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Old October 22nd, 2019 #1
alex revision
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alex revision
Default Transgender woman denied waxing of male genitals wasn’t discriminated against: Tribunal

Transgender woman denied waxing of male genitals wasn’t discriminated against: Tribunal

October 22, 2019

A B.C. transgender woman who accused multiple aestheticians of discrimination for refusing to wax her male genitalia has had her case dismissed.
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卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
Old October 24th, 2019 #3
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This deranged kike will target Whites only next time. That is acceptable in jewland.

“or to punish certain ethnic groups which she perceives as hostile to the rights of LGBTQ+ people.”

"She said refusing those services on the basis of gender identity would be discrimination, but found Yaniv’s motive for making the complaints was personal financial gain and to “punish” racialized and immigrant women based on a perception they were “taking over” and hostile to LGBTQ2 women."

"Racial animus

The tribunal rejected Yaniv’s argument that the reason the majority of her complaints were against racialized women was because they are the main providers of beauty services in her community, instead finding that Yaniv suffers from a “racial animus.”

“Ms. Yaniv has a grievance against certain ethnic and cultural groups in the Lower Mainland of B.C. which she perceives are failing to assimilate effectively into what she considers ‘Canadian’ culture,” wrote Cousineau.

“These complaints are one way in which she is attempting to make this point and punish members of these groups.”

As evidence, the ruling pointed to a series of social media posts by Yaniv, including one which complained of “immigrants here who gawk and judge and aren’t exactly the cleanest people,” and who “lie about s–t, they’ll do anything to support their own kind and make things miserable for everyone else.”

Yaniv testified that she believes “certain groups,” such as Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Indian people, hold discriminatory attitudes to transgender people, and that such groups are obligated to adhere to Canadian culture and values when in Canada.

Yaniv argued these communities are failing to assimilate and use their religions as a shield to excuse their discrimination, going so far as to liken their behaviour to neo-Nazism, the ruling states.

“Ms. Yaniv resides in the most populous area of the province — the Lower Mainland. Her testimony that she must travel to Victoria to ‘avoid’ racialized service providers is not supported by any evidence and is not credible,” wrote Cousienau.

“Coupled with Ms. Yaniv’s open hostility towards these groups, I cannot avoid the finding that Ms. Yaniv is using many of these complaints to fulfill her promise to ‘expose’ the ‘bigotry’ of South Asian and other immigrant or racialized women who would not serve her.”
Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
Old November 12th, 2019 #4
Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

This transgender "woman" is a jew (as Gladiatrix pointed out in the above post). Here’s the thread that I started about him in July:

Transsexual jew sues female beauticians who don't want to wax "her" hairy balls


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