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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Arlene Foster's Commentary on How Brexit Affects N. Ireland and the rest of Ireland

"..while she did not agree with the concerns of the Irish government over Brexit she understood them and shared their concern over a hard border.

The speech, widely seen as a bridge-building exercise, came weeks after the DUP pulled the plug on a Brexit deal on Ireland secured after months of talks between London and Brussels.

Senior politicians immediately welcomed the gesture, which could smooth relations between Dublin, Belfast and London.

Frank Feighan, a Irish senator and vice-chair of the British-Irish parliamentary assembly, said it was “a gesture that was very much appreciated”.
Brexit Ireland deal could leave PM at odds with three demanding groups
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Foster told an audience at the Killarney Economic Conference in County Kerry on Saturday that she was keen to promote friendly, warm, cross-border relations, even after Brexit.

She said her region and the Irish Republic were like “two semi-detached houses” shared by good neighbours.."

More on how this affects Ireland and the border.

"..Ever since the UK voted to leave the bloc in June 2016, the Irish border has been a key issue in the Brexit negotiations. The freedom to move across was a key pillar of the peace negotiations that ended in 1998 The Troubles, a 30-year conflict in Northern Ireland between mainly Catholic Irish nationalists and pro-British Protestants.

Currently, joint EU membership means goods and people can travel across the border freely, but there are fears Britain's withdrawal will result in customs checkpoints going up along the border.

That would provoke anger from Irish nationalists and there have been warnings that it could potentially result in a violent backlash - Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein has warned of "civil disobedience" over any hard post-Brexit border, while Northern Ireland's police service has also issued a warning that customs posts would be an "obvious target" for dissident Irish republican groups.."

I think it's pretty sad that Whites, in getting rid of the EU and the immigration of non-Whites forced on them en masse, would still have these territorial pissing type of problems re territory, religion, and culture.

Hopefully this is not deliberately used to promote globalism, but it probably will be.

Makes me curious is Matt Hale is not correct in assuming we need a White Globalism to counter 'Diverse' Globalism. Meaning a worldwide movement of pro Whites rather than a Nationalist leaning one. I'm not sure personally which I think is best, I think Whites should maintain their different ethnic groupings within our genome. I also thing a global movement is harder to maintain perhaps. But it might be something to think about if things disintegrate, that fighting as a large entity is a good thing when you are fighting a large enemy who wants you to die.

Some are well equipped to fight for Whites as Nationalists, but it might be harder for others, depending on where they are and what's going on/who they're having to combat for their best interests.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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