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Default Voices of the Holocaust

Voices of the Holocaust

By Panagiotis Heliotis

We will continue our search through the testimonies by having a look at the book Remembering: Voices of the Holocaust (Carroll & Graf, New York 2006) edited by Lyn Smith. The Foreword is by Laurence Rees who, explaining the reasons for publishing this book, writes:

There’s one final reason, of course, why the world is a better place for this book being in it; which is that there are still those who want to pretend none of this ever happened. Recently, at a talk I gave about my Auschwitz book, I was confronted by a Holocaust denier who started screaming at me. He would not listen to argument and was high on insane conspiracy theories. Such people really do exist. And there is always the chance that once everyone personally involved in this terrible history has died, more attempts will be made to diminish or deny what really happened. Each of the people who agreed to give their testimony to this project fights back personally against such a calumny. Each of them bears witness to the truth that there existed in Europe in the middle of the twentieth century a criminal regime like no other in history. Each of them preserves the memory of their suffering forever.” (p. 3)
Of course, we have every reason to suspect that Rees, being the trickster that he is, does not tell us everything about this denier who would not listen to his “argument.” Nevertheless, let’s move on.


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