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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows
Default Jews wanted to murder six million Germans

After WWII, jews planned to murder six million Germans, mainly civilians, by poisoning the water supplies of German cities. This plan failed, though, so after that they decided to murder German war prisoners by coating their bread with arsenic. According to some sources, several hundred, or even a thousand, of the German prisoners died, and according to other sources they fell ill but survived - and apparently the jews who committed these crimes got away with it:

Two plans were formulated. Plan A was to kill a large number of German citizens by poisoning the water supplies of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Nuremberg, Nakam intended to kill 6 million Germans.[13] Plan B was to kill SS prisoners held in Allied POW camps. () As Kovner and an accomplice were returning to Europe on a British ship, they threw the poison overboard when Kovner was arrested. He was imprisoned for a few months in Cairo and Plan A was abandoned.[11][12]

Survivor reveals 1945 plan to kill 6 million Germans

LONDON -- Israel's first president supported a Jewish group's plans to murder Germans immediately after World War II, according to the man who led the avengers.

Kovner and the hardcore of the Vengeance group planned to inflict on Germany not the targeted killing of guilty men, but the same fate the Nazis had inflicted on the Jews: indiscriminate killing on a massive scale. Their chosen method was the poisoning of the water supply of five German cities.

How many of those SS men actually died following the poisoning at Stalag 13 has never been verified, but some put the figure at several hundred, others at a thousand.

Jewish avengers unapologetic for targeting Nazis after WWII

() The prosecutors, in the uncomfortable position of having to investigate Holocaust survivors trying to kill Nazis, eventually concluded that even though there was an attempted murder they would not file charges because of the "extraordinary circumstances

I have the following questions for my fellow VNN members:

1. Was it right of these jews to want to murder six million Germans?

2. Was it right of these jews to murder several hundred, or even a thousand, German war prisoners (if it did indeed happen)?

3. Did the authorities do the right thing by not prosecuting the jewish murderers (or would-be murderers)?

4. Why do we hear so little about this in the "Western" media?

As always, all opinions are welcome.

holocaust, jewish terrorists, jews, mass murder


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