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Default I filed to run for Governor of Missouri today

I filed to run for Governor of Missouri on March 10, 2004 at around 2:00 p.m.

I paid the $200 filing fee. I am probably going to have to fight with RuntBlunt's office to carry the nickname 'Mad Dog.'

My purpose for running is not to win the primary, but to get the truth out about how Republicans are destroying White people by shipping their jobs overseas and shipping non-white Turd-Whirrrlders in. Democrats are open enemies and we can't do anything about them because Democrats are openly anti-White. But we can destroy our false-friends, the Republicans by getting small-town and rural Whites to stay home on the general [s]election. Until we get them Republican whigger race-traitors suffering the same as working-class Whites, there can be no improvement on the situation. My goal is to affect from 20-50 thousand White voters, less than one-half of one percent of the general election voters, to either stay home or vote Democrat so that the Republicans have no choice other than to come to an accomodation with White voters or lose everything like the Whites they have betrayed.

This goal is achievable in Missouri using these methods. Therefore, I am doing as I said that I would do.

I urge other White Nationalists in Missouri to file for public office as Republicans and run against the Republican Establishment before filing ends on March 30, 2004.

--Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Filed Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri -- 2004


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