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Default Redheads

For a long time it was disputed where red hair came from. . . . .

Today most scientists agree that red hair came from the Celts . .

But it wasn't always that way. .

In a way , redheads have always had a 'though time' . .

During the Middle Ages redheads were believed to be demon-possessed which was the reason why many of them landed at the stake as witches . . .

Of course people didn't have science back then . . . .

Yet , according to some 'Wicca'-defectors ( people into the historic cult of 'witchcraft' refer to themselves as 'Wiccans' today . . ) such an idea isn't even far fetched since , according to them , witchcraft is based on ancient Celtic Paganism . .

Druidism to be precise . . .

Since the Celts left no written lores one has to rely on Romans in that case . . . .

According to the Romans the Druids were wise men who were pretty much into the healing powers of nature. .

Close to nature one might say. .

Of course the people of the Middle Ages knew nothing about the Celts and their history . . .

However , even the word 'witch' hints to the Celts ( originally 'wicca = wise woman' ) since the Celts had a lot of priestesses ( females had a high rank within Celtic society . . . .)

Their paganism may have been whatever it may have been, to the Christians anything that wasn't Christian was viewed as 'idolatry'. .

So , you see, redheads have a though time . . red hair only occurs among the European peoples and there they are a minority . .

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