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Old October 24th, 2015 #1
Alexander M.
Senior Member
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Alexander M.
Default A bunch of sickos at the New York Times Magazine actually asked people if they would go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby.

A bunch of sickos at the New York Times Magazine actually asked people if they would go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby. Amazingly, 42% of the readers said they would.

This just shows that we still have a long ways to go in terms of destroying these Jewish promoted Holocaust hoax myths.
Experience molds perception.
Old October 29th, 2015 #2
White Winger
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White Winger

Naturally it's Hitler!

Not Rousseau( More or less the designer of the modern totalitarian state,for nothing more than so selfish jerkoffs like him could live their self-absorbed way of living and everybody else had to pay for it,all the while claiming to care more for the "oppressed" ), not Robespierre, not Marx and Engels( Who more or less laid down the blueprints and foundations for Kommunism ) ,and definitely not Stalin, Mao( Single-handedly responsible for 100 million+ dead by their hands ), no,no, NEVER!. It's always Hitler, and only Hitler, in that fantasy scenario - that's been talked about,what, a BILLION FRIGGIN' TIMES by now?
Old October 29th, 2015 #3
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My local radio station 105.7 The Point asked the same question a few days ago in the morning on the air. Needless to say I didn't listen to that portion of the broadcast.
Old December 6th, 2015 #4
SA Mann
National Socialist
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SA Mann

Just imagine if someone had kicked Prescott Bush really hard in the balls back in the early 20s. The failure of Bush 41 would have never happened. The disaster of Bush 43 would have never happened. Millions of people would be alive and sane had this one little incident occured.

Unlike the blood thristy jews wanting to murder a baby, just a hard swift kick would have accomplished my trip back in time.
Old December 29th, 2015 #5
M.H.'s Avatar
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If der fuhrer hadn't of been born or killed as an infant, the basic creed of anti-Semitism and pro-white racialism would have been instilled in the German people via the works of Richard Wagner and to a lesser extent by the esoteric group Ultima Thule, no one could be as great a man as Adolf Hitler, in actions, political strategy and visual aesthetics however the National Socialist German Worker's party existed before Hitler became involved with it and I believe would have still crushed Communism and it's Marxist designers the Jews without the man of destiny: Adolf Hitler.

Old December 29th, 2015 #6
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Thumbs down

and don't forget: the most recent (and least capable) Boosh on the scene jumped to the head of the line to "volunteer" for the assignment!
No way out but through the jews.


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