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Post 'What is Golden Dawn?' - Andreas Giallourides

YouTube description: "We must not be ashamed of what we are.."

Andreas Giallourides is an accredited Parliamentary Assistant in the European Parliament for Popular Association Golden Dawn. Here he refutes the controlled media dogma associated with Golden Dawn, and outlines their founding principles, current activism and future goals. The London Forum is extremely glad to have Andreas speak to us and we hope you enjoy his impassioned and sincere speech.


Editor comment: Why is it that when the parrot media write about the Golden Dawn, they always say the same thing? Why do they NEVER actually bring up any of the issues that Golden Dawn has trying to bring attention to?

They are now trying to silence the Golden Dawn by targeting them with a trial that is set to start April 20.

Since the media only tells you lies, why don't you find out for yourself and listening to someone from the Golden Dawn about how it was formed, why and what they have done.

Why do you think they have been targeted the way they have? Why do the think the media tell you lies about them?

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