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Old July 16th, 2018 #1
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Thumbs down Why do blacks bitch about having been slaves even until today ?

. . I've just watched a video on YouTube (won't link to it right now, it's too repulsive . .) where a black guy "vowed revenge" for what "Caucasians had done to them" . .


Two facts . . First of all , they were already slaves back in 'da mudderland' ( their chiefs simply sold them to Europeans ) , second , slave business was big business for the jews . .

If it was only that . .

I could add that Caucasians were the first people in history to actually abolish slavery . .

Also , Christians ( i. e. Europeans ) were once enlaved by Muslims . . Are we supposed to bitch about that for eternity now too ?

I could add more . .

Slavery ended about 150 years ago . .

What are these guys thinking?

Apart from that , Europeans weren't the only ones under which blacks had to slave labour . .

They were enlaved by the Egyptians and Arabs . .

Will slavery now forever remain a thorn in European mankind's back for which blacks will always blame us ? ?



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