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Derrick MacThomas
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Derrick MacThomas
Default German-Australian woman (Australia)

Pro-Nazi mother's race hate ban
A PRO-NAZI mother has been banned from taking her six-year-old child to political rallies or encouraging the child to share her ultra right-wing views.
Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks ruled in the Family Court that the German-born woman - who like her estranged Australian partner had been a skinhead - be banned from viewing Nazi websites when the child was in her care or inciting racial hatred in front of the child.
In a separate Family Court case late last year, the father was requested not to take the couple's twin five-year-olds to political rallies or protest marches.
HTF does the Family Court get the power to be the Orwellian Thought Police, to dictate what ideas can and cannot be put to children by their parents?
This is a dangerous precedent, but the reds and the other useful idiots of the NWO would be too stupid to understand that. What can happen to us can just as easily happen to them one day.
The principle in law here is that the state is saying that it can dictate what you teach your children and that if you disobey Big Brother they will take your children into ZOG care.
Faulks needs to get the Lefkow treatment, as does the relevant federal minister. A message has to be sent.


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