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Old April 29th, 2018 #1
Where them bitches at ?!
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Cool "From Dusk Till Dawn"

Anybody else a sucker for that movie ?

I'm usually not a fan of Tarantino yet this is a good roadmovie . . . . .

I might add though that the first half of the film is watchable while the second half truly is repetitive ( gore , splatter etc . . ) . .

My fav. scenes . . .

. . . when it turns out that the bar was built on an old Aztec pyramid . . .

By the way , did you know that the ancient Mayas had a ritual in which the Maya high priest would tear the heart out of a fully conscious being on top of a sacrificial pyramid ?

They were a wild bunch . . .

My second fav . scene . . .

Where that brat is forced to drink Whiskey and can't stomach it . . .

Or where that bitch is pretending to take a crap . . .

Do not forget the legendary snakedance

The only multiculturalism featured in the movie might be with Mexicans (except for one black Vietnam vet) and that bitch Hayek might be Lebanese yet it is still pretty much dominated by Caucasian actors . . . . .

Opinions ?



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