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Default Taking Back Your Country/Government

The key to taking back your country/government is getting political control
at the county/local level of government. WHEN YOU CONTROL REAL ESTATE,
YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR DESTINY. Given this, every state in the country
has a number of low population counties(see rear of Rand McNally Road
Atlas for county population stats under each state heading). If enough
like-minded individuals(immigration reform) moved to these counties with
the idea of gaining voting majorities then reforms could be implemented and
hopefully spread outward. Many of these counties are in close proximity to
major metropolitan areas so ideally individuals could commute and retain their
jobs. The idea is to establish residency so as to be able to vote locally.
Given the fact that the economic and social conditions in our nation are
deteriorating at an ever increasing rate coupled with the fact that we are
outnumbered, I believe implementation of such a plan becomes all the more


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