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Default "For My Man"

Apparently there is a TV show about wimmin who will do anything for their man. One episode deals with Vanessa Coleman and Tamika Barbary (I don't know who this latter woman is).

The details are here at imdb. I'm including a portion of one review.

What is most noticeable about this documentary is the whitewashing of Coleman. Sure, she was dumb, but she was not that dumb; she didn't just take up with a "bad boy" as suggested here, she sat idly by while a young woman was repeatedly raped and then murdered by a group of animals. Even Jamie Satterfield who covered the story at the time for the "Knoxville News Sentinel" plays down Coleman's involvement. The public were not so understanding, and a petition was launched to deny Coleman parole. It has been partially successful; she was denied parole in 2014 and will not be eligible again until 2020, which for most people who have studied the case will be twenty years too soon.

I've read elsewhere that it is in 2019 that Vanessa Coleman will be eligible for parole again.
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rod crowley
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rod crowley

If there were REAL justice Vanessa and her black filth friends woulda been Tennessee wind chimes in 2007.


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