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Default Remember the alamo!!!

3/6/36-After a 13 day siege, about 185 Texians were killed fighting off about 2000 mexicans at the Alamo. The Texians made Santa Anna and the wetbacks pay dearly, however. Although the Texians were almost to a man killed, they killed between 400 to 600 metizos. This defeat also led to the decisive Battle of San Jacinto 6 weeks later, where the spic army was annihilated and Santa Anna was captured. Texas became an independent nation as a result.
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Read in The White Mans Bible chapter 33,The Was With Mexico 1846-48 an unfinished war. I as European did not know for that conflict before.

Texas Devils they called them after defeat by Texas Rangers. Texas Devils gave to race traitors death penalty.
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Donncha Dennis
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Donncha Dennis

During the 2004 Alamo movie I can remember fondly people cheering when the mexican army was being slaughtered in the river. Lets take off our hats and bow our heads to those glorious men who made a line in the sand and stood proud even knowing they would die but they would die for something!. Let the old men tell the story let the legend grow and grow of the 13 days of glory at the siege of Alamo.


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