."

"Another such patrol, consisting of two Red Army officers and four British soldiers set off into the hills on horseback on June 8th. They captured one such group on the lower slopes.... "The Cossacks ran off, leaving just a few, mainly women and children who were too weak to move. One soldier spotted a Cossack in the distance, aimed his rifle at him, fired and saw him drop. .... As he was not seen to rise again it was assumed he had been killed."

Captain Duncan McMillan remembers, 'Being guided to a small railway station where there was a barbed-wire enclosure' He saw the Cossacks being unloaded from the trucks and described how they were stripped of their possessions, even food before being marched away. 'Many British soldiers who were there have testified that they heard the rattle of machine-guns nearby just moments after the prisoners were removed." James Davidson said: "We thought that machine-gunning must be the finish of them. We thought they were just taken back there and slaughtered."

These awful accounts were described in Nicholas Bethell’s book, The Last Secret published by Futura, (London) in 1974. The English legal apparatus suppressed further accounts.


In August 1946 15 months after the end of the Second World War, according to the International Red Cross, "Britain had 460,000 German prisoners slaving for her." This was in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention (Enslavement of Prisoners-of-War is a violation of the Geneva Convention. Article.75) which Britain was a signatory to. Arthur Veysey of the Chicago Tribune Press Service on May 28th 1946 reported "When they (German POWs) learned upon arrival in British and French ports they were to be worked indefinitely as slaves, they became sullen."


Arthur Veysey appalled by the British government’s abuse of human rights and the illegality of its evil slave-ownership policies and defiance of the Geneva Convention said, "The British Government nets over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves. The Government, which frankly calls itself the 'owner' of the prisoners, hires the men out to any employer needing men, charging the going rate for such work, usually $15 to $20 a week. It pays the slaves from 10 to 20 cents a day. The prisoners are never paid in cash, but are given credits either in the form of vouchers or credits."


When American attempts were made to prevent Stalin from abducting five million Germans, many of them civilians including children, as slave laborers after Germany’s defeat, the Soviets made their point. They produced a proclamation signed by General Dwight Eisenhower a year earlier, which gave the Soviets complete freedom to do whatever, they wished with captured Germans. This included deportation, enslavement; to loot and destroy without restraint, even using German transport to do so. They reminded the US Government that they had an equal right to do as the Americans were doing and were exercising the same right.

Eyewitness accounts describe events when Berlin and Breslau surrendered. "The long grey-green columns of prisoners were marched east downcast and fearful towards huge depots near Leningrad, Moscow, Minsk, Stalingrad, Kiev, Kharkov and Sevastopol. All fit men had to march 22 miles a day. Those physically handicapped went in handcarts or carts pulled by spare beasts." This was reported in the Congressional Record on March 29th 1946.


By August 1946 France according to the International Red Cross had enslaved nearly three-quarters of a million former German servicemen. Of these 475,000 had been captured by the Americans who ‘in a deal’ had transferred them to French control for the expressed purpose of forced labour. Interestingly in a macabre way, the French returned 2,474 German POWs complaining that they were weaklings. (5)

Those returned must indeed have been in a bad way for the 472,526 remaining slaves had already been described by correspondents as; "a beggar army of pale, thin men clad in vermin infested tatters." All were pronounced unfit for work, three quarters of them due to deliberate starvation. Of this unfortunate ‘army’ of slaves 19% were so badly treated they needed to be hospitalized (6)

In the notorious camp in the Sarthe District for 20,000 prisoners, inmates received just 900 calories a day; thus 12 died every day in the hospital. Four to five thousand are unable to work any more. Recently trains with new prisoners arrived at the camp; several prisoners had died during the trip, several others had tried to stay alive by eating coal that had been lying in the freight train by which they came. (7)

On December 5th 1946 the American Government requested the repatriation (by October 1, 1947) to Germany of the 674,000 German prisoners-of-war it had handed over to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

France agreed in principle but refused to abide by the release date stipulated. They pointed out, correctly, that a December 1st 1945 memorandum clearly stated that German prisoners handed over to the French by the US Government ‘were chattels to be used indefinitely as forced labour’. (8)


The German armed forces invariably obeyed the Rules of War conventions to the letter. Speaking for himself and other allied military commanders, Major General Robert W. Grow, U.S.A. Commander 6th Armored Division in Europe conceded there was ‘no German atrocity problem’.

"My service during World War Two was in command of an armored division throughout the European campaign, from Normandy to Saxony. My division lost quite a number of officers and men captured between July 1944 and April 1945. In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the 'Rules of Land Warfare'. As far as the 6th Armored Division was concerned in its 280 days of front line contact, there was no 'atrocity problem'. Frankly, I was aghast, as were many of my contemporaries, when we learned of the proposed 'war crimes' trials and the fact that military commanders were among the accused. I know of no general officer who approved of them." (9)

Despite the German observance of convention the American forces response was often as summary and as brutal as those practiced by their Soviet allies. Only in cases where large numbers of captured soldiers had been taken were they to be enslaved. If captured in smaller groups the US Army policy was simply to slaughter their captured prisoners where they stood.

A specific study is now being made for the purpose of compiling evidence of such atrocities to which the author, Michael Walsh, would appreciate input.
One such case was the cold-blooded slaying of an estimated 700 troops of the 8th SS Mountain Division. These troops who had fought with honorable distinction had earlier captured a US field hospital. Although the German troops had conducted themselves properly they were, when subsequently captured by the US Army, routinely separated and gunned down in groups by squads of American troops.


A similar fate befell infantrymen of the SS Westphalia Brigade who were captured by the US 3rd Armored Division. Most of the German captives were shot through the back of the head. "The jubilant Americans told the locals to leave their bodies in the streets as a warning to others of US revenge" Their corpses lay in the streets for five days before the occupying forces relented and allowed the corpses to be buried. After the war the German authorities attempted, without success, to prosecute the GIs responsible. (10)

Ironically in the light of postwar research it has been revealed that the only atrocities committed at Dachau were those carried out by the victorious allies. Equally ironically this camp was an allied concentration camp (eleven years) for a longer period of time than it was a German administered camp. There, "Three hundred SS camp guards were quickly neutralized." on the orders of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The term neutralized of course is a politically correct (or cowardly) way of saying that prisoners-of-war were rounded up and machine-gunned in groups. Accounts of the mass murder of prisoners-of-war at Dachau have been described in at least two books; 'The Day of the Americans by Nerin Gun, Fleet Publishing Company, New York, and, Deliverance Day - The Last Hours at Dachau by Michael Selzer; Lippincot, Philadelphia
These books describe how German prisoners were collected in groups, placed against a wall and methodically machine-gunned by American soldiers while some were still standing, hands raised in surrender. American soldiers casually climbed over the still twitching bodies, killing the wounded. Whilst this was happening, American photographers were taking pictures of the massacres that have since been published.

At Dachau, which was in the American zone of Germany, a shock force of American and Polish guards attempted to entrain a group of Russian prisoners from Vlasov's Army who had refused to be repatriated under the new American ruling.


'All of these men refused to entrain,' Robert Murphy wrote in his report of the incident. 'They begged to be shot. They resisted entrainment by taking off their clothes and refusing to leave their quarters.... Tear-gas forced them out of the building into the snow where those who had cut and stabbed themselves fell exhausted and bleeding in the snow. Nine men hanged themselves and one had stabbed himself to death and one other who had stabbed himself subsequently died; while twenty others are still in hospital from self-inflicted wounds. The entrainment was finally effected of 368 men." (11)

"The last operation of this kind in Germany took place at Plattling near Regensburg, where fifteen hundred men of Vlasov's Army had been interned by the Americans. In the early hours of February 24th, 1946, they were driven out of their huts wearing only their night-clothes, and handed over to the Russians in the forest near the Bavarian-Czech border. Before the train set off on its return journey the American guards were horrified to see the bodies of Vlasov's men who had already committed suicide hanging in rows from trees, and when they returned to Plattling even the German SS prisoners in the nearby POW camp jeered at them for what they had done." (13)

According to the Toronto Daily Star, March, 9th, 1968, "Former members of an illegal Israeli force which was given absolute freedom to slaughter Germans conceded that "More than 1,000 Nazi SS Officers died as a result of eating arsenic-impregnated bread introduced April, 13th, 1946, in an American-run prisoner-of-war camp near Nuremberg."

After the US victory (the battle for Remagen Bridge) Germans in the Rhineland surrendered en masse. Between April and July 1945, some 260,000 German prisoners-of-war were held under American guard in the boggy fields between Remagen and Sinzig. They were kept in the open air and their daily ration was one potato, a biscuit, a spoonful of vegetables and some water. Racked by disease, at least 1,200 died, according to German records." (14)


In the USA where 140,000 German prisoners-of-war were shipped, the Catholic Bishops Conference described how, "Multitudes of civilians and prisoners of war have been deported and degraded into forced labor unworthy of human beings."

"Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are put like slaves to forced labor, although the only thing with which they can be reproached is the fact that they were soldiers. Many of these poor fellows are without news from home and have not been allowed to send a sign of life to their dear ones."


United States 140,000 (US Occupation Zone of which 100,000 were heldin France, 30,000 in Italy, 14,000 in Belgium. Great Britain 460,000 German slaves. The Soviet Union 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 estimated. France had 680,000 German slaves by August 1946. Yugoslavia 80,000, Belgium 48,000, Czechoslovakia 45,000, Luxembourg 4,000, Holland 1,300. Source: International Red Cross.


An outraged International Red Cross organization opined: "The United States, Britain and France, nearly a year after peace are violating International Red Cross agreements they solemnly signed in 1929. Although thousands of former German soldiers are being used in the hazardous work of clearing minefields, sweeping sea mines and razing shattered buildings, the Geneva Convention expressly forbids employing prisoners 'in any dangerous labour or in the transport of any material used in warfare.'

Henry Wales in Geneva, Switzerland on April 13, 1946 added,'The bartering of captured enemy soldiers by the victors throws the world back to the dark ages when feudal barons raided adjoining duchies to replenish their human live stock. It is an iniquitous system and an evil precedent because it is wide open for abuse with difficulty in establishing responsibility. It is manifestly unjust and sell them for political reasons as the African Negroes were a century ago."


By contrast the German armed forces behaved impeccably towards their prisoners-of-war. "The most amazing thing about the atrocities in this war is that there have been so few of them. I have come up against few instances where the Germans have not treated prisoners according to the rules, and respected the Red Cross reported respected newspaper The Progressive February, 4th1945.

Allan Wood, London Correspondent of the London Express agreed."The Germans even in their greatest moments of despair obeyed the Convention in most respects. True it is that there were front line atrocities - passions run high up there - but they were incidents, not practices, and misadministration of their American prison camps was very uncommon." Lieutenant Newton L. Marguiles echoed his words.

US Assistant Judge Advocate, Jefferson Barracks, April 27th1945."It is true that the Reich exacted forced labour from foreign workers, but it is also true that, they were for the most part paid and fed well.""I think some of the persons found themselves better off than at any time in their lives before."added Dr.James K.Pollack, Allied Military Government."What did the Germans do to get efficient production from forced labour that we were not able to do with Germans working down the mines? They fed their help and fed them well."Said Max H. Forester, Chief of AMG's Coal and Mining Division in July 1946.


Asked what were the chances of the evil perpetrators of such crimes being brought to justice, Michael Walsh said that the only thing that stood between the allied sadists and the hangman’s rope was the will to bring them to trial.

Precedent on retrospective justice is already a fact of life. Its failure is that war crimes justice is selective and so far applicable only to the defeated foe under highly questionable and internationally criticized legal procedures.

What is needed is to raise public awareness and a lead be given by those in public life whose voice is less likely to be censored. He added that the interests of justice must come before national pride, political expediency and military guilt. "How else." He added, "can human civilization progress than through the administration of justice that is blind to race, political dogma and national interests?


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Secret documents recently released by the British Records Office at Kew in London reveal the stark horror of ritual executions of German POWS carried out by British, American and Jewish torturers, assisted incredibly by certified doctors. Here is a story that will shock the world.


The stark contrast between the Axis and Allied treatment of prisoners of war is only now being revealed. Typically, in September 1939 after the speedy success of the German-Polish campaign, captured Polish generals and officers, as well as those of other ranks, were treated according to convention and even chivalrously. There are no records of their being abused or maltreated by their German captors.

Acclaimed historians such as A.J.P Taylor, as far as permitted, resisted political interference in the accurate recording of events. The late professor conceded that the German attack on Poland was in response to British-backed Polish aggression to which Czechoslovakia was already a victim. Since the Polish occupation of Czechoslovakia Germany too suffered repeated Polish attacks on its borders and the occupation of its territory.

Matters were finally brought to a head by Polish Foreign Minister Beck’s inflexibility over the Danzig question as well as daily revelations of murderous atrocities committed against German nationals in Polish occupied territories.


Having secured German borders Adolf Hitler paid a personal visit to the tomb of Marshall Pilsudski, the renowned Polish President. Bareheaded and with military cap in hand he paid silent respect for several minutes. In 1940 after the fall of France the German leader made a similar chivalrous gesture when visiting the tomb of his predecessor Napoleon Bonaparte.

During the occupation members of the former French government were left in peace and were never molested by the German authorities. An honourable peace agreement had been signed with the lawful government of France at the beautiful spa town of Vichy.

Throughout occupied France life went on as normal. William L. Shirer the Jewish journalist and author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, though notorious for putting a Jewish spin on the Third Reich, accepted that "The Parisians actually believed the Germans would rape the women and do worse to the men ... the ones who stayed are all the more amazed at the very correct behavior of the troops."

German soldiers undeniably behaved in a correct and courteous manner towards the French populace. Any violations of this code were severely punished by court martial. As a remarkable further gesture of reconciliation Adolf Hitler ordered that the remains of Napoleon’s son, the ill-fated Napoleon 11, be removed from its burial chamber in Vienna and re-interred at Les Invalides in Paris. It is difficult to imagine a more conciliatory and generous act of placation being placed before the French people.


Professor David Dilks giving a lecture at Leeds University disclosed "that the British version of the famous film in which Hitler skips for joy at the defeat of France was doctored by us (the British) for propaganda purposes". He also revealed that "Hitler’s tread that day was in fact remarkably sober." - Sunday Telegraph, 26.3.72.

Those attending this lecture, ‘Chamberlain, Churchill and the Fall of France’ included Lord Boyle, former Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Mrs. Stephen Lloyd, daughter of former Prime Minister Chamberlain.

Good relations continued until the Soviet Union’s entry in to the war 1941. It was then that the French Communist Party, in cohort with the French runaway renegade, General deGaulle who with Winston Churchill took the war to the German occupiers by planning acts of terrorism; sabotage, assassination and murder.

Members of Britain’s special forces were parachuted in or dropped off along France’s extensive coastline. Once ashore atrocities were committed against German troops and their civilian administrators, and then evidence was left to suggest local rebellious guilt. The purpose was to goad the Germans into reprisals that would then ignite the inconveniently complacent population. The Germans assisted by the French authorities, did resort to vigorous counter measures.


One such agent was the Anglo-French woman, Violette Szabo. Recruited as an agent she made several drops into occupied France and with others brought about considerable destruction and loss of life. Twice she was captured and twice she escaped. On a third occasion, holed up with others, she killed several German soldiers before being captured. She was shot – according to convention – in the winter of 1944-1945.

Szabo was never tortured as has been alleged. Claims that the Gestapo routinely tortured captives are so wide of the mark that incidences of maltreatment had to be made-up. The most infamous of these frauds related to the captured Violette Szabo which were later repeated in the film (Carve Her Name With Pride), books and of course various websites.

Her fellow prisoners, Captain Peuleve and Wing Commander Yeo-Thomas G.C., both of whom were interrogated and imprisoned with Szabo stated unequivocally that Szabo was never maltreated by the Germans.

"The torture claims made by her researcher Mr. Minney caused Captain Peuleve much embarrassment. He had wrongly and without his knowledge been named as the sole source of evidence for the torture allegations in the posthumous George Cross citation awarded to Szabo." - Sunday Times 4th April 1965.


US Commander-in-Chief Ge-neral Dwight D. Eisenhower who took personal responsi-bility for ensuring the des-truction of the German people was also of Jewish descent.

Through the early period of the war an unspoken understanding and shared chivalry existed between the British and German air forces - until May 1940. Then Winston Churchill, by cajolery and trickery succeeded in ousting influential government ministers who regarded him as a warmonger and favored honorable peace negotiations with Germany. Consequently British attitudes rapidly deteriorated as the ‘phony war’ rapidly turned into the total war for which Churchill had long plotted. America’s President Roosevelt had by this time assured him of the material support of the United States.

From this point on the military war against Germany turned into the world’s first war of racial genocide; a war that had one purpose; to totally destroy Germany as a nation and to decimate beyond recovery the German people. Their nation had been handed a death sentence and the consequences would cost millions of lives.

It was a war in which prisoners of the allies would be taken only reluctantly. Those captured would be slaughtered; others enslaved, deported, worked to death or subjected to mortal deprivation. Simultaneously the allies prepared for an unprecedented air war that would incinerate Germany’s civilian population in their homes.

Virtually all Germany’s adversaries were of non-European stock. Roosevelt was of Dutch-Jewish ancestry and surrounded himself with America’s most powerful Jewish figures, many of them prominent in the underworld.

Winston Churchill though not Jewish was the offspring of an American ‘society family’ and was proud of his Iroquois Red Indian blood. He detested and feared Europe and felt belittled by its culture. He is also on record as saying: "I am a Zionist." One of his first acts on seizing power (Churchill was unelected) was to halt all intelligence gathering on Soviet suspects, which led to the wholesale infiltration of MI5 and MI6.

US Commander-in-Chief General Dwight D. Eisenhower who took personal responsibility for ensuring the destruction of the German people was also of Jewish descent. The eminent anthropologist Arnold Leece described as ‘sheer nauseating nonsense’ his message of goodwill to the sinister Jewish lobby group B’nai B’rith.

"Our primary purpose," Eisenhower later told war journalist J. Kingsley Smith "Is the destruction of as many Germans as possible. I expect to destroy every German west of the Rhine and within that area in which we are attacking." - General Eisenhower. J. Kingsley Smith (INS) Paris. February, 24th, 1945.


On the eve of the Jewish New Year Eisenhower issued this message: "Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, is significant to every American, in the deepest spiritual sense, we are all the seed of Abraham and Issac."

The Soviet dictator, the blood-soaked Georgian Joseph Stalin, whose racial origins are far from European, also surrounded himself by Jews, which included his father-in-law. Yiddish was the language used habitually by his family.

Against this formidable international array holding stupendous world power stood a revitalized Christian and financially independent Germany with its European Axis partners.

Roosevelt at this time was about to plunge the unwilling and deceived American people into war with Japan and soon afterwards Germany. Despite America’s so-called neutrality its warships had already been given the nod to sink German shipping and betray German shipping movements to Britain’s armed forces.

Britain in the meanwhile, again in defiance of international law, had initiated the cold-blooded deliberate bombing of civilian targets. This understandably provoked retaliatory German raids on Britain’s cities. The ruse gave the British warlord two advantages. It weakened Germany’s defensive capabilities (Russia was mobilizing to attack Germany) and it brought about a total war psychosis in the beleaguered English populations. It ended reluctance for his war against Hitler’s Germany. The ultimate fate of Britain and Europe, indeed the world was about to be sealed.

As the war neared its conclusion in 1944 and Germany and its Axis partners fought against overwhelming odds, the principle instigators of the near destruction of western civilization relished their moment. Winston Churchill, often drunk, attended conferences at Tehran and Yalta to conspire in the dismemberment and looting of central Europe and the removal of Germany as a trade competitor.

Attending the conferences were the world’s most evil men including Josef Stalin and of course Roosevelt and his henchmen. Between these malevolent conspirators representing the Capitalist and Communist facade of world Jewry, all of prostrated Europe lay at their mercy. There was to be no mercy and no compassion.


Never in the history of mankind have the northern hemisphere’s multi-national populations had their fate decided by so few. Tragically among those manic few were men who already held humanity’s chilling record for race genocide - and the worst was yet to come.

In 1943 at the Tehran Conference Stalin with cold-blooded effrontery, among other diabolical schemes, proposed that following the Allied victory 50,000 German officers were to be randomly selected and shot.

The Soviet dictator had already executed virtually all of his own Red Army general staff in 1937 so the casual liquidation of tens of thousands of German officers posed no particular problem for him.

Winston Churchill balked at the proposal but not because he was opposed to the scale of the unfolding atrocities. He had already covered up the Soviet Union’s wholesale slaughter of 14,500 Polish Army officers at Katyn and elsewhere. He had by then turned a blind eye to the deportation and partial liquidation of 1.7 million Poles under Soviet jurisdiction. Nor was his reluctance due to the fact that the proposed atrocity was a gross violation of international law. He demurred simply because even the British people, despite years of poisonous anti-German propaganda, would be repelled at being dragooned into assisting the Soviet Union’s genocidal killing machine.

US Admiral Daniel Leahy was angry: "I felt sorry for the German people. We were planning - and we had the force to carry out our plans - to obliterate a one mighty nation."


Churchill favored instead the immediate mass shooting, without trial, of the 100 most influential leaders of the German nation. Sham trials would be arranged for the rest so that Stalin would get what he wanted and the British warlord would keep his bogus respectability.

The European-wide killing machines were already being set up. These included military tribunals and mock judicial trials later to be damned as kangaroo courts by thousands of jurists, ecclesiastics, military leaders, politicians, diplomats and writers throughout the world

These courts were given a judicial veneer to add spurious legitimacy to the wholesale slaughter of the defeated nation’s military personnel. The outcome was that Stalin got his 50,000 corpses – and more, whilst Winston Churchill was able to distance himself from implication in Soviet-style mass murder without trial.


The number of captive German soldiers, National Socialist and civilian functionaries summarily killed or tortured to death from the war’s end and through the 1950s runs into tens of thousands. One of the biggest mass slaughter machines ever created was cranked up to liquidate 20% of the people of the defeated German nation, but there was capacity and desire to increase this dreadful quota.

Henry Morgenthau US Secretary of the Treasury and Robert Vansittart, the US London-based Diplomatic Advisor in 1940 along with other prominent Jews demanded the genocide of the German people. Theodore Nathan Kaufman, another of America’s most influential Jews also insisted on the end of the German peoples existence. He demanded the forced sterilization of all people of German stock and demanded that the German nation be divided between the conquerors. He calculated a period of two generations to achieve this aim.

Much of these plans were in fact carried out. Germany’s population was decimated and one third of its historical lands are even now occupied by satellite states.

The Soviet Union within months of the war’s end kidnapped an estimated 5,000,000 people. Mostly but not exclusively they were members of the German armed forces. Their destination, the notorious Gulag Archipelago chain of slave camps through the Siberian hinterland. Few survived.


The United States, France and Britain were directly and indirectly responsible for deaths far exceeding these dreadful figures. The official figure of 3.5 million German dead is completely bogus. Even Churchill who was unlikely to exaggerate such figures stated: "I am not alarmed by the reduction of the population. Six million Germans have lost their lives in the war. We can expect that by the end of the war many more will be killed, and then there will be room for those expelled" (ethnically cleansed from their original homelands) – Voice of History 1944-1945. Speeches and Papers of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Chiang, Hitler and Other Leaders, p 615.

To Churchill’s figures can be added an estimated 13,000,000 – 15,000,000 German people who were liquidated by various means - after the war’s end. Approximately 20 million central Europeans, members of one of the most gifted Christian nations on earth had lost their lives by the early 1950s. All had perished at the hands of the victor nations who almost to a man took their instruction from those who were neither European by race nor Christian by faith.

(British dead including civilians is placed at 264,000. For every Briton who died 80 Germans died).

With tens of millions of displaced people wandering aimlessly across central Europe it was left to the ravages of nature, principally typhoid, starvation and a destroyed infrastructure to 'cull' the surviving German population. All means of survival were blocked at the defeated country’s borders to assist nature in 'taking its course'. Corpses littered the highways and byways, towns and cities of the German nation. What Stalin had brought to the Ukraine he brought to central Europe, with the assistance of Churchill and Roosevelt.


In the vast holding camps of General Eisenhower it is estimated that 740,000 German POWS died from malnutrition, disease and maltreatment. This included casual murder on a horrifying scale. One ex-guard described how some of the other guards would amuse themselves by placing food outside the camp parameters, and then shoot dead those POWS who were sufficiently foolhardy to take their chances.

Five million members of Germany’s armed forces had already been spirited away to the slave camps of the USSR. Millions more fetched up in camps across Europe, America and Canada. The French post war army took charge of nearly one million prisoners from the Americans for use as slave labour euphemistically called ‘reparations’. Even Rome at its most decadent had stopped short of carnage and slavery on such a monstrous scale. Of these postwar prisoners such were the conditions they were held in that 250,000 of them died in the most distressing of circumstances. Britain laid claim to 460,000 German slaves who were kept until 1948 when the International Red Cross insisted upon their release.

Most were soldiers of the Wehrmacht who had laid down their arms in May 1945 but scores of thousands were civilians including women, elderly people; even children. Most of these appalling deaths were listed as 'other losses' or 'Perdu Pour Paisons Diverses'. James Bacque in his book, 'Other Losses' has established the truth about these and other atrocities beyond all doubt.


The first war in which race was the killing factor rather than by unfortunate circumstance, as with the Native American and Australian aboriginal populations, was Jewish. Its victims white European and Christian.

The evidence suggests that the killing frenzy of America’s Jews was motivated by the desire to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, not for any crime they had committed, but simply on the grounds that they were of different race to themselves.

In Washington DC as the Second World War came to its bitter end with the ‘unconditional surrender’ of Germany imminent, a bitter policy dispute arose between Henry Morgenthau and the then Secretary of State Henry Stinson.

Morgenthau by this time proposed the execution (without trial) of all members of the German National Socialist Party. Such was the Jewish desire for the spilling of German blood. Only when he learned that there were 15,000,000 NSDAP cardholding Germans was he forced to modify his demands. Stinson held his ground in favour of legally processing individual Germans – which was in itself without precedent and illegal – but he was on the losing side for several months.

Meantime the killing machine in Germany ground on. It was only when Morgenthau’s plan to exterminate the German people leaked out to the American Press, which was not entirely Jewish controlled, that Stinson’s view prevailed.

Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, the British military chief at the time derisively described the planned trials of Germany’s political and military leaders as ‘victors justice.’ They were a mockery of real justice. In planning such ‘war crimes trials’, a dictum of Clausewitz was applied: ‘The pursuit of political aims by other means.’


The entire quasi-legal process reeked of hypocrisy and double standards. The chief Soviet ‘jurist’ at the Nuremberg Trials was none other than the malevolent Andrej Vyshinsky, the chief prosecutor at Stalin’s 1930s show trials. Those sham trials had horrified the world before the Soviet dictator became ‘Good old uncle Joe (Stalin)’. Victims of those ‘trials’ included hapless British engineers who had been enlisted to work in Russia only to be abandoned when later condemned as ‘imperialist spies.’

Goering spoke of his faith and lack of fear. He had fearlessly faced death many times but hitherto against honorable opponents.

Stalin’s show trials served as a prototype for the military tribunals and Nuremberg ‘trials’ then being set up. These kangaroo courts excluded a defense, relied on evidence obtained through torture and made up laws as they went along.

The wickedness of these trials haunted the British Chief Prosecutor, Sir. Hartley Shawcross, for the rest of his life. He was often heard to declare that he "often inwardly wished that the great allied war criminals, Stalin, Churchill and FDR (Roosevelt) could also be put on trial" Muttering under his breath that the war with Germany had been unnecessary and a terrible mistake leading to Britain’s downfall. Sir Hartley freely and publicly admitted the ghastly mistake but by then it was far too late.


In stark contrast to Germany generosity accorded to leaders and governments of countries occupied by the Reich, Germany’s captured leaders suffered as few other captives have in history. All civilized standards were excluded as Asiatic bloodlust for the victors ‘rights’ took hold. The ‘lucky prisoners’ were those who before capture took their own lives and those of their loved ones.

As the German leaders were rounded up they were fed into a manic process of humiliation, torture and death. On being seized they were placed in manacles and placed under armed guard. They were then stripped of their uniforms, even in freezing conditions and their decorations and insignia were torn away from them. They were then unceremoniously placed in unheated cells.

In these cells bright lights burned all night and with guards watching over them they were even forbidden to change their sleeping posture. In fact it was common procedure to keep the prisoners awake as a form of torture.

Beatings up were commonplace and typical was the statement proffered by Ken Jones of Wrexham, Wales. This former private with the Fifth Royal Horse Artillery had been stationed at Heidi in Schleswig Holstein. He described the standard procedure when Rudolf Hoss "whom the Dutch hadn’t been able to break" was brought in to be prepared for interrogation.


Two other soldiers were detailed with Mr. Jones to join Rudolf Hoss in the cell to help break him down for interrogation. "We sat in the cell with him night and day, armed with axe handles. Our job was to prod him every time he fell asleep to help break down his resistance." bragged the former private.

"When Hoss was taken out for exercise he was made to wear only jeans and a thin cotton shirt in the bitter cold. The prisoner was simultaneously being starved. After three days and nights without sleep Hoss finally broke down and made a full confession to the authorities." Jones concluded. – Wrexham Leader, October 17, 1986.

Rudolf Hoss was afterwards charged with murdering 2,500,000 Jews, which has since been derided as ludicrous.

Just as typical (thousands of times over) was the torture and murder of Dr. M.M Rost van Tonningen, former High Commissioner for the League of Nations in Vienna and President of the Bank of the Netherlands.

As a prisoner of the allies he was eventually transferred to Scheveningen prison. The term transferred is best considered a laundered expression. On his arrival at the prison he was physically thrown from the vehicle. As his legs had already been tied to a pole and he couldn’t bend them sufficiently to recover his balance he fell to the ground, much to the amusement of his baiters. He was then beaten with poles and told that he would never leave the prison alive. He didn’t.


From there on his daily routine was a cycle of maltreatment and humiliation which included his being stripped naked and paraded with a line attached to his penis as a bull is baited by pulling the ring through its nose. Such were the horrifying conditions of the hellhole of Scheveningen prison; such were the screams emanating from the prison, that even the local police felt it necessary to intervene.

The brutality persisted and finally the son of the Commander in Chief of the Netherlands Indian Army was beaten to death with a rifle butt, his lifeless body was then hurled over the prison balustrade. Years later his adored wife, Florentine gave an interview to the Netherlands Television Network.

"Everybody thinks my husband committed suicide, which is not true. I did not even get a death certificate. So I contacted the sanitation service since it was they who had carted his body to the cemetery. On the way I learned which cemetery it was, so I looked up the director. I was told that I couldn’t be told anything it was all too secret. But they led me to the area where the graves of the poor where and pointed out to me a mass grave in which my husband was said to rest. Then I went to the hospital and there I learned, my husband had been tortured so horribly, the body couldn’t possibly be shown to the public." – Deutsche Nationalzeitung, July 27 1979.

It should be stressed that these were not isolated incidents and were typical of the treatment meted out to many thousands of prisoners of all ranks by the victorious allied armies.


Even the wives and children of prisoners were not spared and although perfectly innocent they were imprisoned, insulted and abused over long periods of time. A case in point being the wife of Alfred Rosenberg the esteemed National Socialist philosopher and author (The Myth of the Twentieth Century) and his pretty teenage daughter.

No family members were allowed to visit the accused though one or two exceptions were surreptitiously made. Never since the English king, after his victory over the French at Agincourt, had personally slit the throats of the captured nobles of France, had such acts of horror been committed.

With fabricated ‘retrogressive laws’ – laws that were invented for the obscene quasi-judicial proceedings, various German ranks were accused of planning and carrying out acts of ‘aggressive war.’ against other countries. The most eminent non-German historians and commentators have since refuted these charges.

Released Soviet archive material has since confirmed the German Reich’s claims that Stalin’s Red Army was poised to attack Western Europe and that Hitler’s reaction was pre-emptive. It is equally now well known that the attack on Poland and France were equally pre-emptive as both of these countries, backed and goaded by Britain, had first declared war on Germany by carrying out acts of war against Germany. France had formally declared war against her peaceful neighbor on September 3rd 1939.


The German leaders were also falsely accused of having carried out deliberate acts of genocide, an allegation, which has beaten a retreat since the 1950s. Today it finally stands exposed as "The Hoax of the 20th Century"; bogus blackmail to keep Germany in the thrall of a never ending cycle of slavery and national masochism devoted to paying out endless ‘reparations’ to Israel.

Of the Nuremberg ‘trials’ Lord Hankey spoke for thousands of others of similar standing who similarly expressed themselves: "There was something cynical and revolting in the spectacle of British, French and American judges sitting on the bench with a colleague representing a country which before, during, and since the trials, had perpetrated half the political crimes in the calendar." - Lord Hankey, House of Lords, May, 5th, 1949.

These show trials were not international at all; just a few of the victor nations were responsible for them; neutral countries representatives were excluded. Even the US Supreme Court washed its hands of any responsibility for them

Before, during and after these ‘trials’ torture of German and other POWs was routine: At the Dachau US Military Tribunals, interrogators posed as priests to extract confessions. The American judge, Edward L. Van Roden, one of the three members of an American Army Commission set up to investigate claims of maltreatment found:


"Posturing as priests to hear confessions and give absolution; torture with burning matches driven under the prisoners' fingernails; knocking out of teeth and breaking jaws; solitary confinement and near-starvation rations. The statements which were admitted as evidence were obtained from men who had first been kept in solitary confinement for three, four, and five months.... the investigators would put a black hood over the head of the accused and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses. All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard operation procedure with our American investigators."


Louis Marschalko, Special Correspondent; Playwright and Poet affirmed: "Out of 3,000 people employed on the staff at the Nuremberg Courts, 2,400 were Jews." Many of them wore uniforms to which they had no entitlement.

In the Nuremberg courtrooms crowded with exultant Jews a torrent of lies, distortions and fake evidence, provided by bogus witness, were hurled at the ill fated prisoners in the dock. The questioning of witness or their allegations was denied. Each of the prisoners faces revealed evidence of deliberately induced torture and lack of sleep. The verdicts of their vengeful accusers were a foregone conclusion. Denied a proper defense they were to be systematically killed.

All retained their courage to stand up and confront their accusers, vehemently denying the preposterous catalogue of outlandish allegations. The defensive words of the prisoners were summarily dismissed and no appeals were allowed.

On the night of October 15th 1946 – the Jewish Feast Day Hoshana Raba - the American News Service announced at 2.45am that eleven members of the defeated but nevertheless legitimately elected government of Germany had been executed.


The executions had begun at 1.00am and ended at 2.15am. The bodies were then laid out in rows for witnesses to inspect and gloat over. However, of the eleven victims Reichsmarshall Herman Goering, the First World War ace fighter pilot had succeeded in cheating his captors by taking his own life in his cell.

Details concerning the burial of the eleven martyrs to Germany were kept secret; such was the enormity of the allied crime and the sadistic way by which the wretched prisoners were slain. Furthermore, even in death the victorious allies were mindful of the affection and example, which the executed still held in German hearts. Even the victims families were denied all knowledge of their loved ones final resting places.

In advance of these judicial murders a spokesman for the prison governor had maintained a running public commentary of sickening bad taste on how Goering and the other victims had spent their last days on earth.

The condemned men passed most of their time reading and writing and talking with the two chaplains. Most seemed resigned to their fate whilst Goering spoke of his faith and lack of fear. He had fearlessly faced death many times but hitherto against honorable opponents.

Two of the captives complained about the security regulations requiring the prisoners to sleep with their hands placed outside the filthy blankets. Such was the deliberate stringency of measures against suicide attempts that they were awakened if in their sleep they turned away from the brilliant spotlights shining on their prison beds.

All the prisoners, manacled to guards, took exercise in the corridors of the condemned block except for Goering who for several days declined. When taken to see his wife for the last time he walked briskly ahead and turning to the warder chained to him remarked with a smile: "You see, I am still a Fьhrer (leader)."


Julius Streicher, a man with a finer intellectual mind than has been represented by his gloating Jewish captors and their Gentile propagandists, remained defiant to the end, even hurling abuse at his tormentors. He had held no official position in the government of Germany and throughout the war was a simple farmer. He was hanged merely for exposing and defying Jewish power. The official United States undertaker, who was present at the executions, stated that: "The Jewish-American boy in charge of the execution (of Streicher) let him strangle, horribly for a long, long minute."

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander-in-Chief of the US Fleet shared the outrage of America’s officer class: "The war crimes trials were a reversion to the ancient practice of the savage extermination of a defeated enemy and particularly its leaders."


At the time of these internationally condemned executions of Germany’s defeated leaders, Sir. Anthony Eden, former British Foreign Minister and leading Conservative rose to his feet in the House of Commons and pointedly asked Clement Atlee, premier of the first postwar Labour government, if as had been rumored a film of the executions had been made. He asked if the government was taking any action to prevent the public exhibition of such film footage.

Atlee replied: "My attention has been called to this report. It is inaccurate. The Allied Control Council, on which His Majesty’s Government is represented, decided last week that no cinematographic film or photograph should be taken of the executions. Photographs of the bodies will be taken after death by an official photographer as representative of each of the four powers, record purposes."

But was this true? Although it remains uncertain whether an actual film of the killings was made, executions of Tojo and other Japanese leaders were filmed by their American executioners and shown to the delight of cheering American audiences. Excerpts from this footage were certainly shown on British cinema newsreels.

Eden’s reasons for posing this question remain unknown, but as a former First World War officer who had fought in the trenches he may have felt pangs of guilt and self-loathing. He was also known to be anti-Jewish, a sentiment he shared with Ernest Bevan the then British Foreign Secretary who by then had registered his disgust to the destruction of Germany and its frightful genocidal consequences.

There are in plentiful circulation photographs of the judicially murdered German leaders. These photographs reveal that the men had died a deliberately induced agonizing death with the blood still oozing from their mouths and plenty of evidence of extreme violence to their faces.


When residing in Cornwall, Mr. Vivian Bird contributor to this essay, happened by chance to be shown copies of these photographs by a former British Army photographer. The proud possessor kept them as gruesome mementos and produced his large collection of looted silver plate bearing the official stamp of Adolf Hitler. These treasures had been looted from Hitler’s Berlin Chancellery.

The photographs of their murdered former leaders were distributed among the defeated German people in an attempt to terrify them into the most abject submission. Like Carthage in Roman times Germany was to be reduced to a desert of dust and ashes, removed from the face of the earth along with its people for all time.

Surrounded by grinning staff officers, Churchill had already shown his contempt for European values by standing on the banks of the beautiful River Rhine and urinating into its waters. The viciousness of his Iroquois Red Indian blood was supremely manifest in this unspeakable action.

US Jewish newspapers described one of the principle executioners of the German leadership as "a nice Jewish boy." It was this Jew, John C. Woods (not his real name), a sergeant in the US Army, who ensured that his victims met a prolonged and agonized death, literally by slow strangulation after their faces had been smashed against the side of the execution trap. Asian callousness was having its day and relishing it. One of the other US executioners later committed suicide.

The official British executioner Albert Pierrepoint also supervised the executions and at the time showed no qualms about his dubious place in history. Pierrepoint was of French lineage and later retired to the licensed trade.


Official British government documents recently released for public inspection by the Records Office in Kew, London, reveal that the executions were used to test ‘efficiency methods’ after it was revealed that it had taken up to twenty-five minutes to kill the victims.

The experiments disclosed in these files confirm that the hangings did not inflict instantaneous death either by accident or design. The hearts of those hanged could be heard beating after the execution had taken place. Death could only be hastened when doctors (some doctors!) injected chloroform and other substances of a lethal nature.

The experiments at Hamelin during the winter of 1946 involved 64 Germans being executed there after the war’s end following trials based upon evidence that would have been rejected out of hand by any properly constituted legal court.

Because there were batches of as many as thirteen prisoners awaiting execution at any one time, it was felt that there would have been an "inordinate delay" if bodies were left suspended for an hour or more to ensure that the person hanged could not regain consciousness.


The Director of Medical Services asked Dr. F.E Buckland, British Army of the Rhine Assistant Director of Pathology, whether he thought there might be any objection to injecting the body immediately after execution. This would involve a lethal dose of some ‘chemical solution’ to ensure that the body could be taken down without delay. According to the released files, Dr. Buckland felt no ‘ethical objections’ and believed 10% of chloroform was appropriate.

The first series of executions on December 13, 1945 were of three women and ten men. The women were hanged one by one, the men in pairs.

According to the file, after the trap was sprung, the medical officer went down the stairs to the room below, where standing on a step ladder, he listened to the beat of the heart for a half minute, and then injected 10% of chloroform. Some he injected directly into the heart, which he noted caused instant heart stoppage. Others were injected intravenously in the arm, which caused the heart to stop within a few seconds.

According to Dr. Buckland all were unconscious before the injections were administered. During the second series of hangings, on March 8th 1946, he decided not to use chloroform. Instead he listened to their hearts through a stethoscope to measure how long it took the victim to die. He recorded the results on a table, which showed that it took between ten and fifteen minutes for audible heartbeats to cease.

In a third series of executions on May 15, 1946, he used the electrocardiograph, an instrument that records the electric activity of the heart. His findings showed that inaudible impulses were produced a further ten minutes. Thus it took some of the victims up to twenty-five minutes to die from the initial drop.

During the macabre experiments two of the victims had started to breathe and had to be injected with chloroform. In one case records show that this took place a full eighteen minutes after the execution.


Despite evidence of heart activity for up to twenty-five minutes, Dr. Buckland concluded that in future executions, bodies should be left hanging for fifteen minutes until a heartbeat was no longer audible, instead of the customary hour. This, he surmised, would ‘make it possible to effect double executions at half hourly intervals.’

The vengeful victors, whipped up by theatrical Jewish outrage, continue to pursue clandestine murders and long terms of imprisonment of its former foes even to this day. Each murder lengthens an indelible stain across the honour of these British Isles for all time to come. It is hardly surprising that Britain is increasingly regarded as a pariah state throughout the world.

The admiration and respect Britain once regarded as a right has long since evaporated. It is unbelievable in the light of recent events that England ever earned a reputation for decency and fair play. Such goodwill has all but gone. One can only wonder if by the Hand of Nemesis it is now reaping the wind it has sown across Europe. Its present ignominious state can hardly be put down to poor luck.

The greatest irony of all is that whilst Britain stands on the edge of an election predicting unprecedented apathy, in Germany there is an equal unparalleled swing back towards National Socialism.

Germany is now negotiating for the return of its stolen lands, a peaceful and mutually beneficial reconciliation with Russia whilst it turns away from the increasingly backward island, isolated from Europe, across the North Sea. Comparisons are already being drawn between Albany (England) and Albania, another once great country now reduced to Third World status, a European mixed-race has-been nation deserving of contempt.

US Admiral Leahy had concluded his remarks by saying: "I had an uneasy feeling that those eighty million Germans some how or other would survive to fight again."

As a Briton one can only pray that should the Germans ever dominate Europe they will do so with high-mindedness and leave vicious unbridled vengeance to those of far lesser race.
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F.W. Braun
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D e m D e u t s c h e n V o l k e v e r p
f l i c h t e t !

Die neue Website:

Hier Honsik.

Eine Streitschrift.

The Secret of the West

Greatest genocide of all time: hushed up! The real extent: US-led Alliance
deliberately murdered 13.2 million Germans after 1945!

6 + 5.7 + 1.5 = 13.2

Western historiography an accessory to genocide! Sources include: German
Chancellor Adenauer, American President Roosevelt, American Secretary of
State Hull!

Letter from Gerd Honsik to the Presidents of Austria and Germany, Horst
Köhler and Heinz Fischer, distributed in seven languages to eleven
pro-German governments worldwide, namely:

To the governments of Russia, China, Japan, India, Iran, Ireland, South
Africa, Turkey, the Vatican, Palestine and Brazil.

Re.: request for acknowledgment, review and distribution of the fact,
suppressed by Western historiography, that the United States of America are
directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 13 million Germans,
civilians and prisoners, after the War.

I, Gerd Honsik, am the first German to draw these conclusions from the
facts and documents uncovered by Professor Dr. App (USA) and James Bacque (Canada), and state:

The war-aim of the US-led Alliance against Germany in the Second World
War was the reduction of the German population by twenty million people
through genocide. Thus, this plan represents the greatest intentional
genocide in world history. This unparalleled, greatest genocide of all time
was in fact carried out against more than 13 million Germans - in 1945,
after the surrender.

At the same time I appeal to the Presidents of the German nations to
see to the following:

1. To comprehensively inform the German people of their role as the victim
of the greatest and most brutal genocide in all of history.

2. To close the Institutes for Contemporary History in Vienna and Munich and
to dismiss all staff without notice, as well as to appoint an investigative
committee composed of history teachers drawn from the regular universities,
and to charge the same to investigate the genocide as planned and as
actually committed against some 13 million Germans after the Allied victory
of the US-led Alliance!

3. To demand the withdrawal of American troops from Germany, Europe and all nations of the world.

To the politicians of our nations I pose three questions:

1.) Is it true what Konrad Adenauer wrote in his memoirs, namely that of the
13.5 - 18 million German expellees only 7.5 million arrived in what remained
of Germany after 1945? Yes or no?

2.) Is it true that the American Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize
laureate C. Hull recorded in his notes that it was Roosevelt's and
Morgenthau's war aim to exterminate 20 million Germans after the war by
starving them to death? Yes or no?

3.) Is it true that population statistics show that after the "liberation"
of 1945 the mortality rate in Germany rose from 11.5 per thousand
inhabitants (1937) to 35 per thousand annually (1945 / 1949) and claimed a
total of 5.7 million lives due to starvation? Yes or no?


The three elements of the American genocide:

1. Ordained starvation:

The American government strove for victory over Germany, not for purposes of liberation or democratization but for the purpose of genocide. While the USA reaped record harvests, they let 5.7 million people starve in Germany in
1945-1949. This ordained starvation struck everyone alike: the great
majority who knew they had been defeated as well as the small minority who
hoped they had been liberated. While the victors sat in judgment of the
German Reich government in the show trial of Nuremberg, a great,
million-fold, silent dying took place among the infants, toddlers and
elderly in the German sphere: the victors pursued their war-aim dating from
before the war, namely to reduce the German people's numbers by 20 million
by means of starvation in order to break their industrial and military might
for all time. The American-planned infant mortality rose as high as 60% at
times. Mortality rates tripled after the "liberation", compared to pre-war
times: for instance, 35 of 1,000 inhabitants died annually in Vienna between
1945 and 1949, as opposed to 11.5 before the war. Thus, in Vienna alone, the genocide claimed more than 200,000 starvation victims.

In order to promote this death by starvation, the United States

a) exported harvests abroad,

b) blew up artificial-fertilizer factories,

c) prevented the fishing fleet from sailing,

d) dismantled 75% of factories and moved their components out of the country so that the appointed administrations would not have access to means with which to avert the genocide,

e) banned the German Red Cross so that it could not document or perhaps even combat the genocide,

f) excluded Germany from world hunger aid, while the nations of North
America were deceived about the continuation of the Eisenhower-Morgenthau Plan and prevented from rendering humanitarian aid.

2. Murder Instead of Expulsion:

The German governments knew: of the 15 million expellees, only 7.5 million -
not 13 million - arrived in what remained of Germany. The Adenauer
Administration knew that six million German civilians had lost their lives
in the expulsion from the Eastern territories after the Second World War -
not one million as today's governments state submissively under pressure
from the Imperium.

3. Slavery and Death by Starvation:

After the "liberation" of 1945 a total of eight million Germans were led
into "post-war captivity", i.e into slavery, out of no military necessity
and in violation of the "Geneva Convention". Eighty years after the end of
the American Civil War (1865) the USA returned to the practice of slavery.
The only difference was that this time the slaves were White!

There were no news of American death camps because everyone there was
stripped of their POW status and remained imprisoned until they starved to
death. Only the regular POWs returned from captivity, and while they can
tell about hunger and severe maltreatment, to this day they have no idea of
the magnitude of this murder of prisoners.

The USA sentenced one million German

post-war prisoners-of-war to death by starvation.

In American custody twice as many young, innocent German prisoners starved to death in peacetime as did so in Russia. While it was the lack of
provisions that resulted in death in Russia, the US Army fueled stoves with
butter and grain while standing guard over the millionfold famine death of
the German youth.

The German governments were aware of these death counts and of the
extent of the US-ordained genocide, but for reasons of state and by means of the falsification of history they took pains to hide this crime from
subsequent generations, as well as from the war generation itself, who did
not know the exact figures and interrelationships.

The Americans have twice as many German post-war prisoners-of-war on
their conscience as do the Soviets. The 6 million victims of the expulsion
and the 5.7 million starvation victims whom the liberators have to answer
for are thus joined by a third category of victims which is hushed up,
downplayed or even denied in post-Adenauer times by the German governments and their historiography: the great, silent dying of the post-war "prisoners of war".

Balance Sheet of the "Liberation"!

"Peace" cost us 30 x Stalingrad!

6 + 5.7 + 1.5 = 13.2

6 million victims of the expulsion (instead of 1 million as claimed to

5.7 million starvation victims (instead of zero as claimed to date)!

1.5 if not 2 million starvation victims in post-war slave labor camps
(instead of 0.5 as claimed to date)!

Since the genocide was carried out largely against the "expellees", 7
million of whom never arrived in Germany, and by means of a targeted
three-year starvation blockade that claimed the lives primarily of newborns,
toddlers and the elderly - 5.7 million of them - the German people have
never yet become aware of the true magnitude of this crime.

The prehistory of the greatest genocide of all time:

The American government's five genocide plans against Germany from 1918 to

Committing genocide on the German people was the Western powers' goal as far
back as the First World War. What prompted the USA to set themselves this
goal was not any one ideology prevailing in Germany but rather the wish to
eliminate the German competitor from the world market.

The five genocide plans hatched by the USA against Germany in the
twentieth century, whether implemented or not, were similar in their goals
and methods. They were:

I.) The Dictates of Versailles and St. Germain. (Collective guilt,
collective punishment of all Germans through starvation, and collective
enslavement and impoverishment.)

II.) The Kaufman Plan. (Castration of all fertile German men over 16 years
of age. Settling of Germany by foreigners to alter the ethnic base.)

III.) The Hooton Plan. (Abduction of all German men to lifetime slavery
abroad, and importation of foreigners in order to breed the "warlike genes"
out of the Germans. Harvard University.)

IV. The Morgenthau Plan. (Expropriation of a quarter of the German land and
dismantling the German industrial facilities in order to trigger a mass
starvation which Morgenthau calculated would cost the lives of 20 million

V. Liberation of 1945. (Now the genocide is implemented against 13.2 million
Germans by means of starvation, murder and expulsion, regardless of the
victims' political affiliations. As it turned out later despite all official
denials, the plan to be carried out was the Morgenthau Plan after all.)

The racist motive!

The American people are innocent:

The race hatred and race-based distrust of the Germans did not have its
roots in the attitude of the American people as a whole, but rather in an
intellectual clique at Harvard University which, probably acting against its
better knowledge and on the orders of political and economic vested
interests, creatively endowed the peaceful German people with a sort of
killer gene in order to have grounds for denying them their continued
existence as an ethnically defined community.

The bulk of the Americans, then as well as now, are just as unaware of
the implementation of this first crime against humanity as the bulk of the
Germans today. They were deceived, in that the American politicians kept the implementation of the Morgenthau Plan from public knowledge!

In other words, the motive for this greatest genocide in human history,
carried out after 1945 by the US-led Alliance that purported to combat
"racism", was a racist one.

The Harvard-spawned genocide plans show that the American elites who
were based there pretended to believe in a "German gene" for making war,
which could be bred out by means of race-mixing or by reproductive
handicapping and immigration. (Compare this with the theories of
Harvard-based historian Daniel Goldhagen today.)

National Socialism as a Smoke Screen

Eliminating National Socialism was only a smoke screen for the Allies, who
evidently saw nothing criminal about the National Socialist program
themselves: to this day National Socialist parties, badges or symbols are
neither prosecuted nor banned in the USA. However, there certainly has been
prosecution of Communists! Why? In the years from 1933 to 1939, in other
words before the war began, Anglo-Saxon politicians interacting with
National-Socialist Germany did not raise any objections to any criminal
characteristics inherent in the program of the state party that might have
demanded a cessation of diplomatic relations. After the guns fell silent,
all Germans, regardless of their party affiliations, were included in the
genocide plan.

What can justify genocide? Nothing!

And this is the Hallmark of the American Imperium!

This greatest and thus unique and unparalleled genocide in the history of
mankind exposed here, committed on the German people, was not, as our
politicians and church leaders claim, the "logical consequence" of actions
committed "by our side" earlier. And therefore even the Jewish fate of
persecution cannot justify the genocide plans outlined here, concocted by
the US-led Alliance against Germany. These plans of genocide of the German
people were devised by the American government years before the relevant
accusations against the National Socialist regime were made and publicized.

Furthermore, crimes against innocent persons can never be justified by
crimes which may have been committed earlier against other innocent persons.
Doing so would be the same criminal insanity with which the perpetrators of
genocides have always sought to vindicate themselves.

The fact that the Jewish fate of persecution did not figure among the
motives of the Alliance in planning and carrying out their genocide of the
Germans is also shown by the recollections of de Gaulle and Churchill, who -
oh, disgraceful! - did not deem the extermination of the Jews deserving of
mention in their memoirs.

Instead of Rule by the People - Rule by Foreigners;

Instead of Democracy - "Democratization":

There is no Crime in the East which the USA did not Initiate or Tolerate.

The US-led Alliance of the Second World War never intended to install
democracy in Germany but rather to set up a tyranny led by enemy-appointed
puppet governments. Under these parameters, Adenauer, a member of
Coudenhove-Kalergi's "Pan-Europe Movement", made Roosevelt's short list of
candidates, and Renner was chosen and installed in power by Josef Stalin.
That these puppet governments tried after the war to ease the consequences of the Allied tyranny and genocide invested them with popular authority after the Allied-ordained starvation had finally ended. After the Second World War, Allied propaganda and re-education succeeded in cleverly laying all German post-war casualties - in so far as they could not be hushed up - at Hitler's door by portraying their fate as the logical consequence
(causality) of his policies. In particular the mass starvation, which was
deliberately brought about in times of world-record harvests by confiscating
and sabotaging the German crops, has been portrayed to my people and to the world, not as North American genocide, but as a consequence of the war.

The US-Ordained Policy of Extermination Continues:

Low Birth Rate, National Debt

After Central Germany was "reunited" with West Germany by Chancellor Kohl
along the lines decreed by the United States, the birth rate in the
so-called "new Federal states" decreased by 50% within 9 months, and this
would seem to be no coincidence: the USA's war goal, namely the permanent
reduction of the number of Germans in order to make room for
racially-motivated immigration, is likely to have determined family policies
in post-War Germany. Part and parcel of this goal was the destruction of
Honecker's kindergarten network by the Kohl Administration after the German
re-unification. The birth rate dropped to half its previous level within 9

Similarly, the "German Democratic Republic"'s heavy industry was
dismantled, the farmers and estate owners - formerly expropriated by the
Allies - were cheated out of the return of their property, the land itself
was largely sold out to foreign stock companies and at the same time flooded
with foreign settlers. The West German people's right to determine their
financial policy (in other words, their politics) was surrendered along with
the Deutschmark. In this way, the Federal government's ability to act, and
thus the small niche of German democracy (self-determination), was
destroyed. Entire areas in the former German Democratic Republic died - a
zone of death and desolation. In the richest state ever to exist on German
soil, the family as a social institution was driven to the poverty line by
means of generation theft.

All these actions by the Kohl Administration clearly manifest elements
of the old American war aims in Germany: the Kaufman Plan, the Hooton Plan,
the Morgenthau Plan and the Kalergi Plan. The Kalergi Plan is a "light"
version of the Morgenthau Plan! It is a plan about which we know that the
USA picked up on it after 1948 for the purpose of a bloodless disposal of
the German people and sought to install it as a guideline for Maastricht

In this context I appeal to our two Federal Presidents: Open the Archives!

To date the facts about their role of victim in the greatest genocide in
human history have been kept from the German people, who know little more
than what the grandmothers have whispered into their incredulous grandsons'

I appeal to the eleven pro-German governments of the nations addressed by
this letter to support our two heads of state in exposing - 60 years after
the fact - this greatest genocide in human history, perpetrated by the
US-led Alliance on the German people.

By acting as accessories to the denial, hushing-up and justification of this
GAU of genocide, the German politicians and their court historians have
incurred a great deal of guilt: not only towards their own people, but
towards mankind as a whole. Let us only recall the Palestinians, the Iraqis,
the Serbs, the Apaches and the Afghans!

The tyrants of the American Imperium have long thought themselves safe
in the assumption that genocide of whatever magnitude can remain
undiscovered if it is only lied about and redefined as "democratization" or

In defense of our politicians, posterity will have to take into
account the threatening stage set by the Cold War and by American politics:
the Great Powers had faced off with each other, ready to wage a localized
nuclear war on West and East German and Austrian soil, without German
politicians being granted any commensurate say about the use of these
weapons. But the tears which German politicians have shed on behalf of
"victims of violence and genocide" to date may quite possibly have been
crocodile tears!

The truth has waited long enough: more than 13 million German victims
cry out in condemnation! I am calling for the revocation of the "Germany
Treaty" (May 26, 1952) and the "Two Plus Four Treaty", since these dishonest
treaties "obliged" the German government to accept and acknowledge the
version of history peddled by these perpetrators of genocide. I am further
calling for the ostracism and the unconditional surrender of German-American
historiography and the permanent closure of the "Institutes for Contemporary
History", those monstrous institutions of the occupation powers whose
efforts at hushing-up, justifying and trivializing have prevented the
exposure of this horrific genocide for 60 long years. And who thereby became
its accomplices.


Gerd Honsik

The Sources:

1. "7.3 million arrived in the Eastern Zone and in the three Western Zones.
Six million Germans have vanished from the face of the earth. They are dead
and gone."

Chancellor K. Adenauer, "Erinnerungen 1945-1953", p. 186.

2. "...that means that only 60% of the Germans would be able to sustain
themselves from the German soil, the rest would die."

American Secretary of State Cordell Hull in: "The Memoirs of Cordell Hull",
New York, 1948, p. 1617.

3. "We must deal harshly with the Germans, and I mean the German people, not
the Nazis. Either we must castrate the German people or else treat them in
such a way that..."

American President F. Roosevelt, quoted as per James Bacque, "Der geplante
Tod", p. 21 (original title "Other Losses").

4. "The statistics [N.B. the post-war mortality rates] published to this day
by the Federal German government also contradict almost all other sources,
German as well as Allied..."

James Bacque, "Verschwiegene Schuld", p. 141 (original title "Crimes and

5. "Strictly speaking there is no longer any German Red Cross, because the
Allies abolished it..."

Geneva, January 14, 1946, speech by Mr. Dayton of the American Red Cross.

6. "General Mark Clark, US Military Commissar of the American Zone of
Austria, reported in April 1946 that the mortality rate in Vienna fluctuated
between 27 and 35 per thousand annually..."

From the press release of the US forces headquarters in Austria, April 15,
1946. (NB: even though the death rate was already three times that of
pre-war days, food rations were subsequently reduced further from 1,500 to
1,000 calories per day.)

Another 42 important sources, eyewitness statements and documents that
substantiate this charge of genocide against the US-led Alliance may be
found in the book by Professor Austin J. App, Hellbrunn-Verlag, Salzburg
1947 (original title "History's Most Terrifying Peace") as well as in the
books "Other Losses" and "Crimes and Mercies" by Canadian historian James
Bacque: Toronto, General Paperbacks, 1991, and Toronto, Little Brown and
Co., 1997.

PS: thanks is due the Christian churches in the USA whose courageous
resistance to the American genocidal policies against Germany after 1945
helped first to break the starvation blockade and finally to put a stop to
these activities of the American government, after it already had the deaths
of 13.2 million Germans on its conscience.


Stalin's victims within the Soviet Union, for example, indeed number several
times as many as the German victims. However, these victims were on the
whole selected according to political, not ethnic criteria. Thus, no
genocide - whether of the 20th century or of earlier times - is comparable
to the genocide committed by the US-led Alliance against the German people
after 1945.

Photo captions:

Viennese boy struggling for survival in 1947. He is collecting the
occupation troops' discarded cigarette butts, which his mother will later
trade for bread. Some two hundred thousand Viennese lost their lives after
the "liberation". In the great, silent dying, Austria is permitted to share
in the German fate one more time.

German soldiers have surrendered in the West after valiant resistance. One
young man smiles, glad to have escaped death on the battlefield. All of them
are sure they will be treated honorably, just as they had treated their
captured enemies. None of them suspect what a barbarous foe they have fallen
prey to. In the weeks to come, a million brave young Germans would be
condemned by US General Eisenhower and the American government to a slow
death by starvation!


Bright Rainbow Verlag
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F.W. Braun
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Here's a sobering list of references which make it all too clear why the 'Allies' of WWII need the 'holocaust' fraud, it's used in an attempt to deflect and mask the very real genocidal horrors they inflicted upon Germany and others.
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You have things ass backward and you obviously haven't done your homework (and I won't do it for you here). Anglo-Americans weren't any better in their treatment of Germans than were Russians, often they were worse. At least the Russians weren't in the habit of making souvenirs out of the bones of their enemies.
I condemn all the killings and sufferings done upon unarmed German civilians by American soldiers. But I'm not gonna condemn American soldiers for killing German soldiers in WW2. It was war, and in war sometimes prisoners wont be taken. Those were different times where you could just shoot 20 people and get a milkshake and nobody who even give a shit about it.

But I seriously doubt Russians werent worse then Americans. There is too much shit revealed out there about sick crimes the bolsheviks did upon the German people. The Russians were animals whilst the Americans were disciplined and had a chain of command and laws.
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When you lose a war it is a terrible thing.

When you lose a war to the Control of Jews... The crimes are unspeakable.

WW2 was the most horrific war ever in the White mans history. It was indeed a Jewish war. Now look at this world as we face extinction and ask:

Who won the war?
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William Hyde
Thumbs down I know people who survived this horror - I hope the scum who did this rot in hell:


The Goums raped around 500 women in the Black Forest town of Freudenstadt, on April 17, 1945, after its capture. In Stuttgart, the French colonial troops (mostly African) under the command of General de Lattre de Tassigny, rounded up around 2,000 women and herded them into the underground subways to be raped. In the week after, more women were raped in Stuttgart than in the whole of France during the four year German occupation.


In Berlin stood a charity institution, the Haus Dehlem, an orphanage, maternity hospital, and foundling home. Soviet soldiers entered the home, and repeatedly raped pregnant women and women who had just given birth. This was not an isolated incident. No one will ever know how many women were raped, but doctors' estimates run as high as 100,000 for the city of Berlin alone, their ages ranging from 10 to 70.

On March 24, 1945, our "noble Soviet allies" entered Danzig. A 50-year-old Danzig teacher reported that her niece, 15, was raped seven times, and her other niece, 22, was raped fifteen times. A Soviet officer told a group of women to seek safety in the Cathedral. Once they were securely locked inside, the beasts of Bolshevism entered, and ringing the bells and playing the organ, "celebrated" a foul orgy through the night, raping all the women, some more than thirty times. A Catholic pastor in Danzig declared, "They violated even eight-year-old girls and shot boys who tried to shield their mothers."

The Most Reverend Bernard Griffin, British Archbishop, made a tour of Europe to study conditions there, and reported, "In Vienna alone they raped 100,000 women, not once but many times, including girls not yet in their teens, and aged women."

A Lutheran pastor in Germany, in a letter of August 7, 1945, to the Bishop of Chichester, England, describes how a fellow pastor's "two daughters and a grandchild (ten years of age) suffer from gonorrhea, [as a] result of rape" and how "Mrs. N. was killed when she resisted an attempt to rape her," while her daughter was "raped and deported, allegedly to Omsk, Siberia, for indoctrination."

The day after our noble Soviet allies conquered Neisse, Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped. In the diocese of Kattowitz 66 pregnant nuns were counted. In one convent when the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, they were shot down. A priest reported in Nord Amerika magazine for November 1, 1945, that he knew "several villages where all the women, even the aged and girls as young as twelve, were violated daily for weeks by the Russians."
“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders - Breathe the air we have blown you!”
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Brian Foley
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Brian Foley

The only point I can see to these allied sanctioned rapes was to deliberately rub insult into German manhood after their defeat , humiliate them even further .
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Eagle Eye
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Eagle Eye

Thanks for posting the articles F.W. Braun.

The international Jew hated the german's attempt at defending
itself as well as Europe. Stalin only managed to capture eastern
europe, as well as east germany, thanks to Hitler altering
the course of history with his preemptive strike at bolshevism.

The mass rapes of german woman were an attempt at injuring the collective
reproductive mind of the german, in an effort to reduce the numbers in
the long term.

Other none german female victims, i'd guess, were just payment for an undisciplined
horde of prehistoric, illiterate conscripts, sexual predators, as well
as jewish monsters siezing the opportunity to act out what they secretly read.
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Default Czech documentary to feature end-of-war killing of German civilians

Czech documentary to feature end-of-war killing of German civilians

Prague - Czech public television is set to broadcast a documentary film on Thursday which features footage of the murder of dozens of German civilians in Prague at the end of World War II.

The black-and-white film was shot by an amateur living nearby and hidden for nearly five decades by his family out of a fear that it would be seized by the Communists.

It shows German civilian men being paraded through the city's streets to a field, lined up by a ditch and shot from behind. Other shots captured scenes of a truck running over bodies.

Czech military historians said that some details in the footage suggest that the killers also included Soviet troops.

The footage is a testimony to lynching and massacre some Czechs committed on their ethnic German neighbours out of revenge when the war ended in May 1945, historians said.

The documentary, whose title roughly translates as Killing Czech Style, also focuses on a massacre that took place at that time near the north-western town of Postoloprty, where so-called Czech revolutionary guards murdered more than 700 German civilians.

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The Case of Nemmersdorf

This is the official name, which the Army-inquiry-office (WUST) had given the event, about which the American Alfred M. de Zayas (1) wrote as an example of the Allied troops infringements of international law: “On the 20/21 of October 1944 the first of the Soviet Army conquered the East Prussian village of Nemmersdorf, south of Gumbinnen. A few days later German troops once again occupied the district. According to the reports of German soldiers, who arrived in Nemmersdorf, the inhabitants were for the most part heinously murdered.”

Nemmersdorf was the first German locality conquered by Soviet troops in WW2. The Russian soldier’s mob, stirred up by propaganda, raged in this village for the first time against the German civilian population, who were “liberated” of their lives in the most gruesome
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alex revision

Learn the truth of WW2 : The Genocide of Germany

For students who want to know the real truth and not the fake truth about WW2.
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you know, I wonder was this the main reason for the holocaust story??

was it to prevent Germany from taking revenge for the atrocities and genocide committed against Germans in WWII?

The bolsheviks go to great lengths to prevent the 'counter revolution' in countries they take over. They know it is easy to take the country over, it's keeping control afterwards that is most challenging. Even in Iraq they still can't easily take over, people wake up from their complacency when these dirtbags get control and fight like hell. They know their souls are at stake, their immortality and future generations, to be enslaved by monsters.

I hate to think that if it wasn't true, lol. that's the naive foolish goy honesty and guilt in me.

Just after all the known lies jews tell us every second of every day on a mass scale, pretty much any guilt you feel about anything is foolishness and simply feeble mindedness.
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I think most white people miss the point of inculcating guilt over slavery.

It's to diffuse the white counter-revolution. Obviously the white hating minority is in power but there's no white counter revolution because they've been convinced they're not entitled to be outraged. In fact they've been told it's their oppressors who have claim to outrage. It's almost comical, jews really are funny comedians.

It's like , 'no YOU'RE the dick'. Someone punching you in the arm and saying 'jerk' Only it's not a game, they aren't playing a game with you, it's not even life or death, it's eternal life or death slavery of your offspring and thus your eternal consciousness.

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This documentary focuses on the extrajudicial and organized violence carried out against minorities after World War II, chiefly among them the 10,000,000+ German civilians who were expelled from Eastern Europe after the war and the at least 2,000,000 who fled under pressure from the Soviet advance. Similar events were experienced by Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, Caucasian, and other minorities in the course of expulsion. The controversial subject of Soviet war rape is explored. Although the Red Cross estimated at least 2,000,000 deaths among German expellees, the more substantial estimate is around 400,000.


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