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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Cultural Change Thread

why can't english football do as well as german

[very interesting subject, changing a culture. i'm going to leave this thread in here, as i'll be writing about this in coming weeks. of course, my concern is political, but i have a number of sports examples to see the thing from a non-political perspective.

does white nationalism have a winning culture? how would you characterize white nationalism, its culture? what needs to be done to give the movement or potential movement for white sovereignty a winning culture?]

I went to Germany once to visit a factory that builds steel plants. As part of the tour I was treated to 15 minute speech by a welding supervisor about a weld of which he was particularly proud. He referred to it several times as kunz which translates into English as ‘art’ and explained the technicalities involved in minute detail. This Germany team and the coaches behind it remind me of that lovely old fella. The attention to detail and the pride they take in their own excellence is something England's footballers sadly lack. Mr Kevin, Dubai.

The Shinkansen, Japan’s bullet train has carried close to ten billion passengers in its 49-year history, and has to date suffered no fatalities due to derailments of collisions. When you consider that Japan is a major earthquake zone – eight of ten carriages of the 325 Joetsu Shinkansen derailed during the Chuetsu earthquake in 2004 for instance – this is a remarkable record. Having used the Shinkansen on numerous occasions, I do know that each journey begins with the ticket inspector addressing the carriage and announcing how privileged his staff will be to serve you. He repeats the speech whenever new people get on. Meanwhile, the driver goes through an elaborate ritual, reacquainting himself with all the major pieces of equipment in his cabin – again, before each journey. So is the safety record a coincidence with such attention to detail and ambition for a successful trip? I don’t think so.

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