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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default libertarian reaction to controlled media, their treatment therein

Judge Napolitano Gets Set-Up On the 'Daily Show'

Judge Napolitano's appearance on the Daily Show, to discuss Lincoln, slavery and the civil war, last night was all smiles and laughs, but don't believe that's all that was going on during the show. The judge went up against MSM and lost.

I was wondering how the show would turn out and there is a lesson for all libertarians in what occurred. MSM is not going to give libertarians a break on MSM turf---and they will only deal with libertarians on their turf.

Walter Block tried going up against MSM on their turf when he agreed to be interviewed by NYT and NYT simply lied and distorted what Dr. Block had to say (SEE: Distorting A Champion of Liberty: The Walter Block Controversy).

With Judge Napolitano, since he is a FOX News commentator and smart, I was really looking forward to his appearance on the show. Surely, with a taped record, it would be difficult for the Judge to be distorted. But here's what the evil bastards did.

There were two segments to the Judge's appearance. The first segment was the Judge saying one thing and the well prepared Stewart throwing out opposing facts. For a newcomer to the debate about Lincoln, it might have raised enough curiosity about Lincoln to have caused a few to look into the matter, but here is what happened in the second segment, with Stewart still all smiles and repeating what a great guy the Judge was, he was preparing to stab the Judge in the back.

Stewart announced that they were going to play a game, "The Weakest Lincoln". Hahaha, lots of laughter from the audience (By the way, on these type of shows, there are usually employed as part of the audience professional laughers. I am not making this up.)

As part of this "game" the Judge would be a contestant against Lincoln. "Lincoln" marched on to the set and it was a black female with a fake Lincoln beard. More laughter. Than Stewart introduced a panel of three judges, all of whom were mainstream Lincoln professors/historians.

The "game" went like this. Stewart would ask a question about Lincoln or the civil war. The Judge would answer it, correctly. "Lincoln" would offer up some banality and then Stewart would turn to the panelists, who took turns telling the audience that the Judge was wrong.

The Judge smiled through it all, but he was destroyed by these mainstreamers, who didn't offer facts to dispute the Judge, but simply declared him to be wrong. There was no attempt at balance. Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo, historian and expert on Lincoln and the civil war, was not on the panel, nor anyone else that was going to go up against Stewart's cherished myths about Lincoln. It was a set up from start to finish. That's how MSM works. They control things when they operate and they will do whatever to twist an outcome so that it favors the cherished version (which usually includes putting libertarians in a bad light).

Lew Rockwell did the right thing when NYT showed up at the Mises Institute. He did the Clint Eastwood thing, he showed them the door and told them to get the hell out. (SEE: Lew Rockwell Faces Down the New York Times).

Libertarians aren't going to win on MSM turf. If Walter Block and Judge Napolitano can't win on that turf, the the rest of us have no chance. We can battle MSM from our blogs, web sites, books and institutions, but it should now be clear that it is stupid to go up against MSM on their turf.


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