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Default (Independence Party) - Japan,7...408801,00.html

Way to go Japan!

TOKYO – A Japanese political activist who holds radical anti-Semitic views, Richard Koshimizu, has set up a political party named "Independence Party," and is planning to deliver a public speech in the city of Kyoto this week.

Koshimizu operates a website in which he claims that no Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, and that only 60,000 Jews died of diseases
This is a fringe group, but if you do a Google search this little party seems to engender more concern with Jews than any European Nationalist party. The ADL is even involved in trying to get them banned. I suppose the Kikes are already looking East for a new host after they destroy the West, so the Japanese learning about their crimes, parasitic nature, or how they've destroyed every civilization they've ever inhabited, is a cause of concern for them.


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