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Larry the Raysiss
Most WNs are Kiked
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Larry the Raysiss
Thumbs up POWERFUL Speech All Whites Should Listen To

Although this is nothing new, and I did post a link to it on Jewtube about 3 years ago, Jewtube has since removed all instances of it. But I found it on Bitchute and I feel it needs to be posted again.

Although it is directed at Britain, it really does apply to all White countries.

When I feel like all is lost, I listen to this speech (I have a copy of it on multiple devices) to pump myself up.

This is not a real speech that took place, it's merely a recording Kai Murros made at some point, but it's the most powerful recorded work Murros has ever made, IMHO.
By and large, people prefer permission over freedom. That's why communism wins so easily.

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