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Default Paul Fromm, ex-Ontario teacher is international director of American ‘white nationalist’ group that influenced Dylann Roof

A former Ontario school teacher is an active member of an American “white nationalist” group that appears to have had an influence on the young man accused in the shooting deaths of nine black people in a South Carolina church.

Paul Fromm, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in Mississauga, Ont., last fall and had his teaching licence revoked because of his participation in racist events and for railing against non-white immigration, serves as international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

more at: Ontario teacher is international director of American ‘white nationalist’ group

A former teacher and two-time Mississauga, Ont. mayoral hopeful is the international director of a group that sympathized with the motivations behind the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting on June. 17.

Fromm also serves as the international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens — the organization whose white supremacist writings were cited in suspected gunman Dylann Roof‘s so-called manifesto posted online ahead of the rampage at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church.

and: Canadian connection to the ‘white supremacist’ group
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