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Old October 6th, 2017 #881
Shaw Ratcliffe
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Join Date: Sep 2017
Location: PL
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Shaw Ratcliffe

Roadside Picnic by Strugacki brothers
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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Am re-reading The Hobbit. Good book, I really like it. But how Jackson butchered it in his movie version. Bizarre.
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Onward and Upward.
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Default What am I reading fat

Currently I am between "Victory or Valhalla" and "This time the world". Both great works In my opinion.
"I have been a good soldier, a fearless warrior. I will die with honor and join my brothers in Valhalla."
-Robert J. Matthews.
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Skinhead Zack
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Location: Ontario, Canada
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Skinhead Zack

The Way Of Men by Jack Donovan.
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"Let them hate as long as they fear."


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