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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

[Greetings, Eathling.

This thread is stickied as a primer. The intent is to give you, the newcomer, a backgrounder on Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, so that you can understand what it was, and how it got jewed, and what the ongoing results of that jewing are. Included in this thread are

- William Pierce ADV
- movie "Africa Addio" (about the ending of colonialism, and the wacky practices of the newly empowered natives)]

Tycoon Van Hoogstraten arrested in Zimbabwe

Mugabe apologist is accused of flouting currency exchange laws and possessing pornography

Jamie Doward
Sunday January 27, 2008
The Observer

The notorious property tycoon and dirty jew Nicholas van Hoogstraten has been arrested in Zimbabwe on charges of breaking the troubled country's currency exchange laws and possessing pornography.

The move is being seen in some quarters as part of a plan by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to seize his once close supporter's multi-million-pound business empire, which spans mining, tourism and property interests.

Police detained Van Hoogstraten after a raid on his home last Thursday, charging him with collecting rent on his properties in foreign currency. Zimbabwean law prohibits the payment of foreign currency for local goods and services.

The arrest represents an astonishing reversal in fortunes for the multi-millionaire father-of-five, who divides his time between Zimbabwe and Hamilton Place, his half-built, 40m mansion in Sussex, from where he runs the British end of his empire. Van Hoogstraten, 62, has made much of his money in Zimbabwe, thanks to his close relationship with Mugabe's Zanu-PF party. He owns about 200 residential and business properties in Zimbabwe, according to the police, has significant investments on the Zimbabwe stock exchange, and reportedly owns an estimated 600,000 hectares in the country.

However, crippling inflation has sent Zimbabwe into political and economic turmoil. The country's central bank chief, Gideon Gono, recently blamed the crisis on 'cash barons', whom he accuses of hoarding Zimbabwean dollars and exchanging them for foreign currency.

According to the police, when arrested Van Hoogstraten was in possession of US$37,586, 92,880 South African rand and 190, as well as 20bn Zimbabwe dollars, worth around US$3,333 on the black market.

In what seems to have been a carefully orchestrated media operation by the authorities, news bulletins showed police parading Van Hoogstraten before state television cameras holding wads of money. 'Van Hoogstraten is being charged under the exchange control regulations for charging a service and dealing in foreign currency,' said Zimbabwean police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena.

He added that the tycoon had demanded six months' rent in foreign currency from his tenants, one of whom had been an informant. 'The police informant had been asked to pay in the region of US$8,000,' Bvudzijena said, adding that the tycoon also faced charges linked to pornographic material found in his house. If found guilty, Van Hoogstraten will face a fine and be forced to hand over the foreign money, according to local media reports.

Until recently Van Hoogstraten was a firm supporter of Mugabe and has boasted of his close relationship with the President. He has said Mugabe was one of the first people to offer him congratulations on his release from prison after being jailed for manslaughter. He has also criticised newspaper reporting about the regime in Zimbabwe.

There was speculation last night that his arrest may have more to do with Zimbabwe's changing political landscape than his alleged currency violations. David Banks, a close observer of political developments in Zimbabwe, who has met Van Hoogstraten and advises MPs on the country's state of affairs, said it had always been a question of when, rather than whether, the tycoon fell out with Mugabe. 'This is a brutal dictator who murdered friends and colleagues when they threatened his grip on power, so why should he worry about what happens to Van Hoogstraten?' Banks asked.

With elections due in March, Van Hoogstraten's arrest was a political move designed to shore up Mugabe's position, Banks suggested. 'Mugabe is running out of patronage,' he said. 'There is a shortage of sweeteners he can offer to try to buy support. His arrest may signal Mugabe intends to start seizing Van Hoogstraten's assets.'

Van Hoogstraten's arrest is the latest in a long line of clashes with the law. In the Sixties Van Hoogstraten - who has referred to his tenants as 'scum' - was jailed for four years for arranging for a hand grenade to be thrown through the window of someone who owed him money. In 2002 he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in jail after a business associate, Mohammed Raja, was shot and killed by two hired hitmen. He appealed against the conviction, which was overturned in 2003. In 2005 a civil court ordered that Van Hoogstraten pay the murdered man's family 6m in damages.,00.html

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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,448
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Van Hoogstratten!

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 29, 2000

I've spoken about the murderous racial attacks against the farmers in
Rhodesia during the previous two broadcasts, but the situation there
continues to worsen, and I'm obliged to speak about it again today,
because the mass media in America continue largely to avoid the subject.
In addition to the invasion of White farms by armed Black gangs and the
murder of White farmers, the Black supporters of dictator Robert Mugabe
have turned to a new terror tactic against Whites: the gang rape of
White women.

Eleven days ago, on April 18, a Black gang burst into the home of a
White family just outside Salisbury, now called "Harare." They seized
28-year-old Brendan Jowett and repeatedly smashed him in the head and
face with a brick, until he lost consciousness. They dragged his
25-year-old wife Tonia into a bedroom and gang-raped her. Then they
found Tonia's 18-year-old sister, Laura Wiggins, hiding in a cupboard.
They dragged her out and raped her repeatedly.

Then the Blacks poured furniture polish, which they believed was fuel
oil, over their victims and attempted to set them afire, first with
matches and then with a burning log from the fireplace, but the
furniture polish would not burn. Finally the Blacks stole everything
they could carry away and fled. On the same day another White farmer and
his wife had gasoline poured on them, but when the Blacks were ready to
burn their victims they discovered that they had forgotten to bring
matches. The farmer and his wife got away with a brutal beating and the
wrecking and looting of their home. White Rhodesians should at least be
thankful for the ineptitude of the Blacks.

In the face of the overwhelming numerical advantage held by the Blacks,
Black ineptitude is not enough to save the Whites of Rhodesia from their
enemies, unfortunately. As I reported last Saturday, on Tuesday of last
week, a Black mob murdered Martin Olds on his farm near Bulawayo,
Rhodesia's second-largest city. The 43-year-old White farmer knew that
Black mobs were operating in his area, and he had sent his wife Kathy
and his two children, 17-year-old Martine and 14-year-old Angus, to stay
with friends in the city. Olds was a former member of the Grey Scouts,
Rhodesia's elite anti-terrorist unit, before his country surrendered
itself to Black rule in 1979. His neighbors considered him completely
fearless. Ten years ago, when a friend had been seized by a crocodile,
Olds had leaped from his boat and wrestled the crocodile in order to
free his friend.

Olds was alone on his 12,000-acre cattle farm when a mob of 70 armed
Blacks attacked his farmhouse early Tuesday morning. He telephoned the
police station, which was less than ten minutes away, but the Black
police didn't show up until five hours later, after he was dead and the
attackers were gone. Olds defended himself with a shotgun and a hunting
rifle, and he wounded several of his attackers. He himself was hit by
several bullets, and the bone in one leg was shattered. He bandaged and
splinted his leg and continued defending himself until he lost
consciousness. Then the Blacks swarmed over him and beat him to death
with clubs.

As the news of the gang rapes and of the murder of Martin Olds spread,
many White farm families abandoned their homes and fled to the cities.
Black gangs then were free to wreck and loot their homes without any
resistance. One thing the Black gangs always do is kill any pets the
Whites leave behind when they flee. Two days after the Olds murder, on
Thursday of last week, an Associated Press TV News camera crew happened
to be present when a mob of 200 Blacks rampaged through a White farm
near the town of Arcturus, 35 miles northeast of Salisbury. The farm
belongs to Alan Windram, but Windram and his family already had fled.
The Blacks found Windram's six dogs and beat and stoned them to death
while the Associated Press crew filmed the incident. The Blacks were
hooting, jumping around, and gesticulating in their typical manner while
they killed the dogs, obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Then the
Blacks wrecked Windram's farmhouse and burned the homes of at least 30
of his workers. All of this was recorded by the Associated Press camera
crew, but believe me, it'll be a cold day in hell before you see any of
it on network television in America. It makes Blacks look bad. It might
make some animal lovers like Blacks less.

Coincidentally, at the same time Martin Olds was being murdered on April
18, squads of Black police were raiding other White farms in the same
area and seizing firearms from White farmers, leaving them defenseless.
And also on that day, which happened to be the anniversary of the
surrender of White Rhodesia to the Blacks, Britain's Queen Elizabeth
sent a message of congratulation and goodwill to Robert Mugabe. And the
Queen expressed not a word of concern or disapproval about Mugabe's
genocidal policy toward Rhodesia's White farmers. The British
government, of course, has been on the wrong side of the Black campaign
against Whites in Africa ever since being on the wrong side of the
Second World War.

Oh, yes: the British government did make one additional statement about
Rhodesia on April 18. Tony Blair's Foreign Office announced that no
special considerations would be given to White Rhodesians seeking asylum
in Britain from the ethnic cleansing now going on in Rhodesia, or
"Zimbabwe," as Blair and company prefer to call it. They will not be
permitted into Britain unless they can prove that they will be able to
support themselves. As I mentioned last week, Tony Blair is not eager to
have an influx of White immigrants who almost certainly will not vote
for his party. Black Rhodesians, yes; White Rhodesians, no.

But there is one resident of Rhodesia, neither White nor Black, who
always will find a cordial welcome in Tony Blair's Britain. That is a
54-year-old man named Nicholas Hoogstraten. Hoogstraten is a billionaire
landowner in Rhodesia. He began buying land there in 1963 and now owns
nine large farms and cattle ranches totaling more than a million acres.
He also is a long-time financial backer of Robert Mugabe and his
Zimbabwe African National Union-Popular Front, or ZANU-PF for short. He
began backing Mugabe in the 1960s and continued backing him all during
the time ZANU was waging a terrorist war against Rhodesia's White
population. He still backs Mugabe financially, and in an interview with
a major British newspaper, the Guardian, which appeared in the April 21
issue of that newspaper, he disparaged Rhodesia's White farmers and
blamed the country's present turmoil entirely on them. He told the
Guardian, and I quote: "This has all been stirred up by White
disenfranchised trash who still think it's Rhodesia.
I have some good
White friends in Zimbabwe, but these Rhodies, as we call them, are
disgusting people. They want to ruin the country. They treat the Blacks
worse than Blacks are treated in America. I've had no problem with
indigenizing my properties." -- end quote -- What he meant by that last
statement is that when he buys a farm from a White family fleeing the
country to get away from the Black terrorists he supports, he fires the
White managers and foremen and hires Blacks belonging to Mugabe's party
to take the Whites' place. He told the Guardian that he expects that
this practice, plus his continued support for Mugabe, will ensure that
his properties will remain safe from the marauding mobs of squatters who
have been wrecking and taking over White farms.

Last Friday's Guardian also provides a number of other fascinating
details about Hoogstraten. For example, he went to prison briefly in the
1960s after he threw a hand grenade at the home of a business rival. One
detail the Guardian neglected to mention, however, is that Hoogstraten
is a Jew. His family, after being expelled from Spain at the end of the
15th century, settled in the Netherlands, which accounts for his
Dutch-sounding name. During the 17th and 18th centuries his family were
among the Netherlands' most active dealers in Black slaves, shipping
hundreds of thousands of them from the west coast of Africa to the New
World. He is a kike's kike. Not only does he refer to the men and women
who built Rhodesia as "White trash," but he refers to Gentile women as
"chattels" -- that's the word this unbelievably arrogant Hebrew actually
used in his Guardian interview -- and bragged to the newspaper that he
keeps his mansions in Brighton, in Cannes, in Monte Carlo, in Maryland,
in Florida, and in Rhodesia stocked with White women for his pleasure.

Imagine how pleased with himself Hoogstraten must be. He goes to
Rhodesia in 1963 as a 17-year-old with the money his ancestors made
selling Black flesh; he sizes up the conflict between the White
Rhodesians and the Black terrorists and bets that the terrorists will
win because the Whites are too soft and too Christian to beat them; he
secretly makes contact with the terrorists and begins financing Mugabe;
and at the same time he begins buying up White farm land. When the
Whites finally cave in and give up, the price of land in Rhodesia drops
sharply and Hoogstraten is able to buy much more of it. Now he is
forcing the price of land even lower by continuing to support Mugabe's
terrorist tactics and expects soon to be in a position to buy as much
more land as he wants at fire-sale prices.

That is really Tony Blair's kind of Jew. How the trendy liberals of
Britain must admire him! As for me, Hoogstraten's really exceptional
behavior -- living among Rhodesia's Whites and pretending to be one of
them while secretly financing the Black terrorist gangs who were killing
White farmers and their wives and children, all so that he would be
better positioned to grab their land -- is just one more bit of evidence
that Jews indeed are not like us. It is difficult even to believe that
they belong to the same species.

Even without the malign influence of Hoogstraten and his ilk, the
Rhodesians had serious problems in the 1960s and 1970s, and because they
are problems which also afflict us in America and our kinsmen in Europe
today, they deserve our attention. In the face of a Black terrorist war
against them in the 1960s and 1970s, the Rhodesians were presented with
the need to make a hard decision: either to yield their country to the
Blacks or to put an end to the threat. They evaded this decision and
tried to choose a middle course, and they fell between two stools.

In the 1950s Rhodesia was a prosperous, White country, and it was a very
pleasant place to live. The Rhodesians had worked hard and well to build
their country and develop their farms. They were a nation of strong men
and beautiful women. They played as hard as they worked. Rhodesia was
the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. When the rot back in
London led the British government to begin dismantling its empire and
turning its colonies over to the local savages, the Rhodesians declared
their independence and made an effort to preserve the country where they
had been born and bred. But the rot had infected the Rhodesians as well.

It was easy enough for them to see the trend of things in the world. The
forces of liberalism and egalitarianism had won the bloodiest and most
destructive war in the history of the world. The best people all over
Europe had been hunted down and butchered, and the worst people were
ruling. Democracy and equality were triumphant, and their minions were
eager to spread their plague to the whole world -- or at least, to the
whole White world. Though infected with the same madness raging in
Europe, the Rhodesians naturally enough were not eager to commit
suicide. They refused to turn their country over to the gangs of Black
terrorists which were beginning to become active with the support of
predatory Jews such as Hoogstraten -- and also with the support of the
Christian churches, in which the madness seems to have taken hold with
special virulence.

But the problem extended beyond the Jews and the Christian clerics. It
was in the Rhodesian people themselves. During the war they also had
supported enthusiastically the forces of darkness and democracy. It was
not so easy after the war to realize that they had made a terrible
mistake, and that the master they had served during the war was
preparing to devour them, just as it had devoured the Germans and the
Poles and the Hungarians and the Ukrainians and the Russians and the
Latvians and many another nation of their kinsmen in Europe. And I'm not
talking now only about Soviet Communism. I'm talking about the more
general sickness, the more general madness, of which communism is merely
an extreme manifestation.

As I said, it was easy enough for the Rhodesians to see the trend of
things, to see the push for more equality and more democracy everywhere,
and the more thoughtful Rhodesians certainly could extrapolate the trend
and realize that it would mean the death of their country. But already
caught up in it as they were, they could not bring themselves simply to
reject it altogether and to reorient themselves in a better and
healthier direction. They could not simply say, "Whoa! We see now where
this madness of equality and democracy is heading. We can see that it
means yielding ourselves to Black rule and watching everything that we
have built be destroyed. We refuse to take that course. We reject
equality and democracy. We recognize every institution and every group
and every individual trying to push us along that course as our enemy,
and we will oppose our enemies with all of our strength of body and mind
and spirit." That was what they should have said, but they didn't. The
rot was already in their own souls.

To be, or not to be: that was the question faced by the Rhodesians, and
they did not have the strength of character to choose to be and then to
accept all of the implications of that choice. They did not want not to
be, but they could not accept what the choice to be entailed, and so now
they will perish. The country they and their forefathers worked and
sacrificed for will fall into the hands of creatures such as Hoogstraten
and Mugabe, who chose to be, and who accepted all of the implications of
that choice.

What are the implications of choosing to be instead of not to be, of
choosing life instead of death? The Rhodesians should have assessed
their situation realistically when their problem became apparent, around
1955 or so, and they should have accepted the fact that they could not
continue existing as a ruling minority over a Black majority when the
rest of the world was hell-bent for equality and democracy. They did not
have the option which has worked so well for the Jews nearly everywhere
of disguising themselves and blending in with the majority population.
They could not pretend to be Shonas or Zulus or what have you, the way
Hoogstraten had pretended to be a White Rhodesian, while maintaining a
secret unity among themselves and also maintaining their control and
ownership of the country. It wasn't just that the very obvious racial
differences would have kept them from blending in and convincing anyone
that they were Blacks, the way Hoogstraten had been able to blend in and
convince everyone that he was a Rhodesian; they also couldn't squat in
their filth and scratch their fleas and eat insects -- or each other, in
order to persuade the world that they really were equal to the Blacks.

Since they couldn't blend in, they might have tried another Jewish
tactic: control the opposition. If loyal, healthy Rhodesians had owned
the big newspapers back in Britain and had gotten their people into the
controlling positions in the BBC -- and also in Hollywood, since the
output of Hollywood poisons the whole White world, and not just America
-- if White Rhodesians had been able to control the media in Britain and
America, and therefore control the British government and British public
opinion, they could have continued in the more or less quiet possession
of their country indefinitely. They could have suppressed the deranged
clerics, and they could have used any Black terrorist groups which
sprang up for weekend target practice. But that option really wasn't
open to them either. They didn't control the media. The Jews did, and
the Jews weren't about to let go. The Rhodesians simply didn't have the
resources or the time to take the media away from the Jews, even if they
had had the will.

The one option open to them was to get rid of the Blacks. The only
reason there was a Black majority in Rhodesia was that the Whites who
had come to Rhodesia before them had made the country fertile and
prosperous and able to support a much larger population. There had been
only 100,000 Blacks in the whole area when the Whites began farming in
Rhodesia. And of course, the Whites utilized the Blacks for labor. They
thought that course more economically sound than exterminating or
expelling them. And in the short run it was, but now the long run is
catching up with them. In America in the 17th and 18th centuries it
seemed economically sound to buy Black slaves from Mr. Hoogstraten's
ancestors to work the land in the southern colonies, but now the long
run has caught up with White Americans also.

It would have been very difficult, very costly, very painful, for the
Rhodesians to extricate themselves from their mess in 1950. It would
have required determination and intelligence and subterfuge, but it
could have been done -- if they had had the will to do it. They might
even have done it in 1960. But in neither 1950 nor 1960 did they have
the will. The Christians among them would have been horrified by the
thought of getting rid of the Blacks, of either eradicating them or
driving them out, just as the Christians in America today cannot cope
with the demands of racial survival in this world.

But it wasn't just the Christian inability to make hard decisions. Greed
and plain, old-fashioned stupidity played major roles as well. The big
commercial farmers were interested in current profits above all. They
weren't willing to give up their Black workers. They weren't willing to
do the expensive things needed to replace the Black workers, such as
offering free land or very cheap land to White workers in Europe or
America or South Africa, if they would come to Rhodesia. The big
commercial farmers thought themselves indispensable. They could not
imagine the Blacks would be so foolish as to kill the goose which was
laying the golden eggs. They were willing to sacrifice the interests of
their fellow Whites in order to hold onto their own advantages.

And as I just said there also was much stupidity. Even today there are
White Rhodesians who believe that the problem is just Robert Mugabe. If
another Black, a more reasonable Black, would take his place, then
things would be all right in Rhodesia again, they believe.

Well, as I said, the Rhodesians could not accept the hard requirements
of choosing life in this hard and unforgiving world, and so now they
will perish. Let us in America ponder that, and let at least some of us
learn from it.
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Frank Toliver
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Frank Toliver
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

Alex this exact speech is the one which turned the light on in my brain how evil the jews are. I hope that fucking jew gets diced into small bite size pieces.

In fact, the moment I knew I was a racist was when I was 13 and they had some picture in Time magazine of a white traitor whore kissing a nigger through a chain link fence in Africa during aparteid. I was furious but only thought the nigger was the problem at that time.

I realize now it is a jew who had taken the picture, as well as had set it up, and who had gotten to the level where they had the voice to criticize whites.

Every jew is going to be destroyed in the end, good jew, bad jew, or just jew because they all give birth to bad jews. ITZ COMING, and faster than we realize.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!


It's a great ADV. Blood boiling.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

What with the ingratitude of these niggers, look for Hoogstraten to join AmRen, or at least to become itz poster boy.

The move is being seen in some quarters as part of a plan by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to seize his once close supporter's multi-million-pound business empire, which spans mining, tourism and property interests.
Reminds me of the Russian oligarchs and Putin. Whenever a Jew is in trouble itz always seen as something ulterior. Never seen as even a possibility that the Jew actually did what he's accused of.
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Stan Sikorski
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Stan Sikorski
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

What a great example of the future for the jew when itz petz, the niggerz, become powerful and independent. I too hope he ends up in tiny little pieces, traveling through the colons of dark savages, to be shat out unceremoniously. But what will probably happen is he will give up his holdings in zimland in exchange for his freedom. He will then flee back to the UK where he will conspire with his tribe and plan to slap Mudgumby around if not outright kill him. I can dream though.
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Troy Alexander
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Troy Alexander
Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

The jew started out in Brighton in England as a Jew slum landlord. He has had many people beaten up for not paying rent on time. He was chased out of the country after one of his Packi business partners died suspiciously; he jewed his way out of the case, but things for him in England were dodgy after that. The guy is meglamaniac. He owns a 200 bedroom mansion with his own mausoleum for when he dies. He is also is a pervert race-mixer; what the article does not mention is that he has 15 or so half-caste bantu bastards.
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Default Re: Zimbabwe: Mudgabe Turns On Jew Hoogstraten!

Wow, I know the Hoogstraten story from that ADV too! I remember it made me feel hopeless that such a thing as a Hoogstraten runs free and prospers. I never thought this would happen to him!

I still fear that the Hoogstraten will end up breaking free of Mugabe, but at any rate, this is a great portent. The jews colored lackeys turning against them is the very dictionary definition of "poetic justice."
Godzilla mit uns!
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Van Hoogstraten's arrest is the latest in a long line of clashes with the law. In the Sixties Van Hoogstraten - who has referred to his tenants as 'scum' - was jailed for four years for arranging for a hand grenade to be thrown through the window of someone who owed him money. In 2002 he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in jail after a business associate, Mohammed Raja, was shot and killed by two hired hitmen. He appealed against the conviction, which was overturned in 2003. In 2005 a civil court ordered that Van Hoogstraten pay the murdered man's family 6m in damages.
Hoogstraten is one ugly nasty Jew, he owns a shit load of property (real estate) in Brighton England where I live. And although I've never met him personally I know people who have. I also knew all about the hand grenade business which happened on Portland Road in our neighbouring town of Hove. Mohammed Raja was no saint either, I know he didn't like to pay those stupid enough to work for him, and although his murder was no great loss, it is typical that the Jew got away with it.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Zimbabwe health system collapses

07 March 2008

WHEN Zimbabwe attained Independence in 1980 Prime Minister Robert Mugabe promised people universal access to healthcare.

Twenty-eight years later millions of Zimbabweans have been reduced to paupers and can no longer afford basic healthcare, even at public institutions because of the high cost of treatment.

Foreign currency shortages have resulted in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare not being able to provide essential drugs to clinics and public hospitals, which in the past used to cater for people in the low-income group.

More than a dozen babies are born in each district of the country on a daily basis, but maternity care is no longer easily accessible as a result of the spiralling cost of living that has pushed clinic and hospital fees beyond the reach of many.

Consultation fees at public hospitals are $10 million while for maternity, a normal delivery now costs between $200 million and $300 million.

A caesarian section, which is birth by surgery, costs between $2 billion and $3 billion
depending on the time you spend in the hospital after the operation.

Private hospitals are charging $3 billion for a caesarian, $1,2 billion for a normal delivery after paying a registration fee of $400 million and these are "top-up" fees for those on medical aid.

Many women of childbearing age are finding themselves in the same predicament as Juliet Nhamo, a young expecting mother who had registered to deliver at a clinic in Highfield.

Nhamo thought she was going to have a normal birth, but things did not go according to her plan as she went into labour two days before the due date.

Upon arrival at the clinic, she was told there were complications with her pregnancy and she had to be rushed to Harare hospital.

The staff at the clinic informed Nhamo that there was no ambulance to take her to the hospital and since there was no time to waste it would be wise for her husband to hire a cab.

To her horror, upon arrival at Harare hospital she was told that the only doctor qualified to operate on her only does caesarians on Thursdays.

She was admitted but told that some of the medication she required was not available and she would have to buy it from a private pharmacy.

Her husband did not have the money after paying $150 million for the car he hired to ferry his wife to the hospital.

While she lay in hospital waiting for the doctor her husband would have to raise the hospital bill which would probably be above $2 billion.

Such is the ugly picture of what many Zimbabweans are being forced to go through every time they have to seek healthcare.

To buy a drip from a private pharmacy one has to fork out $60 million while a packet of 10 painkillers costs between $15 million and $30 million depending on the brand.

For those on HIV treatment the cheapest brand of anti- retroviral drugs, Stalanev, which is locally manufactured, is now $300 million per course and only covers 30 days.

A local surgeon who specialises in male reproductive health who was contacted by the Zimbabwe Independent last week said he was charging more than $20 billion to perform corrective surgery.

It is not only the cost of healthcare which is a cause of concern but also the shortage of equipment and human resources.

Stacks of unserviceable beds, electronic equipment, leaking pipes, crumbling walls and bare dispensary shelves are a common sight at government hospitals across the country.

Year after year, bids by the Ministry of Health for more funding have been cut to basics.

This has resulted in staff from public health institutions leaving the country for greener pastures.

Recent statistics from the parliamentary portfolio show that the public health sector has a vacancy level of more than 40%. The current doctor to patient ratio is 1:12 000 while the ideal ratio should be around 1:200.

In rural areas most district and mission hospitals are being run by nurse aids without doctors.

Only 738 doctors are still practising in the country out of an establishment of 1 590 and less than 50 of them offer specialised care at public institutions.

There are only 37 registered obstetricians and gynaecologists in Zimbabwe yet there are more than four million women of childbearing age.

Harare and Bulawayo account for 60% and 30% respectively of all public-sector doctors and nurses. The rest of the smaller cities and towns share the remainder but serve larger populations as general hospitals and provincial referral centres.

The president of the Hospital Doctors Association, Amon Severegi, told the Independent this week that government should prioritise the health sector in its budget as many lives are being lost due to lack of resources at public hospitals.

"We feel as doctors working in the public sector that it is important that our health delivery systems are well resourced in terms of drugs, human resources and consumables," said Severegi.

"These are our expectations as professionals as well as the general public," he added.

"We hope the responsible authorities will be able to come in and assist hospitals to get drugs as it’s costing patients more to buy drugs from private pharmacies than it would cost them if they got them at hospitals," said Severegi.

Efforts to get comment from the Ministry of Health were fruitless.

The chief executive of Parirenyatwa Hospital, the county’s largest referral centre, Thomas Zigora, said he could not comment on the condition of the hospital in terms of services.

"At the moment I cannot comment as we are still working on a statement addressing the issues that have been in the media concerning our operations that will be issued early next week," Zigora said.

Zigora said that there had been many falsehoods about Parirenyatwa Hospital that have been peddled by people who have not made an effort to seek his office’s comment.

A state weekly newspaper two weeks ago reported that Parirenyatwa Hospital had suspended all surgical operations as a result of lack of anaesthetic, general equipment breakdowns and a shortage of painkillers used to ease pain after surgery.

An orderly at one of the hospitals said: "The situation at our public hospitals is scary, there are no drugs, some of the machines are not working and doctors are not always there. It is becoming difficult for us to bring our relatives to such hospitals which have very little to offer," she said.--Lucia Makamure
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[Investors' view of Zimbabwe]


According to Tony Hawkins at the University of Zimbabwe, there has been a 51 per cent fall in agricultural output between 2000 and 2007, a 47 per cent fall in industrial output, and a 35 per cent fall in resources output. Over the same period, GDP per capita has fallen back by more than 40 per cent. At the same time, inflation has risen to near the 100,000 per cent mark. The UN World Food Programme estimates that 4.2m Zimbabweans - a third of the population - will face serious food shortages in early 2008. [? Supposedly a third of the population of 12m has left the country, leaving 8m. Sounds like more than half those face food problems.]

Not surprisingly, the reaction of most emerging- markets investors has been to run as far away as possible. Consequently, foreign direct investment collapsed from more than $400m in 1998 to $30m in 2006. Even the International Finance Corporation reported that Zimbabwe is one of the worst countries in the world to do business in, partly because of legislation aimed at imposing at least 51 per cent ''indigenous ownership'' of businesses.

In these circumstances, it's hard not to disagree with Slim Feriani, managing director of Progressive Asset Management who runs its frontier markets fund, when he declared that "at present Zim represents one of the most contrarian bets a global investor can make". Still it's one that Feriani and many others are quietly making, in small but noticeable ways. He says: "Our pan-African managers are almost unanimous that Zim will offer huge opportunities when things start to turn around." [Talk about buying on the dips!]

This contrarian view is backed by researchers at Australian bank Macquarie. In a recent report on Zimbabwe, they spelled out three scenarios for the future. The "best" scenario - at 60 per cent probability - sees a transfer of power from president Mugabe to a successor, possibly Simba Makoni, and reform within the ruling Zanu PF party. The "boring" scenario - with 30 per cent probability - is an indefinite stalemate and no stock market recovery. And the "bedlam" scenario - with 10 per cent probability - involves collapse of governance, regional contagion and devastation.
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Hi, party people! Remember to vote for me!

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Alex Linder

A scintillating array of nigs for your selection... Choose wisely!

I'm voting straight Diet Party. The one man, the mudman, the philtrum at the fulcrum...

...Robert P. Mugabe, mudmaniac sans pareil.


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