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Alex Him
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Alex Him
Smile Russian music


"Lyube (Russian: Любэ, also romanized as Ljube or Lube) is a Russian rock band from Lubertsy, a suburb of Moscow. Lyube's music is a mixture of several genres, with influences from both Russian folk music, rock, Russian chanson, and Soviet military songs. The band was founded in 1989, and since then have released 16 albums. Lyube's producer and main songwriter is Igor Matvienko."

Text by Wikipedia.

"Ребята с нашего двора" из альбома "Песни о людях" (1997) / "The guys from our courtyard" from album "Songs about people" (1997)

When you get tired from the evening noise
Then go through the old lanes
And introduced himself friends next to himself
And breathe the student air

This wonderful and blessed evening
Repeated every spring
It will seize you by open conversation
And will rock like suspension bridge

And you will sing about the light in your favorite window
And about the stars that burn silently above the horizon
And you will sing and maples will sigh softly
And again guys from our courtyard will join in to you

And you will be remember the sounds of the accordion
From the windows wide open at midnight.
You will remember Vitka red troublesome neighbor
And Cyril with name "flakon".

You remember wearing beer in cans?
It cursed the whole yard.
And remember you and I have smoked secretly on the balcony?
And then there was a serious conversation with father.

And I thank the Spring
For the homeland that still alive yet
And for Gagarin
Who once made his great flight in April

Translation by Alex Him.

"Солдат" из альбома "Полустаночки" (2000) / "Soldier" from album "Small railway stations" (2000)

Third day on the road, wind, stones, rains,
Still ahead and ahead, our company holds up
Third day on the road, hey, brother, don't be sad -
An order is an order, every one of us knows.

Write a little letter, nothing is dearer for fighters.
Write a couple of words, you girls, for your boys.

And at sunrise ahead marches on the company of soldiers
Goes on, to win and to not die;
And you, give them a smoke out there, comrade chief sergeant,
I believe in your spirit, soldier, soldier, soldier

Third day on the road, wind, stones, rains,
At sunrise we to battle, the day shall begin with fire.
Third day on the road, and who knows what awaits us,
Third day on the road and sunrise comes.

Write a little letter, how is our beloved home doing?
From far-far away clouds shall carry it to me.
And at sunrise the company goes on ahead.

Earth fell, from the sky earth fell,
Tearing the scream: "A bitch you are, war!"
Armor melted, the machine gun choked breathlessly,
You looked into the eyes of death, sergeant of the guard.

Translation by Ana.

"Там за туманами" из альбома "Песни о людях" (1997) / "There Beyond the Fog" from album "Songs about people" (1997)

Blue sea, nothing but sea astern.
Blue sea and we're far from home.
There beyond the endless, hazy fog,
There beyond the fog, lies our homeland shore.

The waves whisper, implore and tug,
But these wondrous waves can't stop or detain us.
There beyond the endless, hazy fog,
There beyond the fog, they love and await us.

Sevastopol, Kamchatka and Kronstadt await us.
Our homeland has faith in us and awaits its native sons,
There beyond the endless, hazy fog,
There beyond the fog, their wives cannot sleep.

And we'll return, of course, we'll finish this voyage,
And we'll smile and hold our children close.
There beyond this endless, hazy fog,
There beyond the fog, we'll finish this song.

Translation by moose amos.


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