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The Man
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The Man
Default Are people with brown eyes white?

I am not trolling it is an honest question. My grandpa had a pretty defined vision of what he considered"white" I feel that whites can have all eye colors even brown, we are very fortunate to live in an age of DNA testing.
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Hugh Akston
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Hugh Akston

Originally Posted by The Man View Post
Are people with brown eyes white?
There are European paintings dating back centuries that reveal blue-eyed, green-eyed, and brown-eyed people. So if brown-eyed people are not white, then even back then there must've been "a lot of niggers in the woodpile".

Even Adolf Hitler must've had some too, since the Reich's top architect and armaments minister - Albert Speer - had brown eyes:

Albert Speer (left) with Adolf Hitler

One final note: there are Caucasian brown eyes and then there are African nigger "brown" eyes - which are actually blackish-brown to outright black in color. Same goes for Asians: black eyes.

A typical white woman with brown eyes. See the difference?



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