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Default workout geared for the solo lifter....

This workout came from the pages of Milo magazine, which you can find at

This was in the September 2002 issue and was developed by Steve Brylski.

This workout is geared towards those who train alone, ie no spotters, or no competent spotters nearby.

DB bench press - flat or incline: 5x10 (5 sets for 10 reps). Jump 5-10 pounds for each set, but make sure you get all 10.
Rear deltoid raises - 1x10; 1x10; 1x10
Barbell deadlifts- 5x5 (go heavy kids)
Barbell curls - 4x6. Make 5 pound jumps between sets and perform the movement as strictly as possible.

Standing barbell press - 5x5.
Barbell Shrugs - 5x12. Use same weight for all sets, if you get all 12, move up in weight next session.
Front sqauts - 5x5. These are rather hard, find out how to do them right and then go ahead.
Back hyperextensions - 4x10. If using a machine, up the weight each successive set. Do this with minimal rest so you fatigue your spinal erectors.

Alternate pullups and chest dips - Start with bodyweight and do 5 pullups, immediately followed by 5 dips. If you get all 5, add an appropriate weight to the next set (by waist belt, if your gym doesn't have one, buy one). Continue to do this weight for each until you fail to get 5 for a set, then move back to bodyweight only and go until you fail to get 5 for each. When you fail there, the exercise is over.
DB Tricep Extension - 2x10. My addendum to this workout, he had Hammer curls, but I think with all the pulling movements and back movements in this workout, there was enough bicep work and not enough tricep work, and since the tricep is a larger muscle, this seems more appropriate than overtraining the biceps.
Farmers Walk - Take some heavy dumbbells and have a stroll. Do this for 3 "laps". NO STRAPS!


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