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Old January 1st, 2019 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Phone Solutions Thread

skype not functioning

you can get a google number. it's a front-end number. if you want to hide your real number. then you can do google chats.

skype has recently disappointed me, as i spent an entire afternoon trying to make one local call. i pay skype 50-60 year for a phone number. and few cents a minute to call landlines/cell phones. and now the damn thing doesn't work, preventing me from calling and even taping a #TeamWhite show.

it seems the kids are on google hangouts the last few years. is pretty much the same functionality as skype, might work better. of course, google is jewed, but skype is now MS and jewed too.

i'm saying, at this point, google voice and hangouts may be a better solution for free calls over the internet, including video. i did the 8 hours with BIG CAT KAYLA via google hangout.

so my solution is just pay for skype number since it's a true phone number and google is not, just a front end (if you dont want your real number to show up, is one reason people might use it). and google for the rest.

i still keep my gmail but have shifted what i could to i dont have a cell phone as i dislike phones generally and cell phones in particular and i dont need one, thank god.
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Jeffrey Smither
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Jeffrey Smither

Main reason why I hate talking on the phone is that these days everyone tries and talk over you, especially when you call businesses and such.


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