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Originally Posted by Neo Quon View Post
If white people are slightly smarter than Jews why is it that Jews control almost everything in the US?
IQ isn't as important as cooperation. The business world selects as much for ability to get along with others as it does for grades, etc. If 1 group discriminates against another group to help it's own, and that 2nd group doesn't discriminate then the 1st group will have a huge advantage.

Before Kagan was elevated to SCOTUS she was the dean of Harvard Law. During her tenure there about HALF the professors she hired were jews, when jews make up only 2% of the population.

As Dr. Duke has documented, something similar goes on for Harvard admissions. Jews are 47 times as represented as their numbers in society would warrant, while at the same time they show they deserve it less. Harvard's Phi Beta Kappa is the premier academic honor society in America. Jews are about 2% of the population, 25% of Harvard's population, yet only 11% of the PBK recipients. Whites make up 68% of the population, 20% of Harvard's population, and 54% of the PBK recipients.

The reason Harvard is important is because it is a shortcut for almost all of the powerful positions in the US. In the legal field top firms will hire Harvard grads simply because of the prestige of doing so. It is well-known that many Harvard law grads have trouble passing the bar on the 1st try, but firms will continue to pay them for a year to retake it simply because prestige is more important than ability at that level.

This sort of thing goes on in pretty much every profitable or powerful aspect of our society. Jews make up a disproportionate share of those in those positions, and they didn't get it because of personal ability but because other jews pulled strings to get them there. If politicians don't make a good chunk of SCOTUS appointees jewish they don't get money from AIPAC, same with appointing jews to the Fed Reserve chairmanship and board. These appointees pay it back to other jews by giving them inside knowledge of what the Fed Reserve will do, which is why 13 of the 20 highest paid hedge fund managers are jews...
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Default Whites' motivation quotient is at the low end of the spectrum

IQ also does not tell about the motivation of a person or race. The kikes are highly motivated to genocide the White race. If the White race was half that motivated to keep the kwa and the world ruled by Whites it would be, no problem. Whites simply are not motivated racially. Many Whites are motivated in the opposite direction. ALL jews are on the same page-Whites are bad and need to be exterminated.


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