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Bread and Circuses
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Originally Posted by MedVader View Post
The basic problem with WN movements is that they offer too big of a target for all the enemies. Shooting down arguments or holding an anti-rally for any mass gathering of overt WNs is like shooting fish in barrel for the black, mexican, jew, leftist political groups.

Also the mass derision and professional costs experienced by WNs when they attend is too much to bear for normal people who have too much to lose. Thus WN events will mostly be attended by fringe elements which then feeds right into presenting the big target for the enemies.

I short, trying to gain political power through the overt WN movement is like trying to enter the promised land of political power through a cave that was dynamited long ago.
This is true.

The more extreme you get less normal white people will show up in the mass gatherings.

If they don't feel comfortable about it, if it isn't family friendly, the average white will not join and only the skinhead/KKK types will want to be associated with us.

Not everyone can stand the pressure of being labeled an anti-semite/racist or losing their job or being physically attacked because of that.

Originally Posted by MedVader View Post
Now this doesn't mean you have to compromise on your principles to get anything done. But it does mean that a clever angle has to be used to motivate people of the right kind to join up and show up at events. In other words what kinds of people are there who are white, militant, and could easily be convinced in their racial imperative with a few enlightened speeches?

The gun rights crowd and the anti-gov/militia crowd. Predominantly white, angry, and there are potentially millions who would join a movement that did NOT preach overt racism at the beginning, but instead metered it in with intelectual arguments and speechs over time.
The gun rights crowd and the anti-gov/militia crowd might understand the nigger problem. But what about the Jewish question?

The biggest problem with these "White Patriots" is their Philo-Semitism and their Abrahamic religions.

On the other hand some non-religious lefties might understand why we are anti-Israel, and share some of our anti-zionist views but only because they are oppressing the poor Palestinian niggers.

Originally Posted by MedVader View Post
Since we all know this government is a jew front for exploitation and watering down of the one race they fear, the whites, every WN MUST BE ANTI-GOVERNMENT. Or you cannot be a WN in any meaningful fashion.

AND since any studied anti-government type has long ago realized that the government will only go by force. Every WN who realistically wants to solve the problem must be a militant.

Thus WNs are anti-government militants. You are a wholely contained subset of the anti-government militants. Who seek to take this government down. One way or the other.

The WN members must take hold of or create new gun rights organizations and anti-goverment movements that DO NOT SHOW OVERT WN agendas. Then build membership and slowly insert ideas to the members who will be without doubt 99.999% white, that these other groups, jews, blacks, mexicans, and immigrants BENEFIT GREATLY from the government by taking from YOU and giving to THEM.
The majority of jews, blacks, mexicans, and immigrants are looking for government benefits sponsored by white tax payer money.

If you look to the libertarian movement or the sovereign citizen movement you will see they are majority white with only a few "good friendly jew", "assimilated mestizos" and "uncle tom" infiltrators.

This show us that non-whites will always gather around marxist/socialist organizations, only a few of them will want to join anti-government gun rights, free market, freedom of association or free speech organizations even if they don't have an overt WN agenda.

Originally Posted by MedVader View Post
This will turn them into WNs. And you will have successfully evaded any attempt classify your organization as a fringe racist group at the outset or anywhere along the way. You will hold the legal and moral high ground in all arenas. As a Nativist Rights Group.
But it will happen if the Jew thinks they lack diversity.

The Jew media will smear any predominantly white organization as RACIST like they did to the Tea Party.

Whites are the conquerors of the land not Natives so the Nativist Rights Group will not work.

It is a fact that you need the legal and moral high ground to play the democratic game but for that you need to have a party not a an anti-government gun-rights organization.

Originally Posted by MedVader View Post
An enlightened group of leaders will of course be necessary to make this happen. Your speakers will have to rival the best that have existed. And I think we all have a notion of who I'm referring to.
This is a big problem.

The majority of the so called leaders don't have what it takes to be a leader or to be a speaker.

They lack the most basic characteristics for the function and some aren't very well spoken or even smart.

When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.

Osama bin Laden
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.

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