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Old March 13th, 2012 #41
Sean O'Keith
Crushing human roaches
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Sean O'Keith

Originally Posted by Mordid View Post
I will infect them with my AIDS.
I suspected you were queer. You're probably here to advocate for gay black marriage.
Old April 20th, 2012 #42
morsning korsning
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Yes "Russians" are untermensch. Anyone who has been there can clearly tell.
Old April 20th, 2012 #43
Julian Lüchow
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Julian Lüchow

Let's be clear and genuine: The inhabitants of the territory historically called 'Russia'. Untermensch?
It’s pretty clear from the tone of this comment that you desire neither clarity nor genuineness, but rather a pulpit to pontificate about a people you really have no understanding of.

Let's have some opinions, biologically and culturally, on these people.

I try to keep an independent mind,

even when indulging in this terrible slave-like habit of reading European history, and the thoughts of those men, which is by and large mediocre - as all things are mostly mediocre and average - with a few diamonds here and there.

But, this Russian thing. Most here today want to call them part of this 'white' group. I am surprised there isn't more vitriol when it comes to east-vs-west in this so-called WN infighting that takes place now and then (which I do believe is healthy if you want to participate in this sort of community, because it means you are trying to set standards and respect the distinctive cultures), but instead it totters back to north vs east, which to the layman is understandable because he is merely looking at variations in skin tones of the peoples of what has historically been considered 'Europa', from Greece, Italy, Spain, to France and Germany, to the frozen north, and even that pirate island and home of the shopkeeper, the English.
I hope English isn’t your first language, because this is the sort of absolutely dreadful prose that is unforgivable to a native speaker. In addition to your poor mechanics, you also have the most stilted and dreary style of writing. Get an editor.

Now, the Russian, the inhabitant of that large area, his characteristics and values, his tastes; if you are to indulge in media that came out of the Third Reich, you'll see Der Ewige Jude putting up a map and not even calling it Russia, but 'Asien'.
You have trouble distinguishing between mid-century propaganda and actuality, typical of the small-minded WN you decry.

In the film 'Conspiracy', a film about the Wansee Conference, you'll see party officials saying "the Russian only cares he has some bottle of vodka to suck and some form of domestic animal to fuck".
The literary record is replete with examples of the European peasantry engaging in such behavior, but somehow we are supposed to believe that this is peculiar to the East Slavs. Moreover, you have not cited any definite evidence to show that these assertions are truthful.

What is your valuation of these people? Are they a bunch of mongrelized degenerates? Do you consider them of equal value to the European?
I consider Slavs to be of more value than present-day western Europeans, because they have not (yet) fallen completely to the soulless man-machine grind of modernity.

I'm sure the word Dostoevsky will pop up more than once here, but let's try to be clear and genuine about the valuation of the people of that land, not some exception.
Yawn. High culture is *always* the domain of a tiny minority, whether we’re talking about Russia or ‘the West.’ Moreover, Dostoevsky was “one of the people of the land,” not an “exception” – nice fallacy there.

Russia, and the eventual grab by the communists and mobilization of that place full of brainless, tasteless scum, into a big arms factory against the west, was the ruin of the west, make no mistake.

But, perhaps the same could be said about America? Turning Europe into a big smoldering firepit with those bombers?
This takes asininity to new heights.

Unfortunately for the nazi-retard-revisionist crowd, Hitler bears ultimate responsibility for the loss, by declaring a war he was *absolutely sure* he could win despite tremendous odds against that possibility. This is not a historian’s fallacy, by the way, since he was warned by his own upper-echelon military men, then and there, of this fact. Throughout the war, he continued to contravene their advice.

America would certainly have gotten involved in WWII no matter what, and this is true quite apart from whether it was “controlled by Jews” or not. They knew very well the ambitions of the NS to make Germany into a world power, and that was contrary to their own interest of becoming a global hegemon. Therefore, involvement was always planned.

Also, the proposition that WWII somehow marked the death of ‘the West’ is, although popular around these parts, plainly stupid.

Though, I still think the American back then, had better values than the Russian. The Russians look by and large primitive and non-occidental.
“Better values.” Ho-hum.

The Soviets achieved a greater level of technological advancement than did Americans. How that implies that they’re primitive, I don’t know. Non-Occidental? Well duh, they never thought of themselves as Occidental until Peter the Great, so that’s hardly surprising.

My verdict stands that they are not members of the occidental peoples group, more so than any argument people want to make for north vs south, certainly east vs west is more clearly drawn.
You’re playing word games here; you switched premises mid-argument and hoped no one would notice. (Hint: white, European and Occidental are all different but you used them as if they were interchangeable.)

Anyway, since you bring it up, there’s greater genetic divergence in Europe from north to south than from east to west. The more open-minded types here might want to consider that fact.
Old April 26th, 2012 #44
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Originally Posted by Julian Lüchow View Post

I consider Slavs to be of more value than present-day western Europeans, because they have not (yet) fallen completely to the soulless man-machine grind of modernity.
It's likely that the Slavs will be what actually come out on top after all is said and done. To our benefit, they are much less docile than their Western counterparts, as can be demonstrated by the video at the bottom of my post. I was talking to a Russian cohort on skype, and he was telling me about how Russians treat "strangers", and how very anti-Jew they tend to be.

Of course, the birth rate throughout Eastern Europe is even worse as a whole compared to Western Europe, and certainly needs to be fixed. Ban abortion, and put black market abortionists away for a very long time, just for a start. As a result of communism's collapse, they don't have economies as healthy as Western Europe, which has resulted in less mud welfare-tit immigration.



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