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Old December 24th, 2012 #1
Charlie Wade
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Default "Assault rifle" kills firefighters...all on its own.

"In the latest shooting to rock the U.S. two firefighters have been shot and killed and two others injured after they rushed to battle a house fire which had broken out in the upstate New York town of Webster.

The two injured me were taken to hospital in the nearby town of Strong, and were reportedly talking to emergency workers ast they were transported for treatment.

Initial reports from the scene suggested that the men were fired on by an unknown man brandishing an assault rifle and that he "

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Old December 24th, 2012 #2
Mr A.Anderson
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Christmas Eve gun horror: Two brave firefighters shot dead while trying to battle blaze by 'man armed with assault rifle'

Authorities say four firefighters were shot, two of them killed while responding to a house fire in West Webster, New York early this morning
Police secured the area by 10 a.m. and firefighters started combating the blaze, which spread to at least three houses

SWAT teams at the scene have reportedly been evacuating nearby residents and taking them out of the neighborhood

PUBLISHED: 09:51 EST, 24 December 2012 | UPDATED: 11:04 EST, 24 December 2012

Two brave volunteer firefighters have been shot dead and two others injured after a man opened fire on them while they attempted to battle a blaze in the latest shooting to rock America.

Officials in West Webster, New York said that an unidentified gunman began shooting at the firefighters around 6 a.m. when they arrived at the home on the shore of Lake Ontario which is just east of Rochester.
Initial reports from the scene suggested that the men were fired on by an unknown man brandishing an assault rifle which was the weapon used by the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre which occurred just ten days ago.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies say they have located one gunman but they are not releasing his condition.

Currently there is no active shooter right now, but sheriff's deputies are still looking for other possible suspects and neighbors in the area have been evacuated.

The firefighters of West Webster were attacked as they responded to the blaze which broke out on the shores of Lake Ontario

It is reported that three homes are ablaze in West Webster, New York which was the scene of a fatal shooting in the sleepy town
The fire crews were called to the scene in Websters Lake Road at approximately 6 a.m. and after the shooting in the small town on the shores of Lake Ontario police SWAT teams descended to search the area for the shooter.

'I'm not aware of anything like this happening in Webster, obviously not a firefighter being fired upon.' said Webster Fire Marshal Rob Boutillier.
Officials say the fire spread to two other homes and a car. A man answering the phone at the fire station said firefighters are unable to battle the blazes as long as the area hasn't been secured by police. The man said no other information was being released.

Sandy Hook killer 'hadn't talked to father for two years when dad began dating new girlfriend after divorce from mother'

Christmas pageant will go ahead in Sandy Hook massacre town - but it will be missing a little angel

I was first to see the Sandy Hook carnage: British clergyman describes agony of comforting parents as they asked: 'Where's my child?'
Chief Gerald Pickering of the West Webster fire district said to Fox News 'one or more shooters' fired at the firefighters Monday morning.

In the interests of safety for emergency workers the firefighters are not tending to the fire which has spread to another home and Boutiller said that it not known if there are people inside the houses.
The two firefighters from the scene are now being treated at a hospital, according to Strong Memorial Hospital public relations director Terry D'Agostino.

The gunfire erupted as the firefighters responded to an emergency call in the town, which is 15 miles east of Rochester, New York.

A gunman has reportedly shot and killed two men and injured another two in the town of Webster, New York in an incident this morning

SWAT Police mix with members of the West Webster fire department in the upstate New York town

The fire fighters have now returned their attentions to the blaze after the area was evacuated

The website of the North East Joint Fire District which Webster falls under commemorates its dead on their website

Both the injured firefighters are said to be in satisfactory conditions.
A representative of the Webster fire station who answered the phone says firefighters are unable to battle the blazes because the area still hasn't been secured by police according to The Republic.

The man says no other information is being released.

According to WHEC.Com three homes are currently on fire and the homes are listed as both occupied and unoccupied.
Currently, Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies and the SWAT team are on scene, along with multiple fire crews.

Emergency crews were originally called to the area for the report of a structure fire on Lake Road at 6:00am. As they arrived to the fire, there was gunfire. Four West Webster firefighters were shot. One of the firefighters managed to drive his own vehicle over to the hospital

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Let's scratch the surface a bit, shall we?

Firefighters are attacked by man with "Assault Weapon" (notice how many times these stories are going to be popping up. Ramping the public up with stories of horror leading up the the State of the Union Address and the new Congress). In the same sentence, the writer specifically links the term "Assault Weapon", this latest attack, AND the Sandy Hook massacre. It's called creating a link, and continuing a specific dialogue (Assault Weapons are bad!). No actual proof the weapon being used was actually an "Assault Weapon", no actual proof of what type of weapon it was at all, and yet the term "Assault Weapon" was immediately whipped out, and the readers are specifically reminded of the Sandy Hook massacre - subliminal message of how evil these weapons are.

Now, if attacking and killing two heroic and selfless firefighters, and wounding two others isn't enough of a tragedy that brings home the dangers of "Assault Weapons" (not killing children this time, but the heroic figure of firefighters - oy vey! who would do such a thing! Monsters use "Assault Weapons" for evil!), the fire was allowed to catch two adjacent homes and a car on fire because of the dangerous situation "Assault Weapons" create to all of society. IE - "Assault Weapons" are so dangerous, you can lose you life, home, possessions, your very community, because somebody has one of these. "Assault Weapons" not only are responsible for gun crime, but now public safety at large as emergency responders cannot do their jobs because the dangers of "Assault Weapons".

The shooter has been apprehended, but no information on who he is, or specifically WHAT TYPE OF WEAPON HE WAS USING, and yet, the fires are allowed to continue to rage and spread because the area hasn't been officially "cleared" yet.

Yup, let those fires burn. Let the collateral damage increase. And blame it all on an "Assault Weapon" that isn't even confirmed to have been used.

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