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Old July 30th, 2019 #1
Where them bitches at ?!
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Default Moderation on racialist forums

Is it just me or are there some different kinds of freedom when it comes to moderation on racialist boards ?

Take this forum for example . . . free.

I have hardly seen threads getting closed.

There is a lot of libertarianism in our movement. Some boards live up to that . .

Concerning other forums . .

- - - -

Take Skadi for example . .

It appears to me that the mods there are not really 'strict', they are 'one of the people' . . . by that I mean they are not domineering, there is quite a 'matey' tone there . .

Concerning . . ahemm . . that other forum . .


There are exceptions but many mods are tyrannical.

For the record , when that bitch 'Fading Light' was a mod there ( oh , how I still curse that day until today . .) , wow. .

One of the worst.

Opinionated , beasty etc

I once "over there" even couldn't keep that behind the oven anymore and in a thread it come "out of me" . . .

. . I truly curse the day that filthy whore became a mod there . .

Beasty . . aggressive . . . opinionated.

Anyway . .

- - - -
Concerning forums like 'The Apricity'. .

One word . . .

Loki . . .

. . . I think everybody is familiar with him.

I could , now , even go for forums like "The Phora" but for sake of keeping this thread not too long I'll stop . .

What kind of experiences did you guys make on racialist forums when it comes to moderation ?
Old August 3rd, 2019 #2
Jack Dillenburger
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Jack Dillenburger

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
That picture says more than a hundred words…..I'd never touch The Apricity. EVER
Old August 31st, 2019 #3
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I used to be on The Apricity… Man, it was hell... Above picture fits.


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