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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Norman Lowell (Malta)

Friday, 28th March 2008
Lowell guilty of inciting racial hatred

Waylon Johnston

Norman Lowell, leader of the Imperium Europa Party, was yesterday handed down a two-year jail term suspended for four years after he was found guilty of inciting racial hatred and insulting the President of Malta.

He was also fined €500.

Speaking outside the Law Courts in Valletta following the verdict, Mr Lowell, accompanied by his legal counsel Emmy Bezzina, said: "This is a sad day, a very sad day for Malta and the Maltese people. Today, the light of liberty has been extinguished".

Mr Lowell was found guilty of inciting racial hatred in Rabat on April 3, 2006, in St Paul's Bay in May of the same year, and in an internet article entitled Coming Cataclysmic Crises between December 2003 and March 2006.

He was also found guilty of insulting the President of Malta, Eddie Fenech Adami, in Qawra in May 2006.

In a 117-page judgment, Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera said it would not be enough to take into consideration the intentions of the author or speaker but to grasp what the average citizen would understand the meaning to be.

Referring to the International Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Racial Discrimination, the court found that the article Coming Cataclysmic Crises incited racial hatred.

The court noted that since the prosecution had failed to produce Mr Lowell's criminal record, the court would have to treat him as a first-time offender and the punishment should act as a deterrent to potential offenders.

Magistrate Scerri Herrera added that Mr Lowell should choose his words carefully before speaking in public.

Outside the law courts, Mr Lowell said it was no longer possible for people to express themselves adequately without being subjected to censorship.

He claimed his fundamental right of freedom of expression had been abused and he told reporters they would "all finish up, one by one. They will get you, silence you and muzzle you".


Roy Albrecht (2 days, 3 hours ago)

The "International" Zionist Mafia have high-jacked all "International" bodies (UN, EU, NATO, NAFTA, etc...) and molded their laws to enforce visions of how humanity is to be "raised" to serve them.

Anyone who is against "their" agenda of slavery is per/prosecuted.

Mr. Lowell is quite correct; it's only a matter of time before they come for all of us. Act now or we shall all become servants of Satan.

Clifford John Williams (5 days, 13 hours ago)

In arriving at a ruling,hark to what Magistrate C S Herrera said :' It would not be enough to take into consideration the intentions of the author or speaker but to grasp WHAT THE AVERAGE CITIZEN WOULD UNDERSTAND THE MEANING TO BE.'

This statement is absolutely true,and the same must surely apply to anyone publicly inciting sabotage,vandalism or violence, through thinly veiled threats [ but understood by the average citizen] towards anyone opposed to hunting, be they individuals or government. .
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,494
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder


By Norman Lowell

In my analysis: “Operation Take-over Europa!” - as to how we, of the Radical-Racialist-Right-Revolutionary-Reactionaries can take over power on a planetary scale, I had elucidated, in broad terms, that the key to our final success is the takeover of the Brussels Parliament.

Again, I must acknowledge the paternity of this simple and brilliant IDEA to Jörg Haider. Obviously, the clean air and high altitudes of Carinthia must have had something to do with it!

But why is this takeover needed? Why now? Why the urgency? Why is it imperative for us, the precursors of the Elite of the future, to act immediately, decisively and wrest power from the “ammuchiata”, the doodling-democrats, the establishment ensconced in Brussels? Indeed what, if any, are the dangers looming in front of us?

Good questions that demand a detailed reply. This, in order that everyone of us becomes conscious of the spectral scenario that lies just ahead. For the world political scene is about to precipitate: suddenly, catheclysmically. As with the disappearances of whole civilisations, the fall or radical change will be abrupt: not a gradual sliding down beneath the waves. - The Mayas in Mexico are a classic example.

In our case, that of Western Civilisation, all will precipitate and crystallize before 2012: Anna Zero!– That singular and special date in the history of our planet: our beloved Gaia.

Imminent collapse

After the two fratricidal wars, WWI and II, planned, perpetrated and prosecuted by our internal enemies - those international-manipulators scattered throughout the globe - Europe gradually emerged as an economic giant and a political pygmy. We have had fifty years of EU bureaucracy, half a century of abject servitude to Financial Capitalism based in Washington and Bolshevist Communism centred in Moscow – both controlled by the same tribe.

The fall of communism presented the tribe with the most serious threat to their existence since The Hero took them on, in the 1930s. Never had they been so vulnerable, so exposed. Anti-Semitic, or more precisely anti-Jewish movements sprung up everywhere: Pamyat in Russia, in Hungary, Poland everywhere. Suddenly the mask of the hidden enemy was torn off and we could see who was behind it – who had led us to bleed ourselves white for nearly a century. Suddenly the spotlight focused.

As a distraction, their cousins in the West set up an orchestrated squealing and howling campaign against ‘racists and Nazis’. Suddenly their cemeteries became the objects of vandalism, their synagogues and houses were sprayed with swastikas. Sick octogenarians in America, Chile, Brazil or Argentina were “discovered” and hauled to show-trials. Anything would do to take the heat off.

And they succeeded – for a time. They then gave us the first Iraq war, when Saddam, a former staunch friend of the USA, was tricked by the US Ambassador to Kuwait into believing that America would turn the blind eye, had Saddam to re-take what is rightly Iraqi territory: that artificial, corrupt operetta state called Kuwait.

Then they provoked the war in Serbia. Sharon, then defence minister of the terrorist state of Israel, was spotted by journalists in Macedonia, just a month before the opening of hostilities, when Albanian and Serbian cafes started blowing up with weekly intervals. When asked what a war-horse like him was doing on this powder-keg, he had replied he was “on a peace mission!”

Then came the 9th September. The attacks were a boon to the international-manipulators. Now, they had an enemy to point their fingers at. They could now easily convince Boobus Americanus that they were right all along, after all. The Arabs are our enemies! International terrorism is the foe to ferret out. The tribe suddenly became America’s staunchest ally again. They were safe again – for a time.

And so we had Afghanistan, when the most powerful air-force in the world, ridiculously bombed fuzzy-wuzzies in sandals and turbans. The latest technology was used, with bombs costing thousands of times their targets.

And after Afghanistan we had Iraq II. This war on Iraq was initiated solely because the country, situated only a few miles away from the bandit, terrorist state, could pose a potential, future threat.

And now, the same rodents are screaming for more bombs against Syria (because that is where Saddam hid his WMD!). Bombs against Iran (because they are building them). Bombs against Libya and Algeria (because they intend having them) and so on. The state of Shylock can never, ever be satisfied.

But this second war against Iraq is, as I had predicted in my book: CREDO, “America’s last war before its dissolution”. America is no longer a nation but a polyglot of people all squabbling among themselves. History has shown that no multi-racial country can survive for long. That fences make good neighbours. That without the separation of different, incompatible races, dissolution and disaster inevitably follow. Spengler, Pareto, Lukas and Polin, to mention just a few, amply and emphatically demonstrate this, with numerous examples.

Within a short time, anytime now, there will be an implosion in America. Anything could set it off: like blacks rioting during another blackout in a major city. Or even a small nuclear device, set off by anyone of the numerous enemies America has diligently fostered, through its servitude to the tribe – a nuclear explosion in the vicinity of the White House or a nuclear station, or in the middle of one of those multi-ethnic paradise-cities on the East Coast. Panic would certainly degenerate into a racial conflict, nationwide, due to the smouldering animosity amongst the races. White pent up anger would turn into cold fury.

The Whites would be cornered and constrained to regroup and fight a second civil war, where the colour of the skin will be the uniform. A short, sharp cruel war with no Geneva rules, no quarter given or asked. Europids will have to resolutely expel all aliens from their territories, confining them to the cesspool cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Europids will defend and maintain the farmlands of central USA, starving out all the rest. Within six months, America can be cleaned up and regained for the European. Our enemies will be surprised to what lengths we are ready to go, to recover our nations.

Six Crucial Months

During those crucial six months, when the Whites in America would be fighting for their survival, for the recovery of their land: there will be an awesome, planetary- power-vacuum.

Our racial enemies, the Asians would see their opportunity and seize it. China and Japan are both very vulnerable countries, cornered by the Pacific Lake, exclusive property of the Thalassocratic USA.

China is presently infiltrating hundreds of its nationals across the Amur, every month. These illegal immigrants are cohabiting with Russian women. Presently, a weak, impoverished Russia cannot effectively police such a long border. The Chinese eagerly eye the vast riches of Siberia, the raw materials for their newly unleashed free economy. They will surely step up this infiltration Northwards upon the disintegration of the USA.

Likewise the Japanese, a predatory, Imperial race would seize their chance for expansion. Japan is an overpopulated, bottled up little country, with no raw materials or agricultural land. Japan would have two options:

a.Strike at their Chinese neighbours in order to re-occupy Manchuria and predate Siberia themselves or, more likely, reach an agreement with the Chinese for the partitioning of all that lies east of the Urals. China’s nuclear capacity, though small in comparison to Russia’s, is enough to impose parity of terror.


b.Japan would use hundreds of available sea craft and make a dash for Papua-New-Guinea, re-group there and then invade Australia. Once on shore, nothing could stop them. Japan would thus achieve its dream: that of dominating a continent, laden with the raw materials and food resources it now lacks.

At this point, the EU, an economic bureaucracy lacking political will, a cluster of quibbling and quivering nation-states, would pose no threat, no fear to either China or Japan. Time would favour the aggressors in their blitzkrieg into the Urals and towards Australia. A democratic, divided and dithering Europe would be useless - worse than useless.

At this point Russia and Germany, the two tellurocratic giants would inevitably be drawn together. What Bismarck and later, General Karl Haushofer dreamed of, would be imposed by force of necessity upon the two great peoples: the Teutons and the Slavs. They would both turn their backs on the Anglo-Saxons and the Latins, and go it alone. At that point, Germany and Russia would become masters of the world.

With the political and military support of Germany, Russia would not hesitate to pre-empt China with a first, knock-out nuclear strike. China, whose billions depend on the great river and its tributaries for life, would be no problem to the Russians. One nuclear bomb at the source of the Yellow River would finish China – Russia would only have to drop one every five years, on the anniversary of Hiroshima preferably, in the Gobi Desert, to remind the Orientals to keep their place.

With Siberia secured, the now strengthened Russians would feel safe. The Japanese with their ingrained, age-old envy and hatred for us would pose no problem. They are indeed a paper tiger. Japan is the weakest country in the world; an over-populated island with no resources or food growing areas. It is totally dependent on imports and value-added manufacturing and exports. Just one nuclear aircraft-carrier circling it for a few weeks, impeding access of vital resources and food, would send the Japanese back to feudal times.

The Middle East

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the paranoid, terrorist state would seize the opportunity to expand its borders. With their two hundred or more nuclear weapons trained on the Heartland of Europe, they would feel unbridled. They would probably invade the tin-pot nation of Saudi Arabia, a vast, under-populated country with just a few cities on the coast. It would be easy for the tribe to occupy these cities and divest the huge, petroleum reserves from such a weak adversary.

They would do as they please: massacre the Palestinians, occupy Lebanon, link up with Turkey, cut off Syria and Iraq from the Mediterranean. The international rodents would have a field day!


During these six months of world instability, conflict and chaos, India would finally implement its dream of disgorging its surplus population onto Africa. Hundreds of ships of all sorts, laden with millions of famished Indians would cross the Indian Ocean and swarm, like locusts onto Africa: from Zanzibar to the Cape. With their relatively superior weapons, they would massacre the blacks and colonise the continent.

In conclusion, the overall result of all this scenario would be the loss of Australia and Africa for the White Man, together with the enfeeblement and isolation of the English and the Latins. Germany and Russia would emerge as the only world powers. America, a regained White country, would turn inwards, to isolationism and fend for itself.

Israel would be master of the Mediterranean - and still remain a nuclear, psychotic world menace, threatening the Telluric-titans.

The Ideal Solution

The ideal solution to this frightening scenario of course, would be that Russia and Germany would be convinced, roped in with the British and the Latins into a strong, united Eurasian landmass.

That is why we, of the Radical-Racialist-Right-Revolutionary- Conservatives have to act now! That is why we have to wrest power in Brussels and create a NOVA EUROPA. A grouping of patriots from every single EU member country. Only such a strong, solid, political block, imbued with a Spiritual IDEA could draw and keep within the White fold, the two Telluric giants and cousin peoples: the Teutons and the Slavs.

We must pre-empt and prevent the partitioning of Europe and the cousin, Europid peoples. Such a separation, with the Germans and Russians going their own way together, would mean the eventual loss of the Mediterranean Northern Littoral to the Muslims. For Israel would promote, aid the illegal immigration and infiltration of North Africans into the now debilitated, Latin countries. It would even manipulate Arab terrorism there, especially in Italy. - They have already done this before.

One remembers how Italy was always the chief target for that sinister force of prime evil. It has now become increasingly clear that both the Brigate Rosse, the communist Red Brigades and FAR (Fronte Azione Rivoluzionario), the far right terrorist group, were both manipulated, led, financed by the same obscure mentors – operating from the super-secret NATO base outside Udine.

While it took months of fruitless efforts to locate kidnapped Prime Minister Moro – even though the Italian police knew from day one, the exact block of apartments he was being kept imprisoned in – it took just a few days to locate and liberate US general Dozier!

For it is of paramount importance for the international-manipulators to keep Italy de-stabilised – on a permanent basis. Only in this way can the Imperium be stalled. Only in this way will Israel survive. Anything would do for the international rodents to further de-stabilise and weaken the White Race.

That is why project NOVA EUROPA isthe most urgent priority now. A grouping, a majority in the Brussels parliament composed of patriots from all member countries. A NOVA EUROPA that, during the imminent emergency scenario, would rapidly methamorphosise into an IMPERIUM EUROPA, holding Germany and Russia firmly within the Europid family of peoples. Only the IDEA of Imperium can do this – nothing else!

Only an IMPERIUM EUROPA will have the intrinsic Spiritual power, translated into a Racial bond uniting the four Europid cousins: the Anglo-Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins. A bond manifested through High Politics under the iron leadership of The Elite. Only the Imperium could save the White Race in the coming, planetary struggle.

The Imperium will embrace all the Aryans, wherever they are, whatever their present religious beliefs. The Kurds, an Aryan people speaking an Indo-European tongue, would be protected from the mixed-Mongolid Turks. We will welcome some of the Persians, the ancient Aryans. We will protect every single Europid, wherever he may be – whatever his present circumstances. We will welcome within our fold every White minority, scattered amidst the billions of the Third World. The Imperium will serve as a planetary chalice, holding the Sacred Gene Pool.

We will again Hellenise all the Mediterranean islands and push the mixed-Mongolid Turks over the Bosphorus. An obdurate, obstinate and obtuse people, not one single Turk, except those of Europid genes must remain in Europe. Turkey should never be part of the Imperium. Thrust deep into Europe’s underbelly, Turkey poses an awesome genetic threat.

Zbigniew Brzezinksi (not a Zulu), former Secretary and Advisor to the US president, put it brazenly: "The world power-position of the USA could best be secured by the ethnic destabilization of Europe as a possible competitor. This multiracial Europe will consequently be too busied by these circumstances to concern itself with global politics. A certain player in this game would be the Turks, considering their sheer population force. Thirty percent of the Turks are under fifteen years old. One can only imagine what would happen, if the aging German population were to absorb still another two to three million Asians incapable of being integrated. It seems this can be only prevented by the collapse of the European Union 'Molochs' (Hebrew for 'kings'). One can only hope that this is done through our efforts as soon as possible!"

And only today, the 21st Nov. 03, just a day after the devastating attack by Al-Qaeda on British interests in Istanbul – attacks that killed the British Consul and gutted the HSBC – the British Foreign Minister Jack Straw (not a Zulu), solemnly proclaimed that “it is now evident and imperative that Turkey joins the European Union”!

Australia will revert to being a last bastion for the White family – a continent reserved for Whites only. A short, sharp repatriation program will return the Asians and other non-Europids back to their continent.

In Africa, a 4,000-mile cut-line from Bangui to Djibouti, fifty miles wide, will forever separate the Negrids away from the All-White-South. An electronic cut-line, where not even a lizard could cross undetected. We will organise huge, free-food depots and millions of bio-gradable, 5-litre gin bottles - and gradually move these centres northwards, fifty miles at a time. Those of us who have been in Africa, know very well that the Kaffir will walk hundreds of miles for a free meal. Of course, the gin would help the Negrids settle their internecine squabbles amicably!

Once most of the blacks are over the cut-line, we will sever their food supply and leave them to the tender mercies of the Arabs. For the Arab knows very well how to deal with the Negrid: the Arab can explain things better – in the only way the Kaffir understands.

South America must become part of the Imperium. Opportunities, like the financial collapse of Argentina will be grasped, in order to wrench more and more territory from the yoke of the financial imperialism of the USA, thus bringing the White parts of Latin America within the fold of the Imperium. Chile would join us readily. In Brazil, a firm policy of separation would soon deplete the black population through famine and aids.

The whole sub-Amazonian White-cone, as well as the Panama Isthmus and its adjacent territories, will be the White Man's sole preserve.

The Arabs

The Arabs have always been our friends since World War I. They resented the Turkish Ottoman Empire and, as everyone knows, felt betrayed by the British when this collapsed at the end of the war.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, the great Haj Amin al-Husayni – he was the only person whom The Hero offered hospitality at the Imperial Palace in Berlin - with the Palestinian flag flying higher than that of the Third Reich. The Mufti was an unashamed admirer and loyal ally till the end. The Hero also greatly admired al-Husayni for his “noble bearing and superior intelligence”.

The great Mufti certainly knew who the “world enemy” was! He gave his life, right up to his death in 1971 for Palestine. He tried, unsuccessfully, to liberate Iraq from British colonialism. During the war, he recruited 60,000 Muslims and formed them into the SS Division Handshar, in the fight against Bolshevism.

Over six powerful radio stations in Berlin, al-Husayni thundered his message to all Muslims across the globe: from Morocco to Indonesia: and urged them to join Germany for the liberation of both Palestine, and mankind, from the international-manipulators: “plutocracy and international-finance and communism” – the three-headed-Hydra.

He often repeated “The Arabs are to be considered the natural friends of Germany and Italy and their allies”. The Mufti planned a Unitary- Arab-State comprising Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. An embryonic Arabic Imperium - at peace with the European peoples.

Both Nasser and Anwar Sadat were pro-Axis during WWII. The Mufti was right - up to the creation of the terrorist state, the Arabs were our natural allies. All the present resentment and hostility between the Arabs and ourselves, has been sparked by the creation of that abomination called Israel – and stoked, fomented, provoked ever since.

The Arabs have nothing but oil – we have everything, except oil. It should be the perfect symbiotic relationship! We must allow no-one; I mean no-one, to instigate us against the Arab world, to sour our relations with them. We should adopt a policy of good neighbourliness.

The Palestinian festering wound has now reached a stage where “Israel will fight till the last American”: as is presently happening with Iraq II. This must not be so for Europe. Europe must not follow Boobus Americanus in this folly. We have nothing to gain from Israel, except trouble. We have to leave Israel well alone to sink or swim on its own.

The Mediterranean is a natural ditch dividing the Arab world from ours. The two cultures can go their own separate ways. We must not interfere with the Arabs, with their way of life – we should let them pursue their Islamic culture. It is of no concern of ours. Indeed, we should encourage them to revert back to type: chador, bourka, beards, sandals, turbans and all.

An Islamic Imperium stretching from Morocco to Kashmir, an evolution of al-Husayni’s dream, uniting the divers Islamic nations and sects, is now not only feasible, but desirable. We should encourage this development. Europeans have nothing to fear from it. We will control Islam simply through our genius for food production.

The only trade between these two Imperiums will be the barter of our food with their oil. The Muslims cannot hope to feed their burgeoning billions – they simply do not have enough food producing areas. They will have to sell their oil to the Europid. It is useless to them anyway, more so once they revert back to their true, cultural way of life.

As for the so-called “war on terrorism” – we should start asking WHY? Why did it happen? Why the Twin Towers? What caused it? Once we answer that fundamental question, once we go to the root cause of it all, once an IMPERIUM EUROPA takes the lead in solving, once and for all, that festering wound in the Middle East: then the “war on terrorism” will simply evaporate.

Again: the Arab world is no enemy of ours. Someone, somebody turned it so. We should leave the Arabs well alone to their way of life and instead, concentrate on turning the vision of IMPERIUM EUROPA into a reality.

For the Arabs would present no problem to the coming Imperium. In actual fact, they would be invaluable to us for two reasons: the food-for -oil bartering system and also, the whole Maghreb would serve as a cordon sanitaire against the Negrid. We could easily reach a political and economic agreement with the Arab world.

The Imperium would liberate Palestine in exchange for:

A The Mediterranean - this would become Mare Nostrum. Arabs would only be permitted to sail up to twelve miles from their shores. If they overstep, we will bomb them mercilessly. They would have to use their turbans for bandages!

B Their Religious Leaders, their Mullahs, their Madras, would recall all Arabs of non-Europid origins to return to North Africa, under penalty of their equivalent of “mortal sin”. This would considerably ease the pain of the repatriation programme we have in mind, once the Imperium is installed.

C We will barter oil for all the food they need – under fair terms.

The Tribe

That would leave that fundamental, central problem, that viper’s den in the Middle East – that refuge; where every international rodent retires to, rests and recuperates after each destructive mission is accomplished within the host country. A Final Solution to Israel and the whole Jewish problem has to be found; otherwise we shall never, ever have peace within the Imperium. As the Italians, in their inimitable style, put it; “Pace in tutto il mondo, con Israele sotto terra!”

Jews still have that huge territory, many times the size of Israel: The Jewish Autonomous State of Birobidjan, in Siberia. It was given to them by the founding Bolshevists, in gratitude for Jewish finance and leadership of the communist revolution. A Jewish autonomous state with its own independent radio (in Yiddish), independent press, private schools, an autonomous tax-system collected by, from and for Jews - within a free-market economy! All this throughout the bleak Soviet years, while millions of Russian Europids lived as slaves.

Jews could have stayed there, out of sight and out of mind in the backwoods of Siberia, with no chance of provoking any more mischief - with the concomitant anti-Jewish feelings, as they do wherever they go. But no, they have to be in the limelight, they have to be the central subject of every conversation, world-wide. They have to be centre-stage all the time – always them!

National Geographic Magazine of February 2000, in an article on remote Siberia, claimed that Jews were leaving Birobijan at the rate of 500 a month and that only 8,000 were left at the time. This means that by now, Birobijan is finished as a Jewish homeland. They scuppered it themselves.

But now Madagascar is also gone – or better, the island is now ours! We will never offer it again to them. It forms part of our planned All-White-South-Africa. It is destined to be a Nature Reserve.

The Imperium will immediately adopt a hostile attitude to the bandit state. We cannot allow a psychotic, nuclear-powered nation on our doorstep; a constant threat to us. We will impose total economic sanctions, an embargo enforced by a maritime and aerial blockade. Economic collapse should follow within a few days and here, we will be in dire danger. The Masada complex could take over – they could bomb Rome and Berlin in a fit of Talmudic vengeance.

The Imperium must be ready for such a nuclear attack. We have to be alert, ready to parry and counter-attack, unleash nuclear devastation on their major cities, preventing as much as possible, damage to neighbouring Arab states.

Should the tribe wish to come to an agreement, we could offer them New Caledonia (like Madagascar, it happens to be French!). A huge island in the sun, endowed with raw materials and vast, food growing potential. They will have to go disarmed and will never to allowed to re-arm. A constant air and naval surveillance program will ensure this. They will not be allowed to export or import. They will be made to learn to just live and let live.

The tribe will be tested to prove their real, nation-building capabilities, this time without holocaust handouts and American largesse. – We shall see whether the parasite can live without a host. The international-manipulators would probably go to pieces within two years, tearing each other to bits.

A Planetary Imperium

Thus the White Man, the Europid, the envy of the rest of humanity, could live in peace with himself within the vast borders of a planetary Imperium.

Two White rings will encircle the globe, North and South of the Equator. To the North, the Imperium will stretch from Ireland to Vladivostock. Across the Bering Strait it will join a Nova America, comprising Alaska, Canada and a re-dimensioned White USA or Vinland, as White Americans will probably choose to call their regained territories.

In the South, we will have an All-White-South-Africa, as well as Australia and an All-White-South-America. Of paramount importance, the Europid will control the food growing areas of the planet. This is our ultimate weapon: the White Man’s ability to grow a food surplus. No other race is capable of this. The Imperium will trade food for all it needs from the rest of humanity. We will barter enough food to keep them from starving – nothing else!

Economy & Finance

We will again adopt the Gold Standard - this time on a planetary basis. All Euro issuance will have to be backed by Gold - mined from within the confines of the Imperium - or bartered for food from without. All-White-South-Africa mines and the Urals are more than enough to keep pace with the volume of currency in circulation. The price of gold will be directly related to the currency and velocity of circulation - inflation would finally cease to plague the European Man.

The Euro will be the standard currency throughout the Imperium. All the Regions would choose their respective, optimum economic niche. No regional protective barriers would be allowed. Total, free, complete competition would be straight and fair – amongst Europids. The vast, free-market will itself regulate production, price and profit. Unions will evaporate on their own: dodos.

Yes! Capitalism in a racial context within an IMPERIUM EUROPA.

Aristocratic View

The Elite will inculcate an Aristocratic view of life throughout the Imperium. They will promote a culture of an Aristocracy of the Spirit, of Character. An Aristocracy that will combine the best of both Race and The Individual - and that vital link between the two.

Within the Imperium the military will enjoy a superior status to the bourgeois. A professional all-Europid army, composed of the best from the four Europid cousins, will guard the vast borders and stamp out mercilessly any attempt to infiltration. Non-Europids caught within our borders, after a stipulated deadline, would be shot on sight.

Democracy, a female concept of politics, has rendered the warrior, in the traditional, (Spiritual rather than storical) sense of the word, into a soldier. Now, etymologically the word soldier is derived from soldare, soldi, meaning money. This in effect means that the modern soldier is nothing more than a mercenary employed by the bourgeois, whose values prevail over those traditional, Spiritual ones formerly held by the warrior caste.

The bourgeois does not have to fight himself, but engages the "soldier", the mercenary, more often than not in squalid wars of mercantilism, in the interests of plutocratic capitalism.

Behind the high sounding words like "peace keeping force" or "defending freedom" or “liberating the Iraqi people” or "a war to end all wars", there is usually nothing more than the interests of the multinationals.

Lacking a Spiritual ideal, today's soldier, the conscript, weaned throughout his civilian life on a diet of anti-militarism, is then expected to fight and lay his life so that others like him, can carry on living their life of miserable ease!

No wonder the debacle of Vietnam, where the most modern, best-equipped army, lost a war to a tin-pot nation with soldiers in sandals, beads of rice as rations and bicycles for transport. The difference was, that those Orientals had a belief, a vision: albeit a communist paradise.

In the final analysis however, whenever threatened, the bourgeoisie depend on the military for their survival; physical or economic. Now this is a paradoxical state of affairs since the dependant class, is master over the guarantor! Hence, the military caste should not only be distinct, separate and elitist, but also above civilians in status.

The ingrained, anti-militarism of democracy is the natural expression, the antithesis, of that Union of Men, that the military caste is the highest expression of. For the warrior, in the true sense of the word, is not a brute, as defined and depicted by the bourgeois, but the embodiment of an interior calm, a Spiritual plane.

The warrior, unlike the soldier, is not animated by hatred towards the enemy. Since he is fighting for a belief and an IDEA, the warrior respects the enemy warrior holding a different aim. On the other hand the soldier, fighting for an economic issue, a mercantile war, as in the case of the Allies during the two World Wars, needs a strong dose of hate for him to fight.

Millions were inebriated by hateful propaganda against all that was German. The hate spewed over the radio and in the press - controlled by the international-manipulators, the real schemers behind those two great, fratricidal conflagrations - reached a nadir, a bottom, an evil, never surpassed since.

On the other hand, the Prussian military caste, ascetic warriors in a modern age, direct descendants of the Teutonic Knights, as well as the German army in general, never needed hate in order to fight - and fight very well. For the Germans were not fighting a mercantile war, but a total war for an IDEA; an embryonic IMPERIUM EUROPA!

Even in today's enfeebled military, there sometimes emerges that noble, warrior spirit of old. Whenever the nation is in extreme danger, close to total collapse, there have been instances when, at the very last moment, the military took matters in their own hands and saved the situation.

Heroes all of them, including the ones that failed, not through not having tried, but betrayed by a decadent Monarchy, as happened in Spain with Tehero.

Heroes: Pinochet in Chile, Videla in Argentina, Papadopoulos in Greece, the junta in Turkey, Principe Borghese in Italy - all moved by the same warrior spirit; values of loyalty, hierarchy, command, obedience, frankness in the rapport between Men - honesty, courage and a Spartan spirit of sacrifice.

War is Life!

War as a constant metaphysical battle, both internal within each individual, as well as external, in the case of Nation, Organic State, Race. For war is for warriors not for soldiers, for castes not conscripts. Not for mercantilism but for a great IDEA; that of Imperium!

Wars, giant struggles, great conflicts, have been mostly between Whites. They have been fratricidal and always the object for economic gains and as generator of business. Battles of rich versus poor, petty nationalism always manipulated by the Judas goats.

No more! If anything, we should promote wars amongst wogs. We could induce and encourage non-Whites to kill their kind in ever more decent numbers. We should instigate famine and disease wherever the White Man has not set foot. War should be for the sole benefit and final planetary victory of the Europid.

War is life! War is a self-overcoming! A liberating wind. War, as innovator. War as a hygienic exercise for the White world, together with a eugenics program, eliminating the weak within the Race. War as a final clean-up of the planet from the superfluous billions, the pollulating, non-creative, inferior races.


Socialism as a frame of mind will be extirpated from our Imperium. Nothing will be free. The very word “equality” will be expunged from our dictionary. Young generations will be weaned on a High Culture promoting Aryan values.

The forty-hour week, that socialist-capitalist sacred cow, will be abolished. Mussolini established it in the 1920s, two years after New Zealand and since then, whilst everything has changed, it has remained. Instead of constant wage increases, extracted by the massed battalions of organised labour, inducing inflation, there will be a progressive reduction of working hours, giving the Europid time to develop himself: to change from homo oeconomicus into the complete person.

We will reduce our income tax to a 10% flat rate for everybody - without distinction as to his wealth, as in Roman times. No tax should be more than this.

Tax collection will be used to operate the Imperium: The army, the police, the Regional Authority. It is for these purposes and for very little else, that the Imperium will collect the 10% tax from all. - We will reduce government to a minimum in the Dominium sphere.

All trade with those outside the Imperium will have to be approved by the Central Economic Policy Staff, under the authority of the Elite. Foreign trade will consist solely of barter: our food surpluses in exchange for their oil, gold and other rare metals we may need. - Foreign aid will be a thing of the past.

We will again respect, revere our Gaia. The environment will always have precedence, priority, over economic matters. Any industrialist or industry that infringes this rule will be regarded as having committed a “crime against the Imperium”. The board members and management themselves, will be harshly punished with long prison terms and hard labour.

High Politics will determine all these matters - not vice-versa.

The Elite

The highest authority within the Imperium will be the Elite. A body of Men, a quarter of a million: guardians of the Imperium. These leaders, veritable SuperMen are all Male, imbued with a Sacred High Dominance quite apart, distinct, distanced from the Nation. A Perfect example of such an Elite was the Prussian State where, at the apex, the Teutonic Order stood as guardian of the Eternal Values.

Authority vested in the Elite must be absolute or it is no authority at all. It is unconditional, not subject to any other power or right. It is not subject to the law but above it - Princeps a legibus solutos.

The Elite is not and should never be a representation of society - it is above it. For the political sphere is separate and above the social, purely economic and social aspect of the Nation. The Elite represent the State. The State: the Imperium is form - Nation is matter.

And it is a false notion of today's degenerate world that the family is portrayed as the basis of the nation. This is a Female concept in tune with Democracy.

Apart from the fact that families are now disintegrating, (divorce, single parent, etc) it is not through the family that the basis of High Politics and The Imperium must be found - but elsewhere; in the Union of MEN.

This is the basis of the political sphere, i. e. the Imperium. In most societies, primitive or evolved, in every civilisation and culture, young men make a passing through at maturity. From their adolescent, maternally dominated life, they pass to the masculine sphere, often enduring rites involving pain, anguish and trial - and become truly Men!

It is within such Union of Men that the Imperium must be based. A leadership above the Nation. The auctoritas: the IMPERIUM. The Apex, the Soul, the IDEA of Eternal Values is safeguarded by this Elite; Union of Men. A divine mystery of High Dominance - a Divine Right of Kings.

Project Genesis:

A top priority for the Imperium will be space exploration. Not only material considerations impel us to colonise space. There is also the all-important factor of racial survival. For too long has our race kept all its eggs in one basket. Now that we have the means to do so, we must spread out. A meteorite could wipe out all life on earth. A nuclear catastrophe would do the same. Therefore we have to send our best sons out into space, safe to procreate and carry on the great mission of European civilisation. However, we must ensure that space remains a White Man’s preserve.

We will send orbiting spaceships, carrying incubators with our best genes: our best future sons and daughters. These embryonic containers would be automatically activated through a command from earth and hurled into outer space, towards pre-destined, distant planets. Thus the White Race would be able to re-generate itself, safe, millions of miles away from earth, in case of a planetary catastrophe.

Beyond even our immediate racial survival, space exploration is an imperative need for the White Race. Our Promethian spirit demands that we go out; that we seek the new – and master it. Without this spirit our civilisation would never have been - without it, it will die.

One of the pioneers of rocket technology, the Russian Konstantin Tsiolkovsky once said “Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one does not stay in a cradle forever”.

The White Race is a pioneering race. It must always have new frontiers, new challenges or else it will turn its abundant energies inwards in self-destruction. We must carry on the struggle, ever striving, out there in the infinity of time and space.

And if there is a God out there, somewhere in the outermost reaches or innermost recesses of the universe; we will find Him! We will turn the spotlight of our Aryan intellect upon Him and hold Him in its full glare. We will stand proud, naked, square in body and mind before Him – and we will hold his gaze.


I am facing a 3 year jail term for having written this political treatise.
That, is what "racial incitement laws" are all about - tyranny.
We of IE & VM will fight these tyrannical laws - till we expunge them.

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Alex Linder

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Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Malta.

Kind Regards,

1.) with Norman Lowell, Arlette Baldacchino and James Cauchi at a restaurant in Bugibba:

2.) with Norman Lowell and Arlette Baldacchino in front of a church in Qawra:

3.) with Arlette Baldacchino on a hill near Salina Bay:

4.) Salina Bay:

5.) St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta:

6.) in front of the Great Siege Memorial (commemorating the siege of 1565) in Valletta:

7.) Auberge de Castille in Valletta:

8.) in the chair where Churchill sat when he planned the invasion of Sicily, witn Norman Lowell in St. Anton Garden in Attard:

9.) in St. Paul's Grotto in Rabat:

10.) with Antoine in front of the megalithic temple of Mnajdra:

11.) view from the megalithic temple of Mnajdra:

12.) inside the Armoury Museum of the Grand Masters' Palace in Valletta:

13.) Lower Barracka Gardens in Valletta:

14.) Siege Bell Memorial (commemorating the siege during World War II):

15.) with Josef Dara at a cafe in Valletta:

National Futurism
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Default Lowell on National Television



Norman Lowell

will be on National Television on

Monday 3rd May, at 8.30pm CET


streamed Live

Spread the word!
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Originally Posted by Norman Lowell View Post
Interview with Malta's leading journalist.
Is this the same guy who wants "Europid" people to fight Muslims first and only after that "turn on the Hidden Enemy - and settle a two thousand year old score":

What a fucked-up logic! Wouldn't it be more logical (not to mention much easier) to deal first with a few Jews at the root of all world problems?

Brilliant idea, Norman! You are the master strategist. Jews would definitely approve it.
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Norman Lowell
Default Continuing where the great Yockey left off

Yockey, a brilliant political mind.
A Man who knew the enemy: The Real Enemy.
A Man ahead of his time.

Politically, he went as far as he could – considering the Iron Curtain.
Options were limited, political avenues and actions severely restricted.
The Manipulators in Washington and Moscow held Europe prostrate.

The “bring down the wall” in Berlin exposed the Hidden Enemy as never before.
Suddenly the spotlight focussed on them – the world realized who was the Moloch behind it all.
Anti-Semitism, or more precisely: anti-Jewishness, erupted all over the world.

1 billion Muslims are now the World Enemy’s implacable foe, increasingly radicalised.
What Nasser could not achieve, the name of Allah will certainly do.
Israel is finished and will collapse suddenly – as did South Africa.

Had Yockey lived now, he would have been the bearer of our IDEA of Imperium Europa.
A planetary Imperium uniting all Europids:
the Anglo Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins.

A sealed Imperium, with non porous borders: an Imperium for Europids only.
Food will be our weapon, not cluster bombs or nuclear weapons.
We could starve the rest whenever we so wish – starve them by the millions.

We will adopt a policy of good neighbourliness with the Muslims.
Our food surplus for their oil – for they cannot feed themselves.
We will certainly help them to pluck that thorn, cauterize that wound in their side.

We will banish that tribe of mischief makers, the World Enemy Yockey warned us about.
We will dump them in Tasmania and quarantine them there – with freezing, frigid waters around them.
We will see whether the parasite can live without a host!

Then, we will consolidate our Imperium.
An Imperium at the top of which stand the Elite.
Beyond parliaments, parties, politicians, prostitutes and priests.

Then outwards, beyond the stratosphere – onwards to Mars and the planets beyond.
There, to procreate and make our Race safe from a possible, meteoric cataclysmic collision.
There, searching for the Cosmic Force.

Imperium Europa:
The Book that changed the world.
Amazon Books
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In case anyone is wondering Imperium Europa is a great book.
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A friendly advice from one of those 1 billion Muslims you want to starve to death.

1. If you want to be a great leader, and it looks like you desperately do, you need to stop appealing to somebody's authority. You have to do your own analysis instead of relying on borrowed and failed wisdom. Times have changed.

Yockey never understood the Russians, in this regard he wasn't too far ahead of Hitler. And the idea of all gentiles united against the common enemy - the jews - would be absolutely foreign to him.

2. Don't confuse Muslims with Arabs. Pashtuns of Afghanistan are Muslims but not Arabs, Persians of Iran are Muslims but not Arabs, Chechens of Russia are Muslims but not Arabs, followers of Louis Farrakhan in US are Muslims but not Arabs, Circassians scattered all over the world are Muslims but not Arabs.

3. Don't blabber too much. You need to learn how to express yourself in few and short sentences.

About that great idea of yours - starving Muslims to death. I am sure you have heard of the so-called First Chechen War of 1994-1996 (a stupid misnomer - this wasn't the first war; Russia waged wars against the inhabitants of Caucasus since times before America was discovered by Columbus).

But what you don't know is that Chechens were fighting the Russians with kalashnikovs they took from Russians by force, or bought from starving Russian soldiers with food. Russia under Yeltsin, demoralized by the second wave of rape of the nation orchestrated by the world Jewry, was unable to feed its own soldiers deployed to Caucasus.
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Norman Lowell
Default Norman Lowell interviewed by Dr Tom Sunic


Spread the word!

Imperium Europa


that will save the White Race and Civilisation
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Norman Lowell
Default Norman Lowell interviewed by Dr Tom Sunic - Part 2

The second part of the interview has now been uploaded:

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Norman Lowell
Default Constitutional Court Case re "Racial Hatred" conviction

[B]Just been informed by our formidable lawyer: Dr Emmy Bezzina -
that our Constitutional Case has been postponed to October 29th.
This shameful passing of the buck - this shirking of responsibility.

After more than a year sitting on his desk:
the illustrious President of The Court has thought it fit to avoid taking a decision.
A decision of prime importance for the Freedom of our People.

And not only that!
He passed on my case to the former Attorney General - now promoted to President!
The very man who started proceedings against me!

The very man who ignored two Judicial Protests:
filed by myself and Dr Emmy Bezzina, regarding the blatant breaking of the Electoral Law -
where five scoundrels stole an Election and made mockery of our Democracy.

All this is indeed shocking and shameful.
Malta has reached a nadir, the bottom of the bucket.
Malta is now a Third World Country - A Zimbabwe.

And the People are left on their own: betrayed, confused, helpless.
There is no-one, nobody in sight who can do anything about this pityful state of affairs.
Malta is bankrupt in every respect.

Only We of Imperium Europa, can save this Island and its People.
Once we are in Brussels, as MEPs, we will form Nova Europa:
a new grouping uniting all the creative, revolutionary forces in Europe.

Then we will forge Nova Europa into Imperium Europa - with Malta as its Spiritual Focal Point.
We will change this mercantile, corrupt Europe into an Aristocratic Europe.
A Democracy of Aristocracy - not this aristocracy of democracy!

Then, we will come back to Malta to set things right.
We will put everyone in his proper place.
Tremate, verme![/B]

Press conference in front of Law Courts.
Protesting against the shocking, shameful passing of the buck.
Malta's decrepit elite is rotten to the core
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Norman Lowell
Default Sieg Heil Norman Lowell!

No news is bad news!

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Norman Lowell
Default New Right Conference in London - Norman Lowell speaks


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Implementing the Imperium

Last Saturday 23rd October, the 29th New Right Meeting was held in London. Mr. Norman Lowell gave his fourth speech to a packed hall comprising representatives from most Nationalist parties in Britain as well as representative from Austria, Italy, the US and Canada. The theme of his speech: Implementing the Imperium.

Mr.Lowell stated that the first step towards the formation of his Idea! is the setting up of a core group of 12, giving cohesion and direction to the numerous divided, often quarrelsome, right-wing movements. Each elitist core member would then select a group of another 12 forming the second tier of 144, conveying the Core group’s policy into direct action. A new group, Nova Europa, would forge a lose but strategic coalition between the present AENM (Alliance of European National Movements), other formations like Vlaams Belang and Lega Lombarda, Libertarians like the UKIP, Federalists and Independents. Altogether numbering some 100 MEPs. Although it would still be a minority group, it would nevertheless be the make-or-break decision maker whenever the two main groups fail to agree between them. Nova Europa would of course support healthy ideas in return for the modification and introduction of others, as the group continues to gain strength. The top priority would be the dislocation of the artificial nation states into Regions and their smallest sub-divisions. The more the better, the smaller the regions the more the Identity, homogeneity and character. All regions will have their own laws without interference. A truly Libertarian Imperium of free Regions and Peoples.

The introduction of an E-ID card system would then cleanse Europe. Only Europids will be given such E-IDs, without which one can neither buy nor sell - one starves.
Nova Europa will then metamorphosize into Imperium Europa, when Imperium policies (Spirituality, Race, High Culture, High Politics and Territory) are implemented to their greater effect. Not an economic Imperium, not a British, German, French or Russian but an Imperium belonging to us all and to which we will all belong. It is imperative for the Imperium to form its Elite Army with warriors rather than soldi-ers. Their role to protect the frontiers of the Imperium and settle disputes amongst rival Dominiums (Regions).

Over some 20 years, an organic movement would then occur, as people shift freely from one Region to another: like-with-like. The Imperial army will safeguard that small Region threatened by its neighbor. There will be no repetition of a Georgia.

The Imperium would then liberate 'Europe overseas' as Sir Oswald Mosley coined it. Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), South Africa (stretching from Zambezi down to Cape Agulhas) and Vinland (comprising Canada, Alaska and the present USA).

One can listen to Lowell’s speech on YouTube, searching "Implementing the Imperium". Whether one agrees or disagrees with Malta's true Libertarian is irrelevant. What can't be ignored is the fact that his primary interest is in the well being of us all. A better future for our progeny, a survival manifesto for the Europid. No politician, no pompous journalist or pious priest was able to come up with a sound and coherent ideology for the safeguard of Europe and its People. The more Mr.Lowell was mocked and ridiculed, the more the People voted for him. Attacking the messenger has been proved to be effective marketing!
One should make sure he knows exactly what Mr.Lowell's Idea! really is all about before commenting one way or the other. His thoughts are miles ahead, far farther than what a common pop-politician, more popular than capable, can even think of. I encourage the media to hold a constructive dialogue on Imperium Europa, instead of 'banning Lowell' as a Catholic Priest suggested few months ago.

Mr Norman Lowell is appealing a two year sentence suspended for four, for inciting racial hatred. Should he lose the case, he intends appealing in Luxembourg. Lowell maintains that he is not a racist but a racialist, in that he does not hate a particular race, but understands the differences between them. The word racialist has been corrupted by the mind-binders and nowadays taken to mean racist.

Lowell witnessed the fall of Rhodesia first hand and vowed that he would not let the same events unfold in his own, sacred country. Years ago he was the first to warn the People that immigration would become a crisis. He has been proved right.

Schopenhauer stated: 'All truth passes three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.'

May the People understand Mr.Lowell and shift to this third stage in time to avert their own annihilation. Let us rise up in the atmosphere, up where the air is clear - as Mr.Lowell himself states in his speech.
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Default The Trilogy: A complete Ideology

IMPERIUM - Francis Parker Yockey

Sold out at National Vanguard.

Quite expensive at Amazon as limited stock.
Can be printed here:


Now on sale at direct Link here:

IMPERIUM EUROPA – Norman Lowell Imperium Europa: The Book that Changed the World (9781615396016): Norman Lowell, Tomislav Sunic, Constantin von Hoffmeister: Books: Reviews, Prices & more Imperium Europa: The Book that Changed the World (9781615396016): Norman Lowell, Tomislav Sunic, Constantin von Hoffmeister: Books: Reviews, Prices & more

These 3 Books present a complete IMPERIUM Ideology.
The only Ideology available to the White Man.
The only way to survival of this minority of Biological Aristocrats.

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Norman Lowell
Default Landmark Constitutional Court Judgement

Landmark Constitutional Court Judgement finds:
Norman Lowell's fundamental rights were breached.
The battle against "Racial Hatred" Laws goes on.

Press Conference: Norman Lowell and lawyer Dr Emmy Bezzina:

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Norman Lowell
Default Unitary Flag

The importance of a Unitary Flag.
Instantly recognizable and uniting Whites, everywhere.
Countries, Regions, boroughs can have their own emblem inserted top left.

Such a distinctive banner will soon be produced by a leading Flag manufacturer.
It will be on sale, soon.
Details to follow.
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Norman Lowell
Default Fyrnsidu interviews Norman Lowell


We Will Win!


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