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Old November 13th, 2019 #1
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Default there are millions of jews who think they are jews who are not

MILLIONS of people are told they are jewish because their mother was jewish.

this is complete BULLSHIT.

Judaism is not in the LEAST a matriarchal society.

just read the bible, it says Joseph, son of Issac, son of Ismael, who was son of Bob, etc etc

every lineage in bible to prove jewishness is the MALE lineage.

the line 'those who are jews, but are not, but are a synagogue of satan is the NON ORTHODOX JEWS of the phony matriarchal freemasonry infrastructure.

they are saying these are not jews, because they are of the MATRIARCHAL FAKE arm of Judaism.

this is actually a very ancient structure to the jewish priesthood, even mentioned in the oldest part of the old testament, in Exodus, refers to them as the 'mixed multitude and hangers on'.

the Jews in the old testament referred to the mixed race jews as the 'rabble' and 'hangers on'
Old November 14th, 2019 #2
Donncha Dennis
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Donncha Dennis

No matter mother or father a jew is a jew born that way cant change it.
Old November 14th, 2019 #3
John Evans
Christian Anti-Semite
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John Evans

Originally Posted by Donncha Dennis View Post
No matter mother or father a jew is a jew born that way cant change it.
That's right!

Jewish blood is toxic. It keeps jews alive but kills everybody else.

The only way to save the White race is to get rid of the jews.
No jews, no problems.

Never trust a jew.


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